Rare soul man

Light keeper, fireman, retoucher, chimney sweep, and other representatives of vanishing professions talk about their work.

Rare soul man


Boris Chizhov, 88 years:

"From a young age I go to the service; remember me in his arms in the temple were Archimandrite show. Then, five years in the choir went. Father, therefore, the choir sang, and I stood in front of. Little ear will lead, as a father to me - a poke in the back! Wait, he says, quietly. I remember walking round the high altar there is a teenager with a candle - the sexton - incense priest filed, he served differently. Then the teenager was gone and there was no one at the priest, the deacon, even dead. And eight years since I went to school, my father asked me to submit his censer. Embers if not then as now were - goes bust quickly. Here I took a cold embers on svechechke warming and saw to it that the censer was warm - charcoal quick to cool down. When at school, on holidays, which occurred in the week, the church could not serve. And on Sundays - and the morning service, and on the vigil - as a bayonet! Already at school and abused me in the wall newspaper weed out "Shame! Boris Chizhov - the sexton, "I cried. At sixteen, the war came. The Corps has served three years, and then I was in Poland in captivity hijacked. Led us to a column in the heat, no food or drink, who fell emaciated, that have targeted. Only forty-six returned home, and even churches and nearly empty - in which clubs have opened, some destroyed. To the nearest temple of twenty kilometers. And he walked in, but how else? I'm in a war with the corpses and slept under fire lay and prayed. Church saved me from death. I'm with her eighty years. I can walk, have the power in their hands; Only books to read is difficult - almost blind. But my father served in the joy. Here's father, Alexander, dean of Myshkin, too soon fifteen years ministered. Their Ponomariov now altar boys called, well, I can call sexton. Last I was probably voluntary. A penny from the church did not take. "

Rare soul man


Vasily duckweed, 44 years old:

"My grandfather was a captain of the railway service. He lived near the station. I remember sleeping with her grandmother, Pauline Mikhailovna. Ajar ventilator, and a smoke in the room is delicious! It feels just as if the charge made. Grandfather allowed me to raise a semaphore. It is in 1976 it was, and I still remember: turn the wheel, and in the distance, on a hill, semaphore rises. I have climbed into the cab of the engine - touch the screws, levers. And so I liked the locomotive - it's alive and warm. In general, I went to the road technical school. Unlearn, and then began to go. Locomotive, when the ferry blaze like to talk to you - you have to listen to him, talk to him behaving. What's wrong with it, just feel. Fireman - Work hard. During the trip, the steam necessary to maintain and ensure that the water in the boiler is at the correct level. Stoker almost always throw coal into the furnace should. But it is good! Breathe in a different way, natural, as they say, the conditions: charcoal - a natural thing, no diesel fuel or gasoline or kerosene, nothing harmful. The continuous use. And if we ignore, the locomotive will rise. Him because you need? Lusk, lubrication and maintenance. He lubrication of honor to say, consumes Nemer. available care. A weasel? See for yourself: Now the whole of Russia only two locomotive left. One we affectionately call Lebedyanochka, second, trophy, magnify March Frau. That is how the girls treat him. I have been here a sad time when locomotives completely eliminate the like. I was transferred to the locomotive. So I suffered there. The locomotive is in fact absolutely nothing to do. No life, no soul. Neither steam nor coal. Talk to no one. But then Lebedyanochku returned, and all fell into place. "

Rare soul man

light keeper

Alex D. Bezverkhy, 76 years old:

"The first time I saw a buoy in the army. My post was right on the bridge. Here I am the guard, and from under the bridge boat leaves, and her buoy-keepers. One at the oars, and the other with a boat hook - and began to fill lights. The girls of the light keeper passion as love - envy, so let's handkerchiefs waving. But I had already dix. I went to a club with a young lady, Lida Sergeyevna, and then it is rounded, and the wedding took place here. I see a light keeper just went. Well me and tried to persuade Come to us. I thought, but what? - and went. One bad: soon me with the army drove apartments. I did that? He resigned from his position, and all the while buoys remained folded himself hut right next to the pier. Normally paid 50 rubles. First rowing buoy rode, and then gave me a motorboat. As it gets dark, looking for some it buoys the lamp, clean - and beyond. And then the ship was given. Increased line - went to fifty kilometers. And I stood, Alyosha Bezverkhy captain. I loved the ship so. I have written off in 2001. My hands are strong, calm buoy compete. And the authorities have respected. But they say ear tugovat. The doctor, an adder, said at the commission, "twenty-five", and I did not hear. And he said: "Go to the dock work, Chalki accept!" I sent it, it was a shame. But then my house is still at the marina remained. Three hundred meters from the Moskva River. Young often come for advice. Shouting: "Mitrich, sailed with us." Lida Sergeyevna I say, "Well, mistress, go to your old job." I'm on the boat with my eyes closed I can climb. All steps My gut. And cool and set aside. Accordion take on board. I accordion! I loved this business: swim on a boat, sing songs, such as fun, nature around and waving their handkerchiefs "from the banks.

Rare soul man



Nikolay V. Gorchakov, 47 years old:

"The first time I climbed on the roof of eighteen, immediately after the army. In Lublin it was in the summer, on a fine day, because it is prohibited in the rainy weather, the work on the roof. Here I got out, I look: on top of everything else - better, more beautiful. View - like an airplane. I, frankly, stunned. And because I throw the ball down the chimney it is necessary - to check whether the obstruction, interference. I shout from below: "Kohl, are you?" And I answer and I can not do anything. Then he used to, of course. But until now, I much prefer the top. Quietly there. Where do you feel more confident. You can call out in a loud voice. On the ground, so do not shout - once in a psychiatric hospital svolokut. One is bad: it is necessary to then descend back into the mud. Earlier, in late 1970, when we climbed the chimney, many of which are - cash nest egg, for example, that the husbands from wives hid. Well, we gave them back their wives. And now we are more old buildings serve - five-story building with gas pumps and flues. Such every day less. And because our profession is dying out. But important. We're doing the dirty work, but with clean hands. With many residents communicate. Here come, it happened to granny - and she chandelier and no one to hang a light bulb in the lamp screw. We help as we can. I, as a foreman, work only with trusted people. The brigade brother, my mother and three other trusted person. And had to be dismissed, if understood, that man is not worthy to be a chimney sweep. It's really a gift - a work that helps to get away from the bustle. Say, you're at the bottom, and I - at the top. And I feel good. "

Rare soul man


Mikhail Fadeev, 48 years old:

"I'm tired, of course. Twelve years doing manual switches. Wrench weighs five kilograms, hammer - ten. Foreign objects out of the slots should be cleaned. snow is necessary to clean the winter. Lever to lower himself is not very difficult - there is a counterbalance there. But the arrow to arrow falls on his own two feet. The distance between the arrows under three kilometers. Previously, we were trolley, and now so feet run. In its pure form scapegoats already, consider, no more - Monterey ways to do a lot: and their clocks, and the rails are changing, and the sleepers are laid. Here are four of us turning over a piece of track - and he, by the way, weighs seven hundred kilograms. Now more automation replaced - it is, of course, easier: the remote arrows translate nicer. Still, turnover in our large. Work hard, dangerous, no one here is not torn. Previously, teams of eight people worked, and now all three of them. We gradually reduce. While still working: we stand on the sleepers, head, like an owl in different directions constantly twist. Sometimes the fitter knocked to death. I am now seven years later retirement, so I'm happy to go. Well, if by the time the automatic supply: all our rest. "

Rare soul man


Tcherniakov Dubrovitsky, 55 years old:

"When I was a young boy with his parents and walked down the street, there is always a little bit shy. As a rule, the parents said in Yiddish. I remember, I am constantly looking around - if passersby will notice that the Jews in the street go? And now here's what happens: comes a famous person - the name will not name - to the grave. Himself a Jew, my mother was Jewish. Here it is suitable to my mother's grave, and next to her cross. And at the same time asking me to read a prayer. From Siddur. What can you do - read. Previously, they say, when you visit the graves of deceased Jews read all the prayers themselves. And now it is my duty, many just do not know how, so I read instead. We go to the grave, and at the end of the prayers I say: "Omeyn". "Omeyn" - they repeat after me. And it turns out, though they all said. I am here for the fifteenth year, and all turn to me for help. When I first came here, there were three old men: Arkadiy Moiseevich, Meir Isaakovich and Naum Yakovlevich, who went with family to the grave, and now I'm the only one left. Last. Arkadiy Moiseevich went to America, Meir Isaakovich went to Israel, and Naum Yakovlevich died. And I myself brought here Meir Isaakovich - he was my neighbor, we met him at the garage. "

Rare soul man


Mr. Alyaksandr Agafonov, 50 years old:

"Retoucher in using his saliva. She has the right consistency - the best of sticky liquid in moderation. Spit, then in the cap, rubs ink, brush do a few strokes on the photographic paper, to achieve the proper background. With black-and-white photography easier - we need all three colors - black, white and gray. With color fuss more - it is usually done with watercolors, the tone is more difficult to pick up. When I work, I flip the photo upside down. There is a subtle point: if we see the picture in the right perspective, you perceive it as a whole, and on the interference will not pay any attention. But it is necessary to turn the picture to one hundred and eighty degrees, all defects and fines immediately come to the fore. I'm working on a photograph and a half hours. To some this activity seems to tediousness, but at me it has a calming effect - something like knitting. In addition to myself, I do not know in Moscow no retoucher - extinct profession. Those old men, who in the forties of the last century were picked with photos repressed Politburo member and drew some palm or have died, or have gone the distance. After retouching great spoils vision. Although I in this respect his opinion: I believe that my vision of the retouching process only gets better. The lens is exercising. "