7 monsters that the Japanese fear seriously

Japanese culture to the rest of the world seems somewhat unusual. The Japanese, like all the nations with a rich and ancient culture, have a pantheon of gods and monsters, some of which are very funny.

1. Akaname

7 monsters that the Japanese fear seriously

Akaname literally means "to lick the dirt." He reminds something terrible or something very sexy, depends on taste. The peculiarity of this spirit that he is the owner of an extremely long tongue. Akaname appears in filthy public baths and licks her tongue there is accumulated dirt or mucus.

More Akaname does nothing. According to legends, he can not kill a man eat his relatives or anyone to curse, he did not crawl out of the TV and you will fill your own blood - it just cleans the bath. However, if a person will wash in Akaname licked the tub, it can lead to any disease.

2. ittan-momen

7 monsters that the Japanese fear seriously

If you wakes up from a restless sleep and find that densely caked with a sheet, which is firmly stuck to your legs and waist, the only one way out - to pull his knees to his chin and go back to sleep. Now imagine that it is not a hallucination, and your bed sheet's trying to kill you.

Ittan-momen means "piece of cotton cloth" - a piece of cotton ghost approximately three meters long and narrow as a towel. At night he is looking for a victim, and when it finds, then wrapped around her face and choking to death, and then flies away with her to heaven. For some reason these evil towels kill people, Japanese folklore does not explain.

3. Nuppeppo

7 monsters that the Japanese fear seriously

The majority of Japanese monsters have in common is that they have, it would seem, there is no objective reason to harm people - they do not have the motivation and goal. Look at several Japanese horror movie: it often seems that things happen for no reason at all, and are not related to each other. In the Japanese version of the film "Call" there is a scene where the guy looks at footage from security cameras and sees a ghost kills the girl, despite the fact that she never watched a fatal tape - just like that, for no reason, so the story unfolds. You may ask - what does this have to nuppeppo? The most direct.

Nuppeppo - an amorphous blob of flesh. Creases give the body humanoid monster outline - arms, legs, face, but by and large monster is the amoeba from the muscles, which smells like rotten meat and wanders through the deserted urban areas at night.

No goals at the same time it is not intended, and by and large does not do anything at all. However, if you managed to catch him and eat, you eternal youth may be granted. True, it is necessary to ignore its disgusting smell and appearance.

4. Nurarihyon

7 monsters that the Japanese fear seriously

The Japanese - the people that give great importance to traditions and formalities. Decency for them is very important, and any Japanese strives always to do something important to properly and not haphazardly. If this is true for most Japanese, they are overwhelmingly Nurarihyon, or the most terrible guests that can only come into the house.

So Nurarihyon comes into your house while you are away or busy pretending you drink tea, and generally behaves in a businesslike way - for example, takes some of the things you own and forget to return. Various sources indicate that he - the head of a pantheon of other creepy ghosts and perhaps picky spirits admire just what Nurarihyon simultaneously behave gallantly and, at the same time as he pleases. I wonder just what do the members of the household and the owner himself, if they find a substitute.

5. Sazae-oni

7 monsters that the Japanese fear seriously

Sazae-oni - a very sexy sea snails. Yes exactly. Why - not necessarily know, people should not even understand the nature of supernatural forces. In Japan, there is a belief that some girls drown in the sea of ​​becoming just the snails, then converted at the request back to the beautiful girls.

In Japanese folklore, there is a story about sailors who found beauty in the sea. They were lucky: it was just Sazae-oni and agreed overnight to sleep with every man on board. However, she treated them as something strange - a bit off the genitals, others snapped. But the story does not end there.

After castration, all seafarers, including the last (or probably the most disgusting, or very unobservant), snail men offered to buy back parts of their bodies for the stolen gold. Naturally, they all paid a snail floated away satisfied.

6. bakezōri

7 monsters that the Japanese fear seriously

bakezōri - a ghost sandals, living in homes where properly care for shoes. It is difficult to understand exactly what is considered to be wrong - maybe you do not clean the boots for a night or often go through the mud. All options seem insignificant cause of the universe into the shoes of the evil spirit. Well, unless you enjoy kicking too.

Revived sandal express your protest: it will be hanging around the house at night and shouting something unintelligible, with make it impossible to be silent. Probably, it will stop the ugliness, if you begin to take care of it or, alternatively, throw out in the trash - in your own home, a ghost come back for some reason can not. Well, yes, it's shoes.

7. shirime

7 monsters that the Japanese fear seriously

shirime literally means "eyes on the ass" - the monster really eye is in place and the anus and the function of that, and the other at the same time. Here is a legend about shirime. Samurai roamed the streets alone - at night, of course. Just imagine: a samurai in feudal era patrol the streets, the sound of his steps drowns the night fog, the black sky shines a huge yellow moon. And suddenly the warrior draws attention to the rustle - someone goes after him! The night spreads otherworldly voice: "Wait! Wait, please!"

Samurai instantly turns around and sees him on the street moves with the grace of a drunken ass forward on all fours, a man and looking at him what should be the anus. Perhaps it blinks.

You already have to guess what the story ends, although the Japanese fairy tale ending is not quite usual. You think samurai kicked the monster? Or jabbed a finger in his eye? Or chopped into steaks? No. They had an affair, where the key role was played by just the eyes.

In another version of the eye began to emit a strange glow, and ran the samurai. However, it contains a hint that the monster caught up with him and apparently avenged the alternative ending. The only lesson to be learned from this story is that if you see this monster, then it must be pushed in the back and escape before he was disoriented and blind.