As foreigners are calculated tourists from Russia

• How to calculate foreign tourists from Russia

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain gone quite time. Many of us have to travel a lot, we have adopted a European style of dress, and even began to learn languages. And yet - we just entered the restaurant, the mouth had not yet opened, and the musicians are already playing "Moscow Nights." How the hell did they have calculated?

Very simple. No matter how much time has passed from the time when the Russian tourists have flooded all more or less facing the direction of travel, the criteria are the same - the clothes, mannerisms, appearance.

As foreigners are calculated tourists from Russia


About desyatisantimetrovyh studs on the pavement and coats already written texts gigabytes, about which I am not going to talk. The majority of Russian tourists are now wearing the uniform of a tourist - jeans, sneakers, T-shirts. But there are two things that have not yet got rid of even the most "advanced" tourists. We give knitted shirts slinky, do any, even slender, a woman like a loaf of sausage, and gold.

Let the Italians like gold, no less. Our gold due to the high copper content has a reddish hue, which provides us with giblets. Any more or less experienced seller of souvenirs or other tourist junk to talk to you in Russian, barely glancing at your hands, neck or ears. I can not imagine what makes people wear gold jewelry in a guided tour, just be aware and do not be surprised: our gold and badge with the inscription "I - Russian" - virtually the same.


There is still easier. The Europeans, and not just the Europeans, culture is somewhat different greeting. Russian used to greet every day, at the first meeting, and mostly with friends. Right or wrong, the fact is that our reluctance to greet the sellers in the stores, employees in hotels and traveling in the elevator - an indicator of our membership in the post-Soviet space.

This is especially works for the Czechs, who are used to greet friends and strangers at every meeting during the day. When visitors entered the restaurant and did not say hello, barely crossed the threshold - the waiter's hand automatically reaches for a menu in Russian. Germans and Austrians are also accustomed to the fact that from the Russian greeting hardly wait. Previously we wondered now accustomed.


We are different from Europeans. A Czech journalist, usually entertained in a way that determines the nationality of his companions in appearance, told me that the Russian him seem "more rounded".

In general, it is, most of us have facial features softer, rounder than the Europeans. Following his advice, I learned almost unmistakably distinguished Czechs and Germans from the Russian and Ukrainian on the nose shape. Central European nose is most like a bird's beak is smooth, and the tip of the nose is always looking down. But our noses are on the tip of the wings, and something like a soft blotches that softens the lines and makes the nose is not so sharp. Add to this the absence of a smile and a "hard" look - and everything you got to the core. All this - the result of my personal observation. I am far from being ashamed of their own nationality, in fact - I am proud of her stupidity. The results of his observations, I sometimes use to have fun on the go. Europeans reluctant to portray me, especially the nose, it still can not hide.