The first places in Russia

Before you all sectors of human activity, in which Russia managed to come out on top.

The first places in Russia

The first air crash

In 2011, Russia ranked first in the world in the number killed in the crash of the year: 8 119 people in the crashed plane. According to the safety of the World Foundation board member (FSF), the President of the Advisory and analytical agency "Safety" Valery Shelkovnikova first place Russia has maintained in 2012, when the crash suffered a 4 passenger aircraft.

The first time on the Internet

According to a study conducted by comScore in 40 countries, the Russian Internet users on average spend 6, 6 hours a day browsing around 1,300 pages. Median in Brazil, which is in second place, is 6, 3 hours, Canada (3 position) - 5, 6 hours.

The first of bribes abroad

November 2, 2011 international anti-corruption organization Transparency International has published a report containing the index bribery export companies abroad (Bribe Payers Index). Experts who reviewed the activities of companies of 28 countries have recognized Russian leader in this field.

The first of the Olympics cost

Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 will be the most expensive in the history of Russia and will cost in the $ 51 billion for the Games in Beijing $ 45 billion was spent in 2008 to host the Olympics in London in 2012 -. Only $ 30 billion.

The first of the inequality of wealth distribution

According to the Global Wealth Report on October 2012, the share of 1% of Russians account for 71% of all personal assets in Russia. In following the Russian large countries - India and Indonesia - 1% of the population owns 49% and 46% of the assets. The world average is 46%, in Africa - 44% in the US - 37%, in China and in Europe - 32%, in Japan - 17%. Russia leads the world, and the share of the wealthiest 5% of the population (it is 82, 5% of all personal assets in the country), and the wealthiest 10% of the population (87, 6%).

First of fishing jig

This year in the United States hosted the World Championship fishing jig. The competition involved teams of eleven states. Russian team ranked first in the team event.

First of managers

According to recruitment company Antal Russia, which, together with a group of Antal International interviewed 7,397 companies from 34 countries of the world, Russia has become a leader in the recruitment of middle and senior managers. The number of Russian companies, recruit managers middle and senior managers, increased by 20% since the beginning of the year and amounted to 62% of the employers surveyed. Thus, Russia overtaken Czech Republic (60%), Bulgaria (54%), France (54%) and Poland (53%). The number of companies part with managers in Russia declined from 58% to 41% since the beginning of the year.

The first nuclear warheads

As of May 2013 in Russia is 8,500 nuclear warheads in the US - 7700 in China - 250.

First of contaminated sites

Blacksmith Institute American Foundation published a list of the most polluted places on the planet. In Russia there are 3 10 of the first hot spots, it Dzerzhinsk (Novgorod Region) Norilsk and settlement Ore Pier in Primorye. Total in Russia are 8 of the 35 most polluted places in the world. The second place in this list belongs to India (6 cities), the third place was shared by China and the United States (two cities).

First of cyberattacks

In May 2013, Deutsche Telekom's experts have recorded 2.4 million virtual attacks emanating from Russia. In second place for the month turned out to Taiwan, from whose territory 900,000 malware attacks were carried out on the network and individual computers around the world.

First of vodka consumption

When the global vodka consumed almost 2 billion liters, the average Russian drinks 13, 9 liters of the drink in the year, providing their country an unconditional first place in the world. Such data are The Economist with reference to International Wine & Spirit Research.

First of buying gold

According to the IMF, Central Bank over the past ten years, he has acquired 570 tons of gold, and ahead of China on this indicator. However, in terms of gold reserves, Russia is still in eighth place in the world (958 tons). The first position in terms of stored gold held by the US, the second - Germany.

First Kill youth

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) every day in Europe as a result of violence killed some 40 young people aged from 10 to 29 years (ie, more than 15 thousand. Per year). The highest level of such deaths recorded in Russia: 15, 85 to 100 thousand people.. In second place on this list Albania: 11, 2 100 thousand. On the third Kazakhstan:. 10 and 66 per 100 thousand inhabitants.

First of smokers

According to the study "Global survey of adults about tobacco consumption" (GATS), Russia ranks first in the world in terms of the prevalence of tobacco consumption. Total smoking 43, 9 million Russians, which is 39, 1% of the total population. The average Russian smokes 17 cigarettes a day, 18 are men and 13 are women. Every year about 400 thousand. Russians die from diseases that are caused by smoking.

First of forest loss

In accordance with the analysis of the resources of the boreal forests and temperate forests, it held the United Nations, Russia has the highest rate of forest loss - 1.1 million hectares each year.

The first in the number of output

In 2013, Russia was in first place in the number of non-working days. To such conclusions analysts portal, comparing the number of days of official holidays and weekends, related to public holidays in the 40 largest countries in the world. This year, in addition to weekly rest, the Russians will rest 40 days, which consist of 28 days of the official working holiday and 12 output related to national holidays.

First of congestion

According to the survey the manufacturer of GPS-navigators company TomTom, the first place in the amount of congestion on the roads takes Moscow. According to estimates of experts, the movement in Moscow in the off-hours, when the roads are less loaded, it was 66% slower than in 2011. In the morning peak road became 106% slower last minimum. In the evening rush cars in the Russian capital moved to 138% slower. In second place on the busiest after Moscow is located Istanbul, and the leaders of the workload increase ten included Warsaw, Marseille, Palermo, as well as Los Angeles, Sydney, Stuttgart, Paris and Rome.

First of shale oil

As evidenced by the report of the Information Department of Energy Management, technically recoverable reserves of shale oil in Russia is 75 billion barrels. According to these reports, in second place with a significant lag are the United States, where reserves are 58 billion barrels, and closes the top three China (32 billion barrels). The top ten for this indicator also includes Argentina, Libya, Venezuela, Mexico, Pakistan, Canada and Indonesia.

The first in the number of people with higher education

The International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released a report "on education Glance 2012". In the ranking of the countries cited in the report, Russia has won first place in the number of people with higher education (54%) aged 25 to 64 years. Second and third places went to Canada (51%) and Israel (46%), while the United States remained in 4th place with 42%.

The first of the consumption of soluble coffee

According to the study "The Market Russian coffee" prepared by MA "Navigator", the volume of coffee sales in Russia from 2006 to 2011 has almost doubled (from 65 thousand. Tons to 115 thousand. Tons). Russia ranked first in the world ranking of consumption of instant coffee, was in the lead ahead of Japan earlier. In general, the amount of coffee consumption Russia is the sixth largest in the world.

The first tanks for export

According to the estimates of World Arms Trade Analysis Center (TSAMTO), Russia far ahead of competitors ranked first in the ranking of exporters of new main battle tanks (MBT). In the previous 4-year period (2006-2009), Russia exported 482 new tanks in the amount of $ 1, 57 billion. In 2010-2013 the volume of Russian supplies in view of existing contracts as well as the stated intention of the direct delivery and licensing programs can create 859 new tanks in the amount of 2, 75 billion dollars.

First of heroin consumption

As of March 2012 Russia ranked first among all countries in the world for the consumption of heroin, accounting for 21% of all drugs produced in the world, and 5% of all opiates.

First of alcoholism mortality

According to the World Health Organization, alcohol is responsible for almost 4% of all deaths in the world. The highest level recorded in Russia, where one in five deaths associated with the consumption of alcohol.

The first abortion

As of 2012, Russia is the leader in the number of abortions. 1000 children born in 1022 accounts for abortion. In Romania, the second country after Russia in the list for 1000 births 684 abortion.

Since 2005, Russia has lost its leadership in areas such as import kenguryatiny (2009 Rosselkhoznadzor banned the import of Russian meat of marsupials), the number of commercial launches into space (giving way to China), the number of police officers per capita (the rating was headed by Bahrain), the number of convicts ( the first places are occupied by US and China) and the export of sunflower oil (skipping ahead of Ukraine and Argentina).