10 of the most daring robberies in history

History shows that we tend to idealize the ordinary criminal personalities. Even those robbers who do not share their victims into rich and poor, are still his fans admire their audacity.

With the development of security technologies bandits have also become more cunning and sophisticated - this is the flip side of innovation, supporting a kind of balance.

American industry has flourished with the advent of the railway, but soon the industrialists had to compete with a gang of ruthless Jesse James. Large banks are responsible for the Great Depression of the 20s fell victim to a series of robberies John Dillinger, triggering a certain sympathy for the people rests with the bandits of the responsibility for the economic collapse. In this February in Brussels a gang of robbers has proved that the massive theft of diamonds is still in vogue.

History tells us that no matter how great mousetrap, there is always a tricky little mouse who wants to steal the cheese.

We present you some of the most daring and ingenious robberies in history.

1. The raid on the Millennium Dome

10 of the most daring robberies in history

2000. In London, finally completed the construction of buildings, known as the Millennium Dome, and it took a lot of money catastrophically. Among the many exhibitions held in this building, has been polished and exposure. The main exhibit - "Star of the Millennium" - a flawless diamond weighing 203 carats and cost $ 250 million.. The robbers were planning to break with machine guns at the ready, grab the diamonds and disappear on a boat waiting for them. But the plan failed because the London police are watching them in connection with several attacks on the car collectors, and the perpetrators were arrested on the spot.

2. Robbery Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

10 of the most daring robberies in history

1990. All Boston celebrated St. Patrick's Day, residents were drinking beer and discussing the Yankees. At that time two robbers disguised as police officers broke into the museum and stole 13 works of art, among them paintings by Rembrandt, Manet and several works by Degas. The total damage was estimated at 500 million. Dollars. Now in the hall hang empty frames, in deference to the stolen paintings and in the hope that they return to the place in one day. This is one of the most notorious unsolved crimes today.

3. A bank robbery with a bomb around his neck

10 of the most daring robberies in history

For those who watched the movie "30 Minutes or Less", this story may seem familiar, though the reality was much more tragic. In 2003, the pizza boy came into the bank and handed the cashier a note asking to give him money, and then raised his shirt to show an explosive device attached to his neck and chest. Barely 15 minutes later, state police arrested him.

He shouted that he was forcibly made to commit a robbery and that the bomb is about to explode. Police cordoned off the site in anticipation of sappers, but the team has not had time to arrive at the scene, the bomb exploded and start beeping.

4. 6 billion aid from the United States was stolen in Iraq

10 of the most daring robberies in history

In the chaos of post-Saddamskogo Iraq - with the agents of personal security, former Iraqi military and the US military, who are fighting for control of the region - who had disappeared with the $ 6 billion that Congress has allocated the country. Special Inspector General for Iraq's reconstruction Affairs Stuart Bowen found that is not counted the money and called it "the largest theft of funds in national history." An incredible amount, the total lack of any results of the investigation, as well as the fact that everyone seemed to have forgotten about it, makes it a crime the biggest and strangest of all robberies.

5. Theft from storage French bank

10 of the most daring robberies in history

In 2010, a gang of robbers, using some sophisticated tools, dig now in the tunnel and made her way into the vault of a Parisian bank, where gang members cleaned about a hundred deposit boxes. The exact amount stolen is unknown, ie. A. Wealthy clients to manage their own cells. Very similar crime took place a month earlier in a bank in the northern part of the city, where he was robbed about a hundred cells. Under suspicion all the same mysterious gang.

6. The Great Train Robbery

10 of the most daring robberies in history

In 1963, the 2, 3 million. Pounds (40 million. Pounds today), was stolen from the mail train in England. The gang of 15 people managed to obstryapat this case even without weapons. Money were taken to burn, and criminals could easily disappear with them, if in the barn, where he was hiding, not sat down to play "Monopoly" of the stolen cash. Everywhere in the barn left their imprints. This is a pure truth.

7. DB Cooper

10 of the most daring robberies in history

A favorite of conspiracy theorists DB Cooper made only in the United States history unopened hijacking. In 1971, an unknown man, who subsequently was given the nickname of DB Cooper, hijacked a Boeing 727, received a ransom of $ 200 thousand dollars. And jumped out of the plane with the money somewhere between Portland and Seattle. Despite years of searching and still ongoing FBI investigation, no body, no money and have not been found. the man fate is unknown, but his case remains open for more than 40 years, and during that time has been achieved 60 volumes of assumptions and versions.

8. Robbery Helicopter

10 of the most daring robberies in history

In 2009, accustomed to the order of the Swedish police faced a highly daring gang of criminals. It was the first crime in the country, committed with the help of a helicopter. A gang of robbers in a hijacked helicopter landed on the roof of the bank building. They smashed the glass with sledgehammers, blew security doors, proceeded to the hall of storage of currency, and tried to disappear with bags of stolen money. All police cars arrived on the scene, were punctured tire, because the criminals beforehand scattered on the road spike balls. None of the captured robbers did not get more than 7 years in prison. So, if you have the desire to practice their criminal skills in any country, Sweden - the most suitable.

9. Thomas Blood and the Crown of the British Empire

10 of the most daring robberies in history

1671. Thomas Blood was an Irish assassin who has decided to try his hand in the robbery. His "modest" target was the crown jewel of the British Empire, which had been stored in the Tower of London and guarded by a huge number of guards. Blood plan included dressing up a fake title, fake wife (played by a prostitute) and the false nephew, who reportedly was going to marry the daughter of Edward Talbot - Keeper of the Crown.

Looking around, the bandits stunned Talbot, chopped glass with a hammer, beyond which lay the jewels, and pushed aside the prey in his pockets, tried to escape. However, it goes far they have failed. They say several guards dragged them from their horses. Blood lucky, King Charles II so amused by this attempt that he forgave Thomas and let him go to Ireland.

10. A diamond robbery in Antwerp

10 of the most daring robberies in history

This is a robbery in 2003 dubbed the "robbery of the century". A huge amount of gold, diamonds and other jewelry were stolen from the Antwerp diamond center. stolen was estimated at 100 million. dollars, but, as it turned out, all this is somewhat embellished. Leonardo Notarbartolo, who served before 3 years in prison, organized robbery. As part of its cunning plan, Leonardo has established itself as an Italian diamond dealer and has earned the trust at the center.

123 of 160 steel cells with the unique combination locks were broken. Leonardo was arrested, others managed to escape. A few years later, he gave an interview for the magazine "Wired", in which he argued that it was invented by a dealer who hired him. Apparently, the real damage was around 20 million -. The lion's share of it had to reimburse the insurance company.