How to rest for 5 minutes

How to rest for 5 minutes

The modern life in the big city is a mad cycle. Meeting, rush jobs, presentations, new orders, mail, Twitter, Facebook - all need to be in time, no time, faster, faster, faster ...

As a result, at the end of the day you valites exhausted like a squeezed lemon, cursing his miserable life. Meanwhile, it has long been proven that a timely rest completely not harmful, and even vice versa - increasing our productivity. To do this, not necessarily a lot of time or expensive equipment. We'll tell you how to relax and just 5 minutes, wherever you are.


Drink green tea. Herbal tea has excellent relaxing action. Green tea is a source of L-theanine, which helps get rid of the anger. Boil water and brew tea and make a soothing sip - it only takes a few minutes.

Chocolate bar. A few pieces of dark chocolate can help prevent stress and improve mood. Dark chocolate regulates cortisol stress hormone levels and stabilizes the metabolism, but keep in mind that abuse that is not desirable.

A few spoonfuls of honey: This product is not only a natural skin moisturizer and an antibiotic, but also reduces the arousal, that is an excellent remedy for anxiety and depression.

Eat a mango: Take a tropical vacation without leaving your desk. Juicy, fragrant mango contains a substance called linalool, which helps reduce stress. Do not worry about the juice, this hands - it's worth it.

Chew gum: menthol, fruit or any flavor that you like. This is a surprisingly simple and effective way to conquer stress. Just a few minutes of chewing can reduce anxiety and lower cortisol levels.

The inner world of

Put your head on a pillow: There are days when the only thing we really need to - it's a good, long sleep. Unfortunately, if you're at work, it is usually impossible. But if you have a pillow, then you are on your way to relaxation. Try to relax as follows: put the head on the pillow for a few minutes and imagine that it is like a sponge sucks up all your worries.

Meditation: No need to run away to the mountains, only a few minutes in a quiet peaceful location enough to reap the fruits of meditation. There are different techniques of meditation to feel rested and relaxed. Find a comfortable and quiet place, concentrate on your breathing and feel that all the anxiety start to disappear.

Mindful of the breath: Is there an easier way to relax? Slow, deep breathing can help lower blood pressure and heart rate. For variety, try breathing pranayama. This yogic method involves breathing first through one nostril, and then another, and is used to reduce anxiety.

Try progressive relaxation: tense? Use progressive relaxation method to learn how to relax in any situation. This method consists of phased selective napryazheniiyu training and relaxation of certain muscles.

Account ago Yes, this method is known to everyone, but it really works. Try several times to count forward and backward direction. Your brain will have no worries if it is not available figures. Close your eyes: If you can close your eyes, it's all right. Just cut off from the office or the chaos of street noise for protection tightly closed eyelids. This is an easy way to restore calm and focus.

Body Relaxation

Do yourself a hand massage: Of course, you can not use the services of a professional masseur at his workplace. But do yourself a hand massage is possible. Especially it will be useful for people who spend a lot of time at the keyboard. And if there is a little more than five minutes, then we can make a massage of the neck and even the back.

Try acupressure: Acupressure - Acupressure is, owes its origin to ancient Chinese medicine. This method is less painful and quite safe, with all applicable and easily accessible for the development of any person.

Ride a tennis ball: Throw off shoes feet and ride a normal tennis ball. Get a great impromptu leg massage. This is especially nice if you have to wear shoes with high heels.

Soak in cold water wrist: If you feel that explode right now, go to the bathroom and just soak yourself in cold water and place the wrist for earlobes. It will quickly calm down and relieve tension.

The new environment

Stay one: not everyone needs a forest hut, but five minutes of solitude will help you gather your thoughts and clear your head.

Create your own Zen zone: Find or create a special place for relaxation. This is the place where you are sure that nobody and nothing will disturb you. Maybe this will be a comfortable chair in the lobby or the secluded bench in the yard - the main thing that it was associated you with peace and relaxation. Look out the window: If you constantly refer to the TV screen or monitor, a five-minute contemplation of real life outside can be great to clear your mind.

Get organized: around you daily clutter can be a much stronger reason for irritation than you think. Chaos on the table is often a reflection of the chaos in your head. Remove all unnecessary move in the desired order and you'll see how beneficial it will work for you.


Stretching: Do you at this word there is the image of the sports hall and graceful gymnast in the splits? It is not necessary - you can stretch out without even getting up from your seat. Try properly pulled upward and outward, various rotating body, bending or, for example, this complex.

Yoga: Many people think that yoga is very difficult and not very suitable for busy city. However, it is not so. Yoga is a great way to take control of not only your body but also the mind.

Running on the spot: Try running in place for a few minutes to get the stuffing endorphins into your bloodstream. Even a brief physical activity can help to beat stress and have fun.


Listen to your favorite song: It's amazing what transformations with our consciousness can cause the music. If you are upset or depressed, if you need to get together and relax, try to listen to your favorite song and life will result in a completely different side.

Dance: Put together vigorous exercise, motivating cheerful music and the flight of the soul. This explosive mixture yields positive results in just a few minutes. Keep a journal: Keeping a journal will help you not only to easily survive the difficult moments of your life, but also to live a more meaningful life. Present the events and emotions on paper, be honest with yourself and it will help you find peace.


Try aromatherapy: It only takes a minute, apply a few drops of lavender, tea tree essential oil or other on the palm and inhale. Soothing scents can help to recover from the stress and anxiety by stimulating the olfactory receptors in the nose, which act on the part of the brain responsible for emotions.

Smell of citrus: oranges and tangerines are strongly associated with pleasure and celebration. citrus smell can help us to relax, increasing the level of stress-related hormone noradrenaline.

Smell the Coffee: The smell of coffee invigorates and gives a good mood. This drink is not only delicious unforgettable aroma, but also many other useful features.