Terms of the Prince of life

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Terms of the Prince of life

I do not like interviews. In them too many questions.

Birthday I do not celebrate. It is the most selfish kind of celebration. You have seen that at least someone in the Bible to celebrate the birthday?

What to say - it is better to write a book.

I still have no autobiography. For it is necessary to pay too much different authors.

I do not like to talk about the past.

With the record company can always negotiate. They'll say you're tired of us. And you say, well, my next one will be in country style.

Music - the blessing of the Lord. I've been doing music all my life, and I do not dare to call it a job.

When you've been playing the electric guitar, it definitely does something to you and your body. I am convinced that it has accumulated in my body allowed me to save electricity hair.

I was difficult to persuade to delay guitar.

My favorite musical instrument - it's my band.

Do you know what the scene has made me the most memorable moment? The "Amadeus" (biographical film by Milos Forman 1984), at the end, at the very moment when he dies, his head in the music - and he can not pass it on to others. We must remember that the great you can become after death.

The happiest people - those who have no need to be famous.

I do not like being compared to Michael or Madonna. I know one thing: I have exactly the more hits than Madonna - children.

Road - that's what you need two people in love.

Music is not just become visual. Think early MTV: there was not a single visual artist - is that Bowie. People who create great hits, dressed as if going to the supermarket.

That music, which today gets on television and radio stations, entirely designed for children. And her children do.

Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga? Another breed for another nation.

I hate ringtones. Have you ever been in a room where at the same time calling 17 different phones?

What's my ringtone? I do not have a phone.

Noise - a condition in which the never find God.

There is nothing good or the computers or in digital. They fill your head with zeros and ones, and this is quite unhealthy.

The problem of the modern world is that people, especially the young, are not willing to put the Lord into their hearts. It's hard not to believe in the existence of God, because in the world should definitely be something grander than human. Well, to be more magnificent man - it's not hard.

Most of the people at heart want to live that life as little as possible giving them a choice.

I do not like those who say that the world changed on 11 September. The world changed in 1914, and has since been in a state of chaos, war and hatred.

Time - is a product of the mind. I do not think it is for someone other than the person.

Man - a being analog, not digital.

They say I'm wearing heels because growth did not come out. In fact, I wore them because it's like women.

Be cool - so do not grieve alone with himself.

I am not only a musician, I - the music itself.

We all have a dark side.

I like funny women.