Tales of migrant workers

We decided to break the practice of using guest workers (cheap foreign labor) exclusively for heavy physical labor, and asked them to tell tales of their peoples. Vocabulary saved.

Tales of migrant workers


RAHMEDIN, BUILDER, 15 YEARS IN RUSSIA: "In one village there lived a husband and wife. Husband every day he went into the forest and collect firewood. And there is befriended by a bear. Then he somehow invites the bear home. Bear comes to his home, and his wife grumbles: "I found friends with whom - with sweaty smelly bear." A Bear said the man: "Your wife is with me talked a. That I did not cause her harm, banish me, hit me on the head with an ax. " A guy with an ax on his head - and it goes away. It takes a year. A guy starts looking for him and found the bear. And he said: "I thought you were dead." He replied: "No, I'm not dead, I'm alive. You see the wound that has been in my head? This wound has healed and the wound, which is in my heart from the words of your wife - she has remained until now. "


BORIS, TEA MERCHANT, 20 YEARS IN RUSSIA: "In a small village there lived a poor guy. He strongly wanted to be rich. He found work as a shepherd. And slowly every day he stole the milk and collecting it in one place, somewhere upstairs on the roof. I hid from the host. And I dreamed. That's because milk makes it oil. He will sell the oil to be rich ... In the evening sitting, whisk the oil stick and dreams. So I'll get married again one, then I will have a second wife, I'm still rich. Then there was his wife, and another ... And if the wife will not listen, I will take the stick and they will beat. How much raised his stick and knocked the pitcher. He has broken, and all that he was stealing, spilled on it. The owner saw him and chased. Therefore, we say that it is not necessary to dream and to work. "


Paulo, WAITER, 7 YEARS IN RUSSIA: "We had a garden feature. He planted a banana. When they grew up, someone has to steal them. I saw the devil that is the turtle. I caught her and decides to teach. "Forgive me! - Turtle said. - Thou shalt not kill "The devil tie bunches of bananas and turtle drags to the river!. She shouts: "Burn me better, but not the swamp." "No, I'm going to drown you", - says the devil. Tied around her neck and threw bananas into the river. A turtle came out, laughing and eating bananas. Because the river - her own home. "


Chow Lee, Shoemaker, 10 YEARS IN RUSSIA: "Two friends studying together, grew. And when grown up, one working in the field, and the other became official. Received a lot of money, the house was his wife, the servants. One wanted to see each other. Comes. And his servant is not empty. Another day comes. Again, do not let go. The third day comes. And again. He then got angry and asked the servant, "What do you not let me?" "To my master does not come without a gift," - meets a servant. This person went home, roasted pig and the next day went to the other for a pig. Let him immediately. A friend of his saw, rejoiced and spoke to file a treat. It takes people a feast, and did not eat, and puts in his mouth pig. A friend asks: "Why do not you eat?" And he turned to the pig and says "Thank you! Only you, your strength has helped me to see an old friend. "


Julio, dancers, 6 YEARS IN RUSSIA: "One guy wanted to collect all the wisdom of the earth, and hide. To become the most intelligent and strong. He collected wisdom and folded into the pumpkin. When everyone gathered, pumpkin tied a rope to his stomach and began to climb a tree. But it prevents. And at the bottom of a little boy she laughs: "You hang back on the pumpkin - zalezesh easy." Then he was angry that not all wisdom is gathered that the boy she is, and broke his pumpkin. The wind blew away the wisdom of the world. "


Aigul, housewives, 2 YEARS IN RUSSIA: "This tale about the clever old man who saved his land from a giant. In the land lived a giant black Karadoo. No one knew how to frighten him. He always threatened, carried off young girls. no one was his equal forces. Once Mekechal - the old man - Karadoo invited guests. When the giant came, the old woman came and asked: "What to put on the table than to treat" the old man replied, "The meat of the first of the giant liver add the second giant, and if this is not enough, add a third giant something." "Well," - says the old woman. Then the giant thought that they always cut the Giants, got up and ran away from the village itself. "


Aysu, distributors of advertising, 5 YEARS IN RUSSIA: "Kite and pig were friends. But the pig envied vulture, he can fly, and asked to find her wings too. One day he brought her wings and has attached to the pig wax. And they flew together. But the sun pig wings melted. She fell face in the dirt, and her nose flattened. Since then, the pig goes to the snout and kite are not friends. "


IVAN, welders, 4 YEARS IN RUSSIA: "Once upon a grandfather and a woman. Baba was chicken, and his grandfather - a rooster. Babkin chicken lay eggs, and his grandfather was starving all the time. He asks: "Give me a couple of eggs." A woman drives off. When my grandfather returned home, he began to curse the rooster, beat him, and ran off cock. He ran away and think what to do. We must return to his grandfather, so he fed him. How to return empty-handed? Looks: bag on the ground, and there are two gold coins. He raised and rushes to his grandfather. He runs and goes to meet supply with the royal guard. They grabbed the rooster, sack away. A cock crows, need to return a bag of coins. They were angry and threw the cock into the well. Drank cock all the water in the well, and jumped over their coins requires that annoying. Then give it to the cook: Throw it in the oven. But the cock-pit of water drank, he spat out the water and put out the stove. And once again he goes over protection, whining. Then he was locked in the royal treasury, where all the moolah. Cock, again, healthy bull, picked up and swallowed all the coins and again demands to return the pouch. They threw him to the bulls. He swallowed all the bulls. See, there is nothing to do with him. Gave rooster bag and drove him away. He came home. House his grandfather tells him: "Build a wall and a bed in the house of the veil." Grandfather: "What's the problem? Why? "-" You'll see. " Grandfather ever made. Cock spat it into the fence herd of bulls, and the veil - a treasure. And on top of two coins put. Baba saw, and asked: "Grandpa, Grandpa, where did you get this wealth?" And her grandfather, "send your chicken. I see his cock let go. " She drove her chicken. But chicken winds on the ring, but only buttons of small found. Baba angry, I ate it and left without anything. And my grandfather was a cock and rich. And because it is necessary to share the time. "