10 best restaurants at airports

Haute cuisine with the addition of nitrogen, snacks to take away from the cook-TV star, roulette game around the dinner table, and other exciting opportunities to eat while waiting for the flight

Life at the airport proceeds rapidly: on the scoreboard light up every minute of the new flights, fly businessmen to make deals, fly away on holiday or on a business trip and returned to loved ones. There are so many new and interesting, causing hunger, it is not impossible to go to a restaurant. This trend is noticed for a long time people employed in the food industry, and left forces in the creation of fine restaurants at airports. Now such institutions receive Michelin stars and are considered the best in the city. They have become a favorite pastime place not only passengers, departing the next flight, but many of those who tonight just wanted a good dinner.

Hung's Delicacies

10 best restaurants at airports

Hong Kong International Airport

A tiny bistro Hungs's Delicacies (Delicatessen Hoon) opened in one of the alleys of Hong Kong in 2003, and the secret of its success is that the bet was made on the uniqueness of each dish. For instance, traditional weft are prepared with the addition of Chinese liquor, and boiled goose not, as usual, with spices, and pickled. "Why do I get to create unique dishes? Probably because I treat every customer as a gourmet and listen to his opinion, "- admitted in an interview with the chef and the founder of the restaurant, Mr. Lai Wai Hung (pictured). If we consider that the price is much higher at the airport than the city, the cost of food in Hung's Delicacies pleasantly surprised - as well-trained staff. Three consecutive years, the restaurant honored with a Michelin star - the most authoritative culinary rankings since 1900.

Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar

10 best restaurants at airports

Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, Netherlands

A visit to the restaurant Bubbles Seafood & Wine Bar should start with the fact that serves seafood with a glass of wine or champagne, and then play a game of roulette - Casino is located right in the restaurant. In the menu of special interest are fat juicy oyster and traditional Dutch raw herring. The only gripe with visitors cause the land: they are good, but do not contain a specific stuffing, seasoned with ordinary soy sauce and served with the same wasabi. Tables are situated a good distance from each other and allow guests to be in the inviolability of borders of personal space - an important point to which pay attention especially, being in a noisy and crowded airport. The main decoration of the interior - a huge aquarium where exotic fish swim.

Plane Food

10 best restaurants at airports

Heathrow Airport, London, UK

Skytrax awards recognized Plane Food second nomination the best restaurant in the airport. This is the first bistro by celebrity chef and host of the show "Hell's Kitchen", the owner of 12 Michelin stars Gordon Ramsay. The restaurant is located in the fifth terminal, and is easily visible - so that visitors do not have a sense of isolation from everything that is currently going on at the airport. Eclectic menu: salads, pasta, risotto, steak and various fish dishes. If pressed for time, you can take the "picnic" - a set, which includes four different appetizers, first courses and desserts. You can imagine what the neighbors envy makes people lounging in a chair and unpacks his lunch from the TV star Gordon Ramsay, while all other passengers will consume boring and unremarkable-board snack.

Von Bibimbap

10 best restaurants at airports

Incheon Airport, Seoul, South Korea

Arriving at Incheon Airport, inadvertently pose the question, it is worth it to go out ?! At one point, concentrating all for a happy holiday: a spa, casino, golf course, and even the Korean Culture Museum. And then there is an excellent restaurant - Bon Bibimbap. The name he is obliged to traditional Korean dish "Bibimbap" - warm rice mixture of fresh vegetables, lamb, chicken or seafood. The final touch - fried eggs "sunny side up": it is placed on top of the mixture. Remarkably, all made fresh and right in front of the customer. But if you do not manage to get to this restaurant at the airport, do not despair: there is always the opportunity to do so and in the city. Network Bon Bibimbap - it is something like the South Korean "Starbucks" in the sense that restaurants are on every corner and have become an integral part of every Korean.

Prima Taste

10 best restaurants at airports

Changi Airport, Singapore

Purity and brilliance Singapore Changi Airport resembles the operating room. So as not to slip on the white-washed the floor on which just passed detergent need agility and dexterity. In this sense, a good thing that there Prima Taste the third terminal: wafting out the smell of garlic and spices dilutes the perfect setting. The Prima Taste serves the most that is not a traditional Singaporean food. The restaurant has just a few awards: Merit Awards he received for that introduces the development of the Singapore Institute of food science and technology, and reward Singapore Star Awards - for thoughtful sleek design. Mandatory meal - soup: it is best to try to "Lax" (spicy noodle soup) and "Bak Kut those" with spices and pork ribs. As in many Asian restaurants, Prima Taste Kitchen open - always seen that, who and how to prepare.

One Flew South

10 best restaurants at airports

Atlanta, USA Airport

In one of the busiest airports in the world in the terminal E is in a Zen calm and cozy restaurant One Flew Souch. There offering fresh sushi hair's breadth as in Japan and the sharp Asian soups, and fans of this American cuisine can always find here the usual sandwiches and burgers. It seems that the staff also shares the principles of Eastern philosophy: the waiters prefer to contemplate the long guest instead of a hurry to bring the menu or bill. And here comes the problem: some nerves pass, and in the book of complaints appear unflattering reviews about the slowness and sluggishness staff. The restaurant serves a fine selection of wines (although on "Airport" prices) and the desserts - not exotic, oriental, and quite American: sweet snacks, dry biscuits and chocolate pudding.

La Moraga

10 best restaurants at airports

Pablo Ruiz Picasso Airport, Malaga, Spain

Located in Terminal 3 gastronomic bar La Moraga belongs to the chef Dani Garcia - winner of the National Gastronomic Award and holder of a Michelin star for Tragabuches restaurants in Malaga, and Calima in Marbella. Corporate identity Dani - a combination of traditional Andalusian cuisine and new in the field of food technology, for example, molecular food. "It's great to use the technology, but only if they strengthen and emphasize the taste of traditional food. For example, I often use nitrogen ", - says Garcia, and stresses that, according to experts, nitrogen has a positive effect on the body, increasing blood flow to the skeletal muscles. But while Danny tries not too sharply to experiment with food: "In this work we must remember that you are not only a creative person (now about it too much talk), but also just a cook, whose main goal - to give people pleasure."

Altitude ™

10 best restaurants at airports

The Geneva International Airport, Switzerland

At the top, the third floor of the International Airport of Geneva is a restaurant, awarded with a Michelin of attention. The chef, a famous gourmet Fabien Legon times he participated in the creation of Michelin - an annual guide to cooking and restaurant business. Restaurant is divided into several areas: the space of the restaurant, bar and conference room, which hosts seminars and gala dinners. Ceiling windows overlooking the runway and mountains. Watch how every minute sit down and fly airplanes - experience romantic and philosophical, which attracts the restaurant not only airport passengers, but the Genevans themselves. the combination of the French and Swiss cuisine can be traced in the menu: foie gras, ratatouille and cream soups are combined with Swiss cheese and fondue.


10 best restaurants at airports

Munich airport, Germany

Sunday is played by a jazz quartet, and on Monday - German folk ensemble. Staff accompanies the expectations of foreign passengers: young waitresses dressed in traditional décolleté dresses with white aprons, joke and flirt with the guests, while the bartenders in plaid shirts bottled fresh beer at the bar. Managers restaurants emphasize that 90% of the products used in the kitchen are grown in Bavaria - mostly in farms located far from the airport. In the menu - sausages, hot dogs, fried cabbage and pretzels (traditional German pretzels). Rounding out the image of the German institution absolutely practical and reasonable prices.

Beaudevin Wine & Tapas

10 best restaurants at airports

Brussels Airport, Belgium

Beaudevin recognized as the best wine bar in the world, according to the Airport Food & Beverage Awards. Here, in a quiet and peaceful setting to clients from a wide selection of wines, combined with exquisite European cuisine. Interior - white walls, a chandelier in the form of inverted glasses and shelves, highlighted in green. Staff entirely in black, and the main accessory - a long apron to the floor. Stylish image of staff is not accidental: Beaudevin part of Autogrill Group of Companies, whose main shareholder - the Benetton family.