10 of the most exotic plastic surgery

As with the help of doctors to become a bodybuilder or an elf to become taller, add to his manhood or fit feet for shoes, which is small. Forbes magazine chose the 10 most unusual procedures practiced in esthetic medicine clinics.

Plastic surgery seems an attribute of contemporary reality, although historians argue that it appeared in ancient Egypt more than 3,000 years ago. Of course, then at the disposal of the doctors did not have high-tech equipment, even anesthesia - and that was something out of science fiction. However, man has always sought to beauty, and subject to its requirements had to adjust. However, if before the surgeons only correct obvious appearance defects, but today they often perform sophisticated and absurd vagaries of patients. And demand, as we know, breeds supply.

The implantation of muscles

Cost: $ 000 7500-14

10 of the most exotic plastic surgery

In order to give the body a perfect relief, bodybuilders go to the gym, and lazy - a specialist in the implantation of the artificial muscle. Implants made of silicone, but they are tougher and better hold the form in comparison with those that are used for mammoplasty in women. Install them can be a calf, chest, deltoids. There is also the practice of increasing the biceps and triceps. Back to the usual sports activities are allowed a couple of months after the surgery. It is important, however, to understand that as a result of surgery, a man does not become stronger and more resilient - it is rather a way to attract attention on the beach. In addition, professional bodybuilders claim that the distinction between natural and artificial muscles can be seen with the naked eye.

"Elf" shaped ear correction

Cost: $ 1700-2000

10 of the most exotic plastic surgery

The premiere of the first part of the film "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" is scheduled for December this year. In anticipation of a significant event admirers of Tolkien precipitated plastic surgery clinics with the request to make them pointy elf ears. The operation is relatively simple: first specialist cartilage incision, and then sews it in a special way. But there is a caveat: in the future to return to the ears usual form would be almost impossible. If society is still rather ambiguous responsive to the elderly, whose body is covered with tattoos, the prick-eared grandfather is sure to become the object of ridicule. That is why many surgeons refuse to take responsibility for such a procedure, and then the potential elves seek the help of the masters of bodimodifikatsii - it is their something similar request is not exactly new.

Remove the ribs

Cost: $ 10 000-15 000

10 of the most exotic plastic surgery

In pursuit of the wasp-waisted ladies were ready for years to wear a corset, tightening it so that in the eyes darkened with every breath. Modern beauty can get the desired shape is not less dangerous, but a faster way: just find a surgeon who agrees to carry out the operation to remove the 11th and 12th pairs of ribs. It is believed that one of the first of the 'extra' edges rid Louise Julie de Brionne, which is in the XVIII century it was reputed to be the most beautiful woman in Europe. True, there is little a doctor today take such a risk. Despite the fact that the lower edges of the pair does not play a decisive role in ensuring the normal functioning of the body, such radical surgery is fraught with unpleasant consequences, since the omission of the kidneys and ending with a chest deformity. In addition, the rehabilitation process takes several months, and the scars left on the body.

Adjustments toe

Cost: $ 1800-2200

10 of the most exotic plastic surgery

Removal of "bumps" at the base of the big toe - operation is a fairly common and quite justified. However, lovers of fashionable footwear went further: they shorten the toes, because of which new shoes does not fit on the leg. Some guides the desire to make the foot more attractive, even if the obvious evidence to the no. The treatment is in less than half an hour and is usually carried out under local anesthesia. The doctor carefully measures the bone fragment to be deleted, and then cuts it with something like a pruning shear. The operation takes place in the middle of the thumb, so the nail plate remains intact. From the patient leaves the clinic on his own two feet - though very cautiously and in special the shoes, the foot fixing. Surprisingly, few of these clients come to mind first of all go to the medical center, and in a shoe shop.


Cost: $ 2000-5000

10 of the most exotic plastic surgery

According to opinion polls, the holders of dimples on her cheeks makes people more confidence than those who do not. In some Asian countries, the external feature is considered an important criterion of sex appeal. Get dimples snap: procedure called dipml-ectomy is included in the list of services of every other American plastic surgery clinics. The specialist makes an incision on the inside of the patient's cheek, removes a bit of adipose tissue, and then stitches the skin tight. Just half an hour - and dimples ready. The first time, they will be visible even when the person is not smiling, but after a couple of weeks everything will fall into place. The operation does not involve any pain during the rehabilitation period, no complications, and even do not need to remove sutures.

Extension feet

Price: 160 000-200 000

10 of the most exotic plastic surgery

lengthen the legs is rightly considered one of the most difficult operations. Make it as follows: first on one leg secured komressionno-distraction apparatus, named in honor of the inventor - GA Ilizarov, and cut through the large and small tibia bone in the solid portion of them. Over the next 2-3 months growing callus, and already at the end of this period, a similar manipulation is performed on the second leg. Then begins a long (sometimes more than six months), the process of fixing the result. The man actually falls out of life, forced to endure not only a lot of pain, but also a lot of inconveniences. Ilizarov apparatus like fetters his feet in shackles to move is obtained only on crutches. The bleeding and suppuration, which are formed in places where the device includes needles into soft tissue, too little pleasant. And all this hell - for the sake of some 6-7 centimeters of growth.

"patch" into the language of

Cost: $ 1500-2000

10 of the most exotic plastic surgery

Maya Plisetskaya once said that the best way to lose weight - "nothing to eat." But willpower to ensure that refuse cakes and doctoral sausage, lacking not all. Modern medicine offers an original and very painful solution to this problem. Enough to implant in the language small rectangular mesh which will cause terrible suffering when consuming any solid food. Operation is inexpensive, but the happy owner of "patch" will have to additionally buy a special liquid, which contains the body needs vitamins and nutrients. Dr. Nicholas Chugai who invented this barbaric way to lose weight, says that patients lose 7 to 13 kg per month. He, however, tactfully silent about the fact that, if after surgery tongue swell, people may well suffocate.

Lifting knees

Cost: $ 8000-9000

10 of the most exotic plastic surgery

How to look younger or woman, her true age always produce the neck, back of the hands and knees. But if the fight ringed by deep wrinkles and age spots, doctors have learned some time ago, then lift your knees - a new procedure and has been relatively rare. Avoid "sagging" knees will not help any healthy eating or active sports or cosmetic wraps. Build also plays a special role: the same problem equally faced and thin persons, and plump. By itself, the surgery to remove excess skin on the knees is not a big difficulty. Currently, the surgeon must demonstrate skill when it comes to stitching: because the skin is stretched during walking, it is likely that post-operative scars will eventually grow in size. Hence, it is necessary to form them extremely carefully.

Hair transplantation to the body

Cost: $ 2,000

10 of the most exotic plastic surgery

The men experience when little hair, a woman - when there are many. Therefore, the first desperately fighting the baldness and second spending considerable sums to epilation. But there is another category of people who come to the clinic for the purpose of transplanting hair is not on the head and on the body. Most often it is the young people who were dissatisfied with the lack of hair on the chest and abdomen: spread in recent years, the fashion on the underlined masculinity dictates its own rules. In South Korea, recently appeared even more strange trend: women are more likely to want to increase the amount of pubic hair. This is partly explained by the fact that, according to the Eastern tradition, pronounced secondary sexual characteristics indicate an increased ability to bear children. Residents of Europe has also resorted to a similar procedure, but they are often led by the desire to experiment with intimate haircut.

injections in the foot

Cost: $ 500-1500

10 of the most exotic plastic surgery

No matter how much the doctors asserted that wearing high heels every day is harmful, women stubbornly unwilling to alternate studs with sneakers or ballet flats. However, they do not deny the fact that often experience pain in the legs. Those who want to stay on a high heel, but he wants to get rid of the pain, can turn to doctors asking them to do biogel injection of hyaluronic acid. Initially it was used for injection correcting facial contours, but subsequently began to enter the skin and feet. As a result of this procedure in the stack is formed something like a soft pad, which allows for a period of six months to a year, stop feeling discomfort from the constant walking in high heels.