Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

Strolling through the city in their free time, sometimes you can find a very unusual sculptures. Such as:

Hedgehog in the Fog

Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

The small wooden sculpture of the screws. Hedgehog in the Fog. This cartoon, made in 1975, after almost 30 years, was named the best in the history of animation. Kiev residents have given him a tribute in 2009 with the help of sculptor Constantin Skretutsky, which account for more than one ordinary stump, turned into a work of art.

With the Hedgehog was the same. It became the basis for the old tree, from which a figure, but instead of needles used screws. Hedgehog sitting on a high stump, and paws holding the bundle in peas. And looking thoughtfully into the distance, apparently, looking horse. By the way, oddly enough, but this monument is not called "Hedgehog in the Fog", as it would be logical to assume, as "horse". Located at the intersection of Zolotovorotskoy, Reitarskaya and St George's Lane. Nearest metro station - the Golden Gate.

Flying cow on a tree

Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

This installation of the wire, billets and disposable forks too unusual, and its author is still the same Konstantin Skretutsky. One cold winter morning in 2009 brought the sculptor disassembled his new creation and began to collect. But because it was very cold and it was snowing, cow ears, according to Constantine himself, did not want to be stuck. Collected zhivotinka improvised, sits on an old dead tree. He is sitting on the street. Gonchar.

Donkey with a cart

Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

Again Constantine Skretutsky. This time it is a sculpture of a small eared donkey pulling a cart. Spring in the truck it carries the first flowers in the summer - a small tree, and in the winter - a modest Christmas tree. I caught on a donkey instead of the old wood-longevity. Possible to find at the beginning of lane. Rila, almost immediately behind the Hagia Sophia.

The cat Panteleimon

Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

Bronze cat Panteleimon stands on a small pedestal at the most Golden Gate. author of the monument - Bogdan Mazur. Once at the restaurant in front of the Golden Gate lived gray Persian cat Pantyusha. During a fire, the cat died. And after a while the restaurant gave a new Panteleimon, only the bronze.

However, initially near the cat was a little bird. True collectors of souvenirs it constantly sawed down and eventually decided to leave the cat alone. And then the cat happened that with all bronze monument - it gave magical powers and polished up his ears and tail shine. Panteleimon lives right at the Golden Gate.

Monument Toad

Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

This monument Toad - the third in Ukraine. The first two were installed in Dubno and Berdyansk. Kiev Toad appeared in 2010, its author was Oleg Pinchuk, who has decided to make a gift to citizens. Once upon a time, in the 80s, this place was a very popular disco in the open air, which was called the Toad. Actually, in honor of her and was chosen this symbol.

This toad weighs six tons and has a secret: it is inside the bucket into which fall all the coins that tourists throw it. And they say that once the bucket is full and all the wealth vysypetsya lucky feet. Toad sits near the Water Museum.

Nose Gogol

Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

This nose was once on Andrew's descent, but later moved with his gallery, which he owns. Its author was Oleg Dergachov, who worked in the gallery and left behind a keepsake. And the nose, according to legend, yavletsya copy of Nikolai Gogol's nose, which was once at the time of Andrew's walk was very chill, all his thoughts are occupied only the nose, and somehow by itself had the idea to create a work of "The Nose". In the work, if you remember, I belonged to Major Kovalyov's nose, and he was walking not on the St. Andrew's descent, and on the Nevsky Prospect in St. Petersburg, where, incidentally, set twin brother Kiev nose. With the nose has another legend - if it is a good rub, it will take a real cold. So that in winter the Tithe need to walk more often. Hanging healing nose on the street. Tithe, 13.

The Little Ballerina

Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

And the legend again. One, already known sculptor Constantin Skretutsky, installed once on the site of an old dried linden memorial match. Very match he planed from the trunk, and sulfuric head made of ceramic. And just a few days at the top of the match there was a note. She was from the local people, who asked the author instead of the country heartless matches install a sculpture of a ballerina, who lives in a neighboring yard.

Skretutsky long I thought and agreed. Since then, on a pedestal fragile ballerina took place with a sad smile. Her face and hands are made of ceramics, artificial hair strands, and a pack of wire - materials again very plain. See with Dancer possible at the intersection of ul. Stretenskaya and Musketeers. Near the Golden Gate.


Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

Monument to the famous speculator of the "Golden Calf" by Ilf and Petrov is located slightly above the place where according to legend, Mikhail worked Samuelevich. Bronze Panikovski has skhodsto Zinovy ​​Gerdt, who played him in the film version of the Golden Calf.

"Go to Kiev and ask what he was doing Panikovski before the revolution, and will tell you that before the revolution Panikovski was blind. I went out with glasses and with a stick on Khreshchatyk and asked some of Mr. cleaner to help a poor blind man cross the street. On the other sidewalk he did not have enough hours or wallet ... I paid the policeman on the corner of Khreshchatyk and Proreznaya five rubles a month, and no one touched me. " First, this place was a plaque, and in the late 90s there was a monument by sculptor Schur and Sivko. Panikovski stopped when passing through the street. His head was turned down, and the pocket has bulged from someone else's pocket. One foot he hurries to step on someone had dropped a coin. And if you look under the sole and there you can see fig. The authors felt that people will be interested to look at the bronze fig have to bend down and thus bend the knee before the great talent of the "blind" pickpocket. Can enjoy on Proreznaya, across the street from the station. m. Khreshchatyk.

The first tram

Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

The first tram in Western Europe was launched in Kyiv in 1892. His path lay through the Vladimir descent. Here and a monument to the first tram. In those days in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Odessa it was already public transport services in the form of a horse railway - tram. But in Kiev, the situation is complicated because of the topographic relief, as he stands on the hills, and the rise of horses harnessed to a wagon, was simply not feasible. A steam trams, which appeared instead tram, brought great inconvenience to citizens, because they are terribly thundered and poured from the chimney so the smoke that reared Stavan all passing by the horse.

It was then known in Russian engineer Amand Struve proposed for the capital of electric motors and in 1892 began passenger traffic on the line 1.5 km long on the steep descent in Kiev Alexander (now Vladimir descent). Operation of the tram in the first days all showed profitability and comfort and at the end of the century the length of tram lines in Kiev was almost 50 km.

The Little Prince

Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

The Little Prince on the sketches of the Saint-Exupéry was set in the realm of mosaic Kiev Landscape alley at the end of 2010. Sculpture was funded by means of patrons and the Embassy of France. However, she Landscape Alley was also created without the participation of the city authorities. Founders Peyzazhki long time to choose the symbol of this place and agreed on the Little Prince, because this boy has a deep philosophical meaning. author of the project was Constantine Skretutsky. But one night, after a year, vandals smashed sculpture. On the second copy I had to spend about 25 thousand. UAH. and put a lot of work. Work at Skretutsky took a half months, and the little prince returned to its original location. Such history. By the way, if we go to Landscape Alley, the lead time is necessary to have a lot, because apart from the Prince there still is a lot to see. Landscape Alley, along with all its wonders is located near St. Andrew's descent.

Renewed match

Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

Almost in the city center a few years ago there was an iron monument burnt match called "Revived match." The author became known in the capital sculptor and blacksmith concurrently Vladimir Belokon. This environmental project. The author says that the match calls to attract the attention of people in the capital to a reduction in green areas, excessive environmental pollution, especially in the city center. Thus the sculptor has demonstrated its participation in the environmental movement of Kiev.

Four-meter Revived match is made of iron and it miraculously appeared a little green leaf. As an example of the sheet tree Ginkgo biloba has been taken - longevity among the trees. While the author has spent 160 kg of metal and about a thousand of its own funds. Posoperezhivat nature can be on the street. Artem, 24.

Forklift cat

Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

And Constantine again. Skretutsky. This time, the indefatigable sculptor sat one night, I thought, what would occupy themselves, and suddenly came up. In the morning I went to the supermarket, bought 600 disposable forks, a couple of days collected from them white cat breed fork and took him to the Golden Gate. Where he sat on the trunk of a tree. According to the author, this cat does not symbolize anything, he just has to get people to once again smile. Find the cat is very simple, it is at the Golden Gate next to the fountain.

The grandmother on a bench

Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

Babtsya sits in one of the most beautiful and crowded parks of the city, in Shevchenko Park, since 2011 According to its author, Anna Kiseleva, a classic grandmother 80: good-natured, touching, sometimes slightly mischievous, but very caring, throw the usual life for themselves in order to help the children and grandchildren to support. She just sat down to rest on the way to the store for yogurt. Kiselev says that the prototype served as a Babtse her own grandmother.

And although the old lady sat in the park recently, she has managed to acquire legends. Rumor has it that if you rub the careless student record book on babtsinu handbag, you can pass all the tails without problems. And if you just sit down, the entire day will be good luck. In general, a visit to Grandma have to go on the street. Tereschenkivska 24. From Art. m. Lev Tolstoho three minutes up.


Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

The largest grinder in the capital settled near the coffee shop of Kaffa. It is noteworthy that the grinder standing on the background of a beautiful graffiti, successfully combines her. Alas, about graffiti no one and nothing can not tell yet. But on the coffee grinder with painted giraffes little is known. This grinder - a replica of an old coffee grinder brought from Mukachevo. She kept the family of Germans living in the West of Ukraine. They brought it with him from Germany before the war, as part of the simple belongings, and when they decided to return to their homeland, it did not carry through half of Europe junk and left her home. Consider giraffes and drink next door in a coffee shop coffee in the lane. Shevchenko, 3.

Chairs on the bench

Top 15 unusual sculptures Kiev

bench with a small sitting arm in arm chairs standing in the mall, next to the monument mysterious Kiev architect Gorodetsky. The idea of ​​an embodiment and belong sculptor Vladimir Belokonju known Kyivans sculpture "Lovers lights" and "Wood chairs 12 ', located at Independence Square. This song is called naive and constitutes the second part of the trilogy bench sculptures. The first was a tree with chairs, and this symbol has fallen from the tree chairs which landed like leaves on the bench.