6 stories about old gunpowder in the locker

6 stories about old gunpowder in the locker

Most of us have no idea what is really capable of our grandparents ...

1. Helen Thayer - elderly Indiana Jones

6 stories about old gunpowder in the locker

Helen Thayer - photographer and writer with a unique attitude to age and aging. Instead, as befits an old lady, find yourself some sort of hobby breeding cacti or embroidery cross, she went hiking.

The first serious trip Thayer made in 50 years - the age when most are already struggling breaks away from the TV. And not somewhere to the sea and palm trees - and the North Pole.

6 stories about old gunpowder in the locker

Helen became the first ever woman to visit on any pole alone. In addition, she was carrying a sledge with a pack. At fifty who wants to save time and stop at every stone that dogs could do their business?

The next few years, Helen devoted to research by American deserts. And that was just a warm-up before the next big adventure.

In 1995, at age 57, also alone, Helen went through the Sahara. This, for a moment, four thousand miles (or about 6, 5 thousand kilometers). But walking tour through the world's largest desert seemed to her death by boredom.

6 stories about old gunpowder in the locker

This is Antarctica - is another matter. In 1997 (ie 59 years), Helen passed away about a thousand kilometers through almost completely lifeless South Pole. There's something she celebrated her 60th birthday on the very edge of the Earth. And all this time dragged behind a sled with supplies, weighing 120 kg.

6 stories about old gunpowder in the locker

2. Miss America 1944 against four muggers

6 stories about old gunpowder in the locker

The character of Miss Venus Ramey - better known as Miss America 1944 - let's say, not sugar. In its best years, she had time to visit the first red-haired Miss America, the first Miss America, photographed in color, and even the candidates for the role of Bond girl.

6 stories about old gunpowder in the locker

But it's nothing compared to the feat, committed by Venus after six decades. In 2007, four healthy men decided to rob a tobacco farm in Kentucky. At the time of the crime they accidentally noticed the 82-year-old Venus Ramey.

6 stories about old gunpowder in the locker

have noticed, but to call the police did not. Instead, she grabbed his revolver .38 and with the same determination, the redhead went to the night to administer justice. And the criminals caught in the moment when they have finished stuffing his battered pickup truck stolen good and were ready to disappear.

Not a bit of it. Venus properly aimed and lumbago from the first bus. Then, hold down the criminals at gunpoint, stopped a passing car and only then called the police.

3. Pensioner Spanked gang of thugs English

6 stories about old gunpowder in the locker

Imagine the following scene: You walk along a quiet street, and suddenly you are reviled by some motorcyclists. They stop in front of a jewelry store, take out the sledgehammer and start to peel them at the windows showcases.

Usually in such a situation, a lone unarmed passerby would prefer not to intervene or even possible will try to merge with the landscape, so what good did not notice.

About a story happened in February of last year in the English town of Northampton. Six robbers on a scooter arrived at the Rolex store and began pounding showcases. All this happened in broad daylight, in front of many people. No one even from a place not moved.

Nobody but seventy pensioner Ann Timpson. All the weapons at its disposal to oppose healthy armed bandits - own handbag. In an instant, Anne was among robbers wielding a bag with such fury that taken aback criminals had no choice but to try to escape.

One of the robbers managed with the help of an old woman all the same throw bags with steel horse. And only when victory was already possible to say, in your pocket, it rushed to cling and other witnesses.

A few minutes later all six robbers were arrested and Anne became the heroine of all news releases.

4. Biazhio Sisione wins own illness and the three robbers

The man who the best in your life is counting the days, when, instead of wheelchair can cost a stick, hardly comes to mind to imagine himself as a superman.

We talked about as the three robbers, who decided to empty the safe 88-year-old retired officer.

Biazhio Sisione reminisce about fighting the past, when the door of his house knocked a girl of eighteen. It is named volunteer of the local parish, and began to question the old man how he was and if anything should be trying to gradually move the conversation in the kitchen.

As long as the landlord patiently listened to the chirping of "voluntary assistant" in the house quietly snuck two men and broke into the safe. The trio had already left the house and was about to plunge into its prey the Lexus, Sisione when they finally noticed.

The balance was as follows:

On the one hand - three healthy young robbers to step away from the machine with the engine zavedonnym.

On the other - the 88-year-old man, unable to move independently.

Common sense tells us only one possible scenario. But Sisione and youth do not really considered common sense. And then his body gave a shot of adrenaline, that old soldier forgot about the disease jumped to his feet and just a few jumps caught intruders. First, the heart stopped in his ear the first robber, then entered the fray with a girl. The third escaped.

5. seventy, tourist deals with armed bandit

A group of American tourists-pensioners to travel on Costa Rica. One day campers emerged from his van and went sedately to the sea. And then, out of nowhere - three villains: healthy, with guns and masks - all as it should be.

One 52-year-old tourist even shrieked with joy - that is, they say, as the organizers entertain, and spend money. Elation lasted only until the moment when one of the strangers witted old woman hit in the face with the butt.

Septuagenarian veteran of tourists could carry anything but disrespect to the woman. The name of the gentleman is not known, it is known only that he was in his time "has passed a course of self-defense."

The old man grabbed the 20-year-old thug for his empty head and demonstrated the technique, which is familiar to every fan of fighters 90.

After a moment, the villain was on the ground with a broken collarbone and subsequently died from asphyxia. Two others prefer a crazy grandfather did not bind and took away his legs.

The entire company, consultation, decided to continue the tour in Costa Rica.

6. Samuel Uittlmor - the Die Hard in the history (including age)

By the time they started the War of Independence (or the American Revolution 1775-1783.), 81-year-old officer Samuel Uittlmor already left the military exploits (and there were many), his younger contemporaries ...

While not burned American colonies Lexington, Concord and surrounding farms. Here Uittlmor just could not stay away and joined the rebel group. However, their guerrilla tactics were old soldier does not like - he preferred a more direct approach. Waiting for the right moment, Samuel was brought before the British squad - with a musket in one hand and a pistol in the other. And opened fire. Three managed to put right. Then he drew his sword and went to cut left and right. British soldiers, of course, also shot, and one even went to the old man in the face. But Samuel was able to stop only after the thirteenth strike bayonet.

After being shot in the face and thirteen stab wounds survive unrealistic. But Samuel survived. When he found her, he was fully conscious, and even tried to reload his musket. Military doctors poscholkali languages ​​and was told to prepare to accompany the hero on his last journey with honor. With the ceremony had to wait ... for eighteen years.

Uittlmor died in 1793-it was before they reach two years before the centennial.