Rules of Life of Johnny Depp

• Rules of Life of Johnny Depp

Rules of Life of Johnny Depp

I think my real name Osmond.

I was a strange child. At first I wanted to be Bruce Lee, and then - Daniel Boone (US pervoposelenets).

As a teenager, I worked as a salesman, but not for long. It seems, therefore, that I am fond of saying, "Look, you did not go this suit."

I always try to stay in a permanent state of confusion. I like the expression which it leaves on your face.

Money will not buy you happiness, but they'll buy you a boat on which you will go in search of him.

My life is such as it is, thanks to Tim. Here and say something about.

Tim Burton - the most private person I ever met. When we were filming "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," suddenly said to me that I was asked to call Helena (Bonham Carter, Burton's mistress). I asked her: "Is everything okay? Billy okay? "Their son Billy was then still quite Malyavko. "Yes, all right, - says. - Tim wants you to be a cross, Billy. " "Listen - I say - I was with him a minute ago." And it is - Tim. What could be more complicated than say, "I want you to become a godfather of my son." In general, I returned to the site and said to Tim, which is an honor for me. And he said: "Ah, yes, of course, come to work."

Tim can ask me anything. If it is necessary that in the next movie I had sex with an aardvark (African mammal similar to the anteater), I'm happy to do it. In my opinion, all around crazy.

See this carrot? Now I will take it in his mouth - as if it were a cigarette mouthpiece. Now I'm Raoul Duke (the hero of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"). I spent much time with Hunter Thompson that I see something resembling a cigarette holder, Raoul from me and rushing. It is so natural and so strange. Even to speak of it as something embarrassing.

In every film there are moments when you realize: here it is, this moment.

All become religious when board the plane.

My definition of freedom - the simplicity and anonymity. Someday I otvoyuyu them yourself again. When I'm old and everything I finally get tired.

When the child turns a year, you suddenly realize that it turns into a real miniature drunk. He stumbles and falls. He cries and laughs. He pisses. And he pukes.

Children become very funny, when get to the core of things. I remember the daughter of the village in front of me and says, "Dad, I need to ask you a question." And she is four, you know. "I've got three of them. First: Is God afraid of dogs, "I had to think?. "No - I say. - Do not fear. " And she says: "Good. And he found a dinosaur? "-" I think he found. " And then she says: "And he has a maid?" But I do not know how to answer this question.

If you catch me on the phrase "I'm a serious actor," I beg: spank me properly.

Whether I'm tired of being Johnny Depp? Here on this and let's finish.