20 unusual deaths

Some ways to die is very unusual. Others just like the very bad personal choices.

20 unusual deaths

1979, Robert Williams, a factory worker Ford, you were the first person who was killed by a robot: a robot arm factory, weighing one ton, hit him in the head.

2005: Lee Seun Seop, 28-year-old yuzhnokoreets exhausted fell from exhaustion and died in an Internet cafe after nearly 50 hours of continuous play in Starcraft.

2007: Kevin Uitrik, 42-year-old man, committed suicide by hanging himself in front of the webcam during a session of communication on the Internet.

1998: Tom and Eileen Lonergan were thrown during a dive with a group of divers outside the Australian Great Barrier Reef. They were thrown into the ship's crew, which was wrong from the translation member dive team. Their bodies were never found. This event gave rise to the creation of the film "Open Water" (Open Water) and an episode of the film "20/20."

1996: Sharon Lopatka from Maryland, allegedly in order to obtain sexual pleasure, begged the man through the Internet to torment her torture and kill. Her killer, Robert Frederick Glass was convicted of voluntary premeditated murder.

2009: On Taylor Mitchell, a singer of country from Canada, was attacked by two coyotes and killed her. This is only the second in the history of recorded human case of the death of a coyote attack.

1986 August 21, 1986 in Lake Nayos district, Cameroon, died almost instantly, more than 1,700 people, when suddenly, releasing about 100 million cubic meters of carbon dioxide, which has spread from geothermal sources and accumulated at the bottom of the lake.. Cloud gas instantly settled (carbon dioxide is heavier than air) and plated area about 20 square kilometers away from the lake, almost instantaneously killing all that breathes oxygen. Subsequently, however, in this zone grown plants consume carbon dioxide and give off oxygen. 1993: The actor Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, was killed by Michael Massee of the fake gun during the filming of "The Crow". Before the fatal scene from a pistol fired cartridge from which the powder removed. But the capsule produced enough energy to eject the bullet from the cartridge. The bullet stuck in the barrel of the gun. After an unsuccessful shot gun, none of the crew did not check, and later it was used again in the rock scene. Crew and other actors did not immediately recognize the death of Brandon Lee: I think that he is still playing.

1999: Owen Hart, a professional wrestler WWF (World Wrestling Federation, World Federation of Wrestling) from Canada, was killed during a spectacular program, performing the trick. It was planned that Owen will be in the ring, descending from the rafters Kemper Arena on a harness secured to the rope. Carbine unbuttoned, and Hart fell chest on enclosing the ropes of the ring with a height of 24 m. It has damaged the aorta, leading to fill his lungs with blood.

2007: Jennifer Strange, a 28-year-old woman from Sacramento, died of water poisoning while trying to win a Nintendo Wii video game console in the competition "The water I drink - the console will win", conducted by radio station KDND 107.9 "The End". The competition is to drink as much water and wet oneself.

2009: Vladimir Likhonos student from Ukraine, has died after accidentally dipped a piece of chewing gum in a homemade explosive that was used for another purpose. He mistakenly took a jar of explosive, and standing on his desk, instead of banks with citric acid. Gum explode shattering his jaw and the lower part of the face.

2008: The Isaiah Otay, 20-year-old student from Kenya, living in Cranbrook, Canada, went to the post office to send a letter home was crushed by a single-engined helicopter Bell-206, falling on him and began to burn. Otay heard the helicopter, because at that time was in the headphones. 2004: Philip Quinn, a 24-year-old resident of Kent, Washington, was killed during an attempt to warm up the gel lamp on the stove, watching the process a few steps away from the lamp. The heat creates a pressure in the bulb lamp and she exploded, scattering shards of glass. One hit him in the heart and killed. Later, the circumstances of his death were repeated and confirmed in a series of popular science television series in 2006

2001: Bernd Jürgen Brandes from Germany was voluntarily stabbed multiple knife attacks and eaten in parts Armin Mavis (later it was called a cannibal of Rotenburg). Brandes responded to advertising on the Internet, this Mavis, who was looking for someone for this purpose. Brandes clearly stated in his will that he wants to be killed and eaten.

1998: In the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the match between Bena Tshadi and Basanga, play at a party, all the players of the football team "Basanga" were instantly killed by lightning.

1993: Hey, Michael. Shingldeker JR died almost instantly when a pickup truck ran over him and his friend, lying flat on the yellow dividing lane highway with two-way traffic in Polk, Pennsylvania. They copied a risky stunt from the movie "The program". Marco Birhaymer died in a similar situation when doing this trick on the road 206 near Bordentown, New Jersey.

2006: Steve Irwin, the famous personality on Australian television and the owner of the zoo, known as the "Crocodile Hunter," died from an injection ramp-stingray in the heart while filming a documentary called "The most deadly inhabitants of the ocean" in the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Queensland.

1993: July 9, 1993 Garry Hoy, 38-year-old lawyer and a senior partner in the firm, "Holden Day Wilson Law" in Toronto, Canada, fell to his death after being rushed to a window on the 24th floor of the Toronto Dominion Center I am trying to prove to a group of law students present that the glass "does not beat." His first attempt to break the glass failed. In the second attempt also did not break the glass, but instead actually flew out of the window frame, and Hoi fell from a height of 100 m. 2003 Timothy Treadwell, an American ecologist who lived in the wild, remote areas of Alaska thirteen summers among the bears, and his girlfriend Amy Hyugnard were killed and partially eaten by a bear. Audio recording of their deaths was recorded on video, which was included at the beginning of the incident. In his documentary "Grizzly Man" (Grizzly Man) Werner Herzog explores the life of Treadwell and his death.

2008: Gerald Mellin, a businessman from the United Kingdom, had committed suicide by tying one end of the rope around his neck and the other to a tree. Then he got into his car Aston Martin DB7 and drove down the main road in Swansea until the rope he was not decapitated. He allegedly did this to get back at his ex-wife, who left him.