This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

We continue to keep abreast of the most insanely real events, this time to summarize just the past month.

This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

, look at the most amazing and interesting events of the second half of January. All of them are placed on the degree of irrationality and singularity of the 10-th place in the direction of the first.

10th - "reject marriage"

In Argentina, the judge, recording marriages, mistakenly issued a bride married to a witness.

This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

An employee registrar made a mistake, as mixed documents. When an employee of a government department realized her mistake, she reported it to the bride. "Oh! I think I betrayed you marry a witness ", - she said 30-year-old resident of Argentina.

Just a few minutes after the incident, the situation was corrected. Endowed with the appropriate authority to judge annulled the witness documents, and now he had to get new ones. In the book of acts of civil status data of the bride and groom were recorded correctly.

So it still happened to witness a document? They were burned and the remaining ashes ceremonially scattered to the winds?

9th place - "Hardcore in 8 years"

Video eight singer "blew up" YouTube.

On the video hosting video appeared under the title "My first song in the style of hardcore." To date, it has collected more than 18 million views.

In the video, filmed in black and white, featured an eight Australian girl named Juliet. She sings a song, a declaration of love to his pcu named Robert. Movie is the brainchild of producer Rob Sharpe. As it is written in the annotations to the product, "from this point on the Australian hardcore scene will no longer be the same." Download video

Dog Robert oshalev from such expressions of love, huddled in a booth. Boards.

8th - "Cheshi me Cheshi!"

Scientists describe the part of the body, which is the most pleasant to scratch.

This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

A similar study carried out by workers of the Medical School of Forest Veyk than and have shared in the pages of the British Journal of Dermatology. It turned out that the most pleasant to scratch his ankle.

Scientists specially assembled a group of healthy volunteers and conducted an experiment by calling them itching of the forearm, ankle or back. Within 5 minutes after the experiment, participants were forbidden to scratch an itchy place. In this case the degree required to evaluate the severity of pruritus in different zones.

As a result, the volunteers were allowed to scratch, after which should indicate how it was nice. It turned out, more satisfaction people feel when scratching his ankle.

Professor Francis Makglon said: "The results surprised me. Perhaps the ankle just more often exposed to stimuli in the form of insects and microbes. A pochosyvanie can get rid of them, that connects the pleasure of the process with an evolutionary mechanism. "

Thanks to British scientists, because now we know that itch only 3 body parts and these only.

7 place - "Ovtsestrizhka's Olympic"

sheep shearing offered to include in the program of the Olympic Games.

This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

In March in New Zealand held the World Championship in shearing the animals. On this occasion, Farmers' Federation issued a statement saying that this is a real sport that requires international recognition.

This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

Competitors can trimming a sheep to 700 for 8 hours. This can be compared to the participation in two marathons in a row. Thus, the shearing is proposed to include in the program of the Commonwealth Games or the Olympics. The New Zealand Government has recognized the sheep shearing sport and allocates grants for competitions.

The number of the human population is slightly more than 4 million. For comparison: the sheep in New Zealand living in 10 times more.

Olympic weeding potatoes do not add?

6 place - "mistakenly Billionaire"

A secondary school teacher in India for a short time became a billionaire.

This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

Bank accidentally listed on his plastic card of $ 10 billion. Parizhat Saha said he found a large sum on the account when checking the balance with the help of online banking.

This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

According to the 42-hletnego teachers, recovering from the shock, he immediately called the bank and told me about the program on its account the amount and suggested that allowed some mistake.

In the financial institution confirmed the version, but the circumstances under which the account of the teacher was transferred billions of dollars, has not yet said anything. Salary Parizhata Saha is equivalent to 200 US dollars.

Here it is, the 13th salary!

5 place - "Hot and explosive potatoes"

In China, men played in the "hot potato" with a grenade.

Video showing a dangerous exercise, is rapidly gaining views on the Internet, and people leave hundreds of enthusiastic comments.

On the record six soldiers in turn pass each other fumed munition, leading to start counting. Finally, when a kind of "potato" comes full circle, one of the soldiers threw grenades into the pit. The soldiers then picturesquely bounce off it and a loud bang is heard in a moment. Apparently, none of the soldiers was hurt.

Download video

After that should come inscription: "Do not repeat neither at home nor in the field!"

4th place - "Cat vs. Alligator"

In the US state of Louisiana has selected a hungry cat food from the alligator.

This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

His battle with the formidable predator on the canal bank videotaped locals. At the beginning of the video Homeless tabby cat found in water eating and decided to have lunch. Suddenly, however, the channel got a huge alligator. He leisurely walked to the food and unceremoniously swallowed most of it.

The cat is a predator behavior, apparently angered, and he claws, he swung and hit the reptile by mouth. Alligator initially taken aback. While he was thinking, the cat took advantage of a temporary advantage, and hit the enemy again.

He bashed the alligator until until he cleaned the water. Retreated green predator with a puzzled look, but the second attempt to take away the cat food is still not taken.

Download video

Indeed, worse than a cat - no beast! It proved.

3rd place - "nail repair"

Chicago resident survived after drove the nail into his head.

This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

Furthermore, he appealed to the doctors the next day after the incident. This happened when the American was engaged in repair at home and worked with a special pneumatic gun for nails.

This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

He thought he just scratched and went to sleep. But in the morning, feeling ill, the man went to the hospital. Nail almost 8 centimeters in length was visible on x-rays. Surprisingly, the wound was netyazholym. Now the patient feels well, normally speaks and remembers everything. Extracted from the skull nail man left a souvenir.

Nails do just such people!

2 nd place - "Theft of the month"

In one of the shops of Manchester mysteriously disappeared ATM.

This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

The lock on the door was intact, the door themselves, too, so the owners of the point, and sellers do not notice missing. The fact that ATM is no longer reported collectors.

The police arrived, and she quickly realized what had happened. Law enforcement found a tunnel - a tunnel 30 meters long, well-equipped and fortified. In a wide loophole thieves held lighting, reinforced ceiling props, t. E. Approached the matter thoroughly. Rather, prior to complete the operation, criminals have a small hole drilled in the concrete floor, with a telescopic camera inspected the place where is the object of their desires.

This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

By the investigators, the attackers spent undertaking for six months, but have not calculated one: an ATM at the time of the abduction was only 6000 pounds.

What can I say other than epic fail?

1st place - "With a shovel for moose!"

85-year-old woman with a shovel driven away had attacked her husband's elk.

This insanely real world - the second of January's top 10

Residents of the village of Willow, Alaska, 82-year-old George Murphy and his wife Dorothea Taylor, walk their dogs. While animals going about their business, people followed them in his pickup truck.

When it came time to take the dogs home, George got out and went after them. At this point at him and lashed out elk, which was somewhat excited. The man fell into the snow, and moose started beating his hooves. Seeing what was happening, Dorothy out of the car and diverted the raging animal. After the moose chased her, the woman got out of the truck shovel and drove it away. Ceychas both the retiree feel good.

Martial grannies live in Alaska! Just remember malaziyka, drive away the tiger from her husband with the help of the ladle. There is a shot in the locker, keep it up!

This concludes our review of January and enter the last month of winter. Well, what February will bring a lot of surprises, crazy and interesting - in this there is no doubt! Stay with us!

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