200 facts about New York City through the eyes of Russians

Igor Bogdanov wrote these interesting facts specifically for Fresher readers.

200 facts about New York City through the eyes of Russians

New York is so vast and varied that it is impossible to describe it hundreds of facts. Therefore, 200 facts about New York City.

1. New York City consists of only five districts called boroughs and is located in the same state. Boro called Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island.

2. Only the Bronx is on the mainland, Manhattan and Staten Island - a separate island, and Brooklyn and Queens are located in the western part of the vast Long Island.

3. All of these islands are interconnected and the neighboring state of New Jersey twelve giant suspension bridges and plenty of tunnels, four of them - automobile. The length of many is more than 3 kilometers, and its width is equal to some 12 road lanes. Across the river Harlem have 5 usual support bridges.

4. In the city lives of 7-8 million people. Half of them - in Brooklyn.

5. But in the so-called Greater New York, located on the territory of three states - New Jersey, New York and Connecticut - home to more than 20 million people. Along with Sao Paulo, Mexico City and Tokyo, Greater New York, part of the group of the large cities in the world.

6. Each state has its own rules of traffic. In New York it is mentioned a total of 8 traffic signs, and it's almost a record for the United States.

7. In the city of New York cars can not be rotated at a red light. In all other states, including New York, - possible.

8. Sometimes in New York City at the intersection you can see the sign "After stopping permitted to change direction at a red light."

9. Outside of New York City in some places you can see the sign "right turn on red is forbidden."

10. The New Yorker called the New Yorker.

11. Once upon a time, until 1901, Brooklyn was an independent city, so its inhabitants have their own name - Brooklyn, now forgotten.

12. The New Yorker simply cross the road at a red light, and no one cares. 13. New Yorkers do not climb into other people's business. If you are awake and lying in the street, no one will come to you. As long as you do not ask about it.

14. If you are asked to help you, then all at once begin to do it and, of course, call on the famous 911.

15. At the urgent call to come immediately the police, ambulance and fire. Came first immediately begin to provide the necessary assistance.

16. The first, usually after a few minutes, come fire. They can do artificial respiration, to take delivery, well, put out fires, of course.

17. Today, in New York, about 1,200 firefighters. New Yorkers treat them with great respect.

18. September 11, 2001 more than half of all the city's firefighters were killed overnight.

19. All The New Yorker in one way or another suffer from post-traumatic syndrome. At the mention of September 11, even in male tears welling large.

20. In New York, the largest metro in the world. It consists of 468 stations and carries about 8 million people a day. Subway in New York as an underground and overground. He has his own tunnels under the East River.

21. East River - the river is not as one might think because of the name, and the ocean strait that separates Long Island with an arrangement of Brooklyn and Queens, from Manhattan and the Bronx.

22. But the Hudson and Harlem - it is just a river separating Manhattan from the mainland.

23. In the area of ​​Manhattan width Hudson about 3 killometrov.

24. Almost all the bridges and tunnels in New York - are paid. Today, travel in one direction costs $ 6.50.

25. Manhattan and located in the middle of the East River island Roosevelt joined hanging overhead road. Travel in a trailer of this road is absolutely free.

26. Huge ferry connecting Manhattan and Staten Island, is also free.

27. In New York, the largest system of public hospitals in the world. In addition, there are a huge number of private hospitals. And a huge number of small medical offices. 28. emergency room as the state-owned and private hospitals can not provide medical care on the basis of lack of health insurance. If you honestly say your name, address and social security number, the account you will receive afterwards. If not - do not.

29. But small medical offices will never treat you without payment.

30 Doctor and nurse - two professions that are part of the twenty most respected professions in the United States.

31. The average salary aspiring nurses in New York City - about $ 70.000-75.000 per year. Income doctor - is much higher.

32. In order to become a nurse in New York, you have to graduate with a bachelor's degree and pass the most difficult state exam. Some can not surrender it for 5-10 times.

33. Any Russian nurse who graduated from medical uchilishe can pass such an exam in Berlin's US consulate to obtain American work visa to come to the States and get a job for the above money.

34. Nurse - is virtually the only profession in demand in America.

35. Greater New York is served by three giant airports: Kennedy, Newark and La Guardia. The first and third are located in Queens, Newark - is the largest city in the neighboring state of New Jersey. From Manhattan to Newark 20 minutes.

36. Kennedy Airport, named in honor of the President, the biggest in the world ... yes around.

37. Fiorello La Guardia was mayor of New York during the second world war.

38. Newark Airport - the third passenger and freight traffic in the world.

39. For obvious reasons checking passengers before landing in New York - one of the most rigorous in the world. Yes, for a long time, but it's safe.

40. In New York, the largest number of skyscrapers in the world.

41. The highest of them - this is again the Empire State Building. Why again? Yes, because he was the tallest until 1973, and then he became one in 2001 to the under very sad circumstances. 42. New Yorkers do not understand the word skyscraper and call these giant towers house.

43. The budget of the City of New York - the fourth in the world. He is second only to the budgets of the United States, California and New York State and exceeds the budgets of all countries of the world. Although this information age 5 and now maybe something has changed, but the scale has remained roughly the same.

44. All budgets are made up of taxes. The average New Yorker pays federal tax, state tax, city tax, social security tax, health insurance for old age and for any purchase tax. Together, it rose past 55%.

45. Like all Americans, at the end of the year the New Yorker file a tax return. Recent years it has submitted in electronic form.

46. ​​Any public profiles can be downloaded from the Internet, fill them on your computer or print it out and send back by e-mail or post.

47. Through the Internet, you can, for example, apply for the car, to pay any bills, renew a driver's license to buy everything that comes into your head, and all over the world.

48. Internet - it is a proper name and should be written with a capital letter. That's right, the internet. Everyone can build your network and give it a name. Here in my house is my personal network includes 4 computers, 4 mobile phone, printer, camera, 2 TVs and a coffee maker. I also gave her name and write it with a capital letter, Ibog35wifi. The truth is a beautiful name?

49. In New York, there are restaurants of all peoples of the world. There, at home, some people does not even have a dining room, and in New York he has a dozen restaurants.

50. Service in a New York restaurant is wonderful, because behind it is customary to leave a 15% tip. No service - no tip. A salary of waiters small.

51. In New York restaurants are not cheated. The portions are huge and you can take home a half-eaten. Just ask the waiter to make doggibeg, a bag for the dog. And in the morning, not sharing with the dog, do eat the rest of the dinner, lobster, snails, Spanish or ostrich meat. 52. In New York, you can taste the flesh of any creature, not listed in the Red Book.

53. In New York, you can buy wine, beer, vodka or any other alcoholic drink of any country in the world.

54. In New York, you can not sell alcohol drinking, and over the bridge in New Jersey can be.

55. Notwithstanding the existence of literally thousands of beers, New Yorkers prefer to drink Budweiser - almost nasty beer in the world. Why - it is a mystery.

56. Half of all beer sold is consumed in 6 days - 5 national holidays and the Super Bowl - the final game of American football.

57. The usual football in the United States - is a women's game. Champions of the Football World Women For many years American.

58. Across The town is a huge number of stadiums, sports grounds and tennis courts. Half of the city in the summer playing baseball and other strange sports. All these sports facilities are free of charge and the city monitors their purity and safety.

59. Perhaps the only no free golf course and equestrian arenas.

60. Of the four major financial exchanges in the world 3 are in New York. The very large - the New York Stock Exchange, the third in terms of turnover - American Stock Exchange, and the fourth - the NASDAQ, virtual exchange of high-tech shares.

61. Have these Exchanges city is very beneficial. For every dollar received as a tax on stock exchange, the city gets another $ 7 with tax related business. And billions. Many, many billions.

62. Place a broker on the New York Stock Exchange to buy. But very expensive. Highly.

63. In New York, there are homeless. Not as much as the likes of Russian TV show, but there is. Their main number lives in Manhattan. There are more pedestrians and easier to beg.

64. According to statistics, 97% of homeless people want to be so, and only 3% for some reason, can not extricate themselves from this situation.

65. City Hall Department of homeless have set up to the 3%. But the rest of the 97-mi also something fall to. In New York, a lot of shelters, called Shelter. 66. In winter, when the Manhattan shelters are overcrowded, the homeless shelter is transported by another bus. When completely cold, and are engaged in police cars.

67. Every day at certain locations distribute hot meals to the homeless, and winter days - blankets, sometimes sleeping bags.

68. In New York, everything and always settling for disabled people. At all intersections are special conventions from the sidewalk into the street. All buses are equipped with lifts for wheelchairs. Even some of the subway stations are equipped with elevators for the disabled. If you lived in the house invalid, then the landlord is obliged to equip the entrance ramp. Even small medical offices are required to have lifts.

69. Motorized wheelchairs are disabled at government expense. So you can control the chair wheel, joystick or even language if the person is completely paralyzed.

70. A huge number of elderly or disabled people in New York, has domestic servants paid by the state. Depending on the client's state servants can help from a few hours per week to a daily clock care. In the latter case, the maid sleeps in the customer's apartment.

71. When it is necessary, for example, to prevent bedsores in bedridden clients, servants could be night and day. In these cases, the patient help to change the situation 24 hours a day.

72. All those wishing to elderly and disabled people in the New York office of Food-on-Wheels can deliver ready meals at home. Jewish organizations deliver kosher food. Muslim - halal. Diabetics are diabetic food. Well, and so on.

73. Generally, food is brought 2 times a week for a few days and placed it in the refrigerator. Before use, enough to put it in the microwave and warm up.

74. Any holder of public health insurance every month can get a free set of solid products. Food in the set are not the most delicious in the world, but it balanced in protein, fats carbohydrates, vitamins. 75. All New York elderly and disabled people have government medical insurance and free the best health care for them. It is inconceivable to imagine that someone refused to treat for any reason. Until his last breath treated and homeless, and centenarians, and congenital feeble-minded, and cancer patients. Humanism in action, you know!

76. Payment for an apartment - is the most significant waste in the budget. In this poor spend 90% of income.

77. Most of the New Yorker living in rented apartments. But many have their own apartment and is called condominium (just as it is written, not condominiums, as they like to say). Many live in co-ops are very similar to the CAV of the Soviet era.

78. The most expensive apartment in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and then goes with a slight lag, Queens.

79. Landlords, landlords, tenants like Russian, and even make a small discount for us. Russian kept clean apartment and pay the rent on time. And what else does the landlord?

80. All bathrooms in New York and in the US - combined. No one takes a bath, all washed in the shower. Therefore, all the baths with low sides.

81. The normal position of the toilet - with a lowered seat. Himself bowl filled with water and therefore can be clearly seen that shit in America sinks. The reason is the lack of good nutrition and the esophagus putrefying bacteria, which release gases that support is the most alive.

82. One day, on arrival in America, you are surprised to notice that your shit drowned. All! You are an American!

83. In America, a dozen public holidays, but not all employers pay your idleness these days. The smaller the business, the less paid holidays. Usually all do not work 5-6 events per year. Large businesses can afford to have the 9-10 events.

84. Jewish businesses do not work on Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), Rosh Hashanah (New Year), and a couple more. The Eid al-Adha, Muslims do not open their restaurant during the day. 85. St. Patrick's Day, a Catholic saint, the descendants of Irish organize parade on 5th Avenue, and then get drunk up to a horizontal position. On this day, it turns out that many of the Jews, blacks and Russian - also descendants of the Irish.

86. Christmas Day - a national holiday and is celebrated by all Christian denominations, of which the United States an incredible amount.

87. Because, in the words of the Patriarch of All Russia, the celebration of Christmas in January - it is not a question of salvation, but only a tradition, the Orthodox celebrate Christmas twice in the United States. The first time with all the Christians on the night of December 24, and the second - samostiynogo in January. Americans are taking it calmly, without judgment. As yet another Russian quirk.

88. In New York, there are temples of the 15 autocephalous Orthodox churches. And the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, which is not fully entered the Moscow Patriarchate in 2007. And 5 other independent Orthodox churches. And many other less known.

89. Many religious leaders live in the United States. The most famous - is of course the Dalai Lama. Some of them live in New York, for example, the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church abroad. The two last Lubavitcher rabbi lived in Brooklyn.

90. Manhattan is St Nicholas Patriarchal Cathedral. In Brooklyn and Queens has the good old orthodox church. Father here is very decorous.

91. Recently, near Brighton in ordinary house opened another Orthodox Church autocephalous status unknown. About their priest they say that he rabid anti-Semite, it configures the congregation against the Jews, forbade her to read the book I was his father. When the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center was a fire and people jumped from the windows of a skyscraper, he seriously started discussing the sinfulness of suicide, however, ultimately admitted their sinlessness.

92. Protestant churches relegioznyh areas even more. The biggest - Baptists. World Center of Jehovah's Witnesses located near the Brooklyn Bridge. There are very strange, such as Jews for Christ. 93. The Jews do not have a single religious center and each synagogue completely independent. Therefore, the number of places of worship, they surpassed all other religions put together.

94. In New York and around the world, except Russia, a Jew - it is not an ethnic and religious term. Jew - a man who professes Judaism or born of a Jewish mother. Jew can become or cease to be.

95. You can be a French Jew, a German Jew, and as it does not hurt the Russian ear, a Russian Jew. The largest group of Jews in the world and in New York - it's Russian Jews.

96. It is believed that just do nationality and the nationality of "Jew" in particular came up with Stalin personally for easy realization of the principle of "divide and rule". Unfortunately, this idea is well taken root in Russia, and, fortunately, it is not shared Most of The New Yorker.

97. Greater New York live about 2 million Jews. All Jews are different, there is Ashkenazi, Sephardic, Falasha, Bukhara, Asian and so on. Jews are different skin color, eye shape, temperament, language and culture. They have in common only one - religion.

98. In New York, there are three major streams of Judaism: Reform, Conservative and Orthodox. Orthodox conservative conservatives. A clear distinction between the course does not exist.

99. In New York, there are several areas of Hasidism, a branch of Judaism that emerged on the territory of the Russian Empire. The most famous group of Hasidim: Lubavitch, Breslau, Gursky, satmarskie, bobovskie.

100. All of Judaism have their own synagogue in New York. But there just do independent synagogue. The rabbi can buy a house, open a synagogue and meet there his parishioners. What this Jewish synagogue?

101. New York family quite disunited. In my opinion, this is due to the availability of housing. If two people can not or do not want to live together, they are leaving, and then divorced. 102. In New York, there are only 4 legal reason for divorce: adultery, separate residence more than one year, prison, death. To get a divorce, it is necessary: ​​to live separately for one year and then prove it in court. However, the first is not necessary - you just have to hire a lawyer.

103. Children usually start to work early and leave after graduation from parents. Who in the university campus, and who merely rents the apartment.

104. Brothers and sisters usually live in different parts of the United States and rarely come together. If relatives live in the same city, a good reason to meet - it's Thanksgiving.

105. In Thanksgiving Day, Americans are grateful to God for the land, they bestowed. Even atheists say thank you to someone. And believe me, America is this gratitude.

106. With age Americans do not rely on help from their children. If they have worked all my life and honestly pay taxes, then we have quite decent pensions and state aid. What could be more or less pleasant, but certainly more reliable than helping children.

107. The Internet, New York City is easily accessible. Anyone can order a this service. The cost of a dedicated cable, about $ 35-50 per month. Chasto Internet combined with a telephone and TV.

108. Many homes have a wireless router, and not all put a password on it. so you can podsoedenitsya to neighboring network and download their free gigabytes.

109. All stations, hotels, libraries, schools, restaurants and many other public areas have free Wi-Fi.

110. Smoking in New York Is strictly forbidden everywhere. Cigarettes are expensive, Marlboro pack costs more than $ 11. There are cheaper varieties of dollars for $ 7-8. Pipes and cigarettes are virtually absent.

111. shops selling cigarettes face up to 21 years, may lose the license and will be closed. If the judge finds mitigating circumstances, the huge fine will be regarded as a shop is a great success.

112. In New York, there is a special coffee shop, where you can smoke hookah. Sushestvuet huge amount of nicotine compounds that can smoking teenagers. But the hookah is not very common in the city. 113. Service in New York, the highest class. If somewhere poorly served client, then the client will no longer use these services and find them in the neighborhood. Business losing customers, is doomed to failure.

114. Never, under any through circumstances, a New Yorker who had returned from Europe, not to say that he had met somewhere good service. And it is God's truth. Compared with New York service in Europe disgusting.

115. Once again, you never ever cheated. Although in recent years the Russian restaurants have introduced an incomprehensible 15% mark-up. If you are used to browse through and noticed this trick, you can not pay the tip. And in spite of the murmurs of the waiters - it's your right. But if you have not noticed the trick and added to the account for another 15%, then, agree that it is a bit much.

116. Such a margin is sometimes found in other non-Russian restaurants, but there you are sure to warn that the tip is already included and reminded that if the service you do not like, then you can underestimate the size of this margin.

117. In New York, there is no spring, summer after winter comes overnight. And this summer in New York naimerzeyshee. 35-40 degrees with the absolute humidity are more like a sauna.

118. Air conditioners are everywhere. Multilingual staff one air conditioner costs about $ 100-200 per month, and the poor of their savings are not included. Every year, because of the heat in New York died a few dozen elderly.

119. In each area there are several places for people who are unable to use air conditioning. The extreme heat in such centers can even spend the night. Of course free of charge.

120 Autumn and winter in New York, just gorgeous. Winter is usually snow-free, but 1-2 times over the winter from Canada brings snowstorms and the whole city fills up with snow. Sometimes snow reaches one and a half meters, and then the New Yorker did not go to work. In a small business, this day is considered to be on account of holidays, and in large, insuring their workers, an additional output. 121. In New York, are compulsory secondary education. The implementation of this law should be a special department. Theoretically, you can go to jail if your child is no longer attending school.

122. Learn the school for 12 years, from 6 to 18. The first 4 years are called elementary school, sleduyushie 4 - the middle and the last 4 - Graduate School. Please, do not confuse with colleges, institutes and universities.

123. There are zero class, where children come in 5 years. Almost all Russian children learn English in this class zero.

124. Starting right from the first grade, all children peretusovyvayut on performance. If the school has 5 first class, all the honors eventually going to class 1A, 1B in horoshist, troechniki 1B, 1D and stupid in class. The level of education in these classes too different. Program 1A class of course more complicated than 1G.

125. If the child is a good student, you can take the exam and go to school for gifted children. All exams are impersonal and through connections to get into this school is impossible.

126. The most talented children can pass the exams and for the last 4 years of training to get in very very special school. Those in New York, only 4 or 5. Education in these schools is organized according to the type of university and school students choose their subjects of study. Of course, there are a few mandatory.

127. The most important core subjects - English language and mathematics. During the Cuban missile crisis in 1961, President Kennedy said: "If we do not how to learn English, we have to learn Russian." Periodically, when the formation of drops through the floor, Americans remember this statement and introduce any changes.

128. The last time the government caught on to the end of the second term of President Bush and increased the salaries of all personnel pedogagicheskomu. Salary director of the school in disadvantaged areas (this is a politically correct name of the area with the compact residence of the black population) can transship over $ 100,000 per annum. 129. There is one, which ended 3 Nobel laureates among the aforementioned special schools in New York. Agree, this is a very good result and then we can not say that education in America quite so bad.

130. Education in America, self-motivation. If you want, you can quite effortlessly wean in T-class and the rest of his life to make hamburgers at McDonalds. And no one will make you learn better in the world. But if you want, you can finish school with honors, to go to university and then to earn their $ 70-120 thousand per annum.

131. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights affirms that "all human beings are born free and equal ...". Subsequent inequality - is a consequence of hard work and laziness of some other people.

132. In addition to the state, there are private and religious schools. The Jews - a yeshiva, Muslims - madrasas. Education at St. Sergius Orthodox school is very expensive.

133. Of the 9 best universities in the US, known as Ivy League or Big nine, two are in New York, is a Columbia and New York universities. Year of study in such universities is $ 40.000-45.000. Another University of Great Nine, Princeton is located near New York City, in New Jersey. Finish any Ivy League university is very prestigious.

134. There is also a huge number of universities and colleges owned by the city or state. Education in such institutions of higher education costs 5-10 times less, and the quality is often not inferior to private educational institutions.

135. If you do not understand why the cost of education so different, then tell me who it is easier to build a career, to one each university - the son of a senator, a congressman, a successful lawyer, the famous surgeon, or when "the cook's son?" That's just the same!

136. In New York, an incredible amount of museums, both private and public. The most famous - the third after the Louvre and the Hermitage art gallery of the world, the Metropolitan Museum, the Gallery of the Guggenheim, Frick Collection, Museum of Natural History, the Museum of modern art, the Whitney Museum, the Brooklyn Museum, the Jewish Museum, the Advertising Museum, the museum of cinema and photography, and many others . 137. When you buy a ticket to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the cashier tells you: "We advise to pay for the $ 20 ticket." You can take advice or to pay $ 1, and also to get a ticket. This rule applies to all state-owned museums.

138. New Yorkers happy to pay for a ticket to the Museum of the full amount.

139. "Metro" is a picture of how the European masters, and little-known in Russia great American painters.

140. And here is one of the few surviving works of Leonardo da Vinci and only painted them on both sides of the picture, is located in the Washington National Gallery. Once upon a time, Lenin and associates sold the painting American millionaire Hamer. To sell and "Madonna Litta", but did not agree on the price. Bought the picture for a long time hung in the Metropolitan, but then as an undoubted national treasure, migrated to Washington.

141. And here is the famous painting by Picasso's "Guernica", many years provisevshaya in the Museum of Modern Art, was under the will of the author transferred to Spain after the death of General Franco.

142. Any exhibition of Russian painting will automatically increase the number of visitors in any of New York's Museum. And significantly.

143. The largest zoo in the world is located in the Bronx. In other borough also has a zoo, but a smaller one. In 1936, in the Bronx Zoo died last Tasmanian tiger. Today his effigy can be seen at the Museum of Natural History.

144. The whole town is crossed by highways, six-row highway without intersections. If no traffic jams, the rather big city of New York could be crossed in half an hour. If ... In general, it takes 3-4 times longer.

145. The Americans called the traffic jams jam as it is written in Russian textbooks in English. Together with skyscrapers is pure deception.

146. It is true that in the United States only 2 games. Only in New York those registered more than a decade. But actually choosing course only representatives of the Democratic and Republican parties. 147. The differences in minimum lots. Both parties have one and same goal. But the vision of achieving these goals in different games. Although today is more mixed, but most Americans traditionally associate themselves with any of the two main parties.

148. The last time a Republican won the state of New York in the presidential election in 1932. Therefore, presidential candidates have never visited New York before the election. What's the point, if the New Yorker always vote for Democrats. New York - it is a democratic state.

149. gorged itself communism Russian New Yorker almost totally made up in the Republican Party, not without reason, considering that it is more right than the Democratic Party.

150. The Russian press and Russian television in New York - the pro-Republican.

151. The capital of the State of New York - Albany.

152. The State of New York has its own parliament, which, together with the governor of the state is just located in Albany.

153. The Parliament of the state have a Russian representative, Mr. Alex Brook-Krasny.

154. In New York, there are trade unions. All employees of the city, and state organizations shtattnyh unionized. They are in some other major institutions, such as in hospitals or large taxi pools.

155. The agreement between the union and the company in which it exists, is for 2 years. It is stipulated holiday pay, health insurance and all the other staff benefits.

156. When the contract ends, the union demands higher wages and other benefits for its members. If the trade union and business can not agree, the trade union announces strike.

157. At the strike rally obliged to come all the strikers, and the law of the State of New York, they are forbidden to sit there. The police carefully guarded by the demonstrators, it allocates space for the rally, if required, overlap car traffic, but may arrest anyone who sat on the ground. 158. As a rule, businesses are making concessions and the strike in New York are very rare and of short duration.

159. Strikes shall be in accordance with the laws and state regulations. Two years ago, the city devastated subway workers union for the fact that he went on strike against the law. City sued and a judge sentenced the trade union to a fine of $ 5 million.

160. All the New Yorker, non-union, hate them, not without reason to believe their mafia structures, but would like to receive trade union work.

161. All the New Yorker, was unionized hate them, but they pay a lot of fees and boast that they have a trade union work.

162. In order to be expelled from the union work, a person must do something for nastoyuschemu serious, kill a cop (this is a joke the US), or steal something.

163. In New York, religions more than the rest of the world combined. Tolerance - one of the most distinguishing features of the New Yorker. For example, the mayor, who is Jewish Bloomberg bones lay, but obtained permission for the New York Muslims open mosque right next to the place where Muslim terrorists the World Trade Center was destroyed.

164. At the World Trade Center, killing about a hundred Russian citizens.

165. The Russian Federation is almost the only country that has never in 10 years did not send an official representative to the meeting, dedicated to the victims of this tragedy pamayati.

166. The law of New York State prohibits all gambling establishments. Indian territory, which Russia pejoratively called reservations, are not subject to the state, and are in direct jurisdiction of the State.

167. Well ... I guess? Absolutely correct. The Indians built on their lands giant casino skyscraper under to become a casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

168. From New York to Atlantic City drive on the highway an hour and a half or two. New Yorkers love to ride in the casino and leave their money there. Russian New Yorkers also love to go to Atlantic City and leave their money there. 169. The gambling halls of the casino for free serves alcoholic beverages. Typically, for a glass of vodka, brandy or anything else left a tip of $ 1.

170. The gambling halls of the casino is easy to breathe. There is increased oxygen content to drunk visitors did not doze, and continued to throw their money in the slot machines.

171. For more than 20 years of living in New York, I have not met a single person who would win in a casino some decent reference amount.

172. For more than 20 years of living in New York, I met a lot of people in different casinos produvshih significant amounts, worthy of better application.

173. For example, someone from Odessa B., drinking himself bestial condition in two heats blown casino "Caesar" more than $ 40,000. He now lives on welfare, but it is a lifetime membership in the casino. The "Caesar" his due-free number to the end of life, food and drink.

174. In New York, many cinemas. Typically, a large cinema is divided into several smaller rooms, one for 100-150, and each room is a different movie. Usually the price for a ticket - $ 12.

175. Once, buying a ticket, you can move from room to room and watch a few movies at a time. It is believed that it is illegal, but in theaters usually no this is not followed.

176. Around Times Square, Broadway and adjacent streets location of a great number of theaters, where the famous Broadway musicals are.

177. The longest lasted on the stage musical "Cats," he was in the same theater every day for 27 years. Today, the oldest musical - is "Chicago."

178. Today, the price of the ticket for a seat in the stalls on the most popular musicals in excess of $ 150.

179. Despite the price, Russian New Yorkers love to go to musicals.

180. In New York, a lot of huge stadiums, collecting tens of thousands of bolelshikov. But playing in these stadiums in very strange from the point of view of Russian amateur sports games - baseball and American football. 181. Although there are more familiar to Russians play. The Metropolitan New York consists of three teams in the NHL.

182 Tennis Grand Slam US Open takes place in Queens.

183. Since the tickets are very expensive (really), Russian New Yorker almost do not go to the big event.

184. In New York, a number of famous concert halls: Lincoln Center with the New York City Opera, Carnegie Hall, the hall of the United Nations and others.

185. For many years, the New York Symphony Orchestra led by Rostropovich.

186. The only Russian, who spoke in the UN hall - Boris Grebenshchikov.

187. UN skyscraper is near the East River, near 42nd Street.

188. In the yard of the UN have a great product Vucetic "Swords into Plowshares".

189. In order to annoy the Soviet Union, two stairs in front of the United Nations called descents Andrei Sakharov and Lech Walesa.

190. The Russian consulate is located on 97th Street, right next to Central Park. It is virtually the only place in New York where you can see all.

191. Every January all Russian citizens who receive Russian pensions, come to the Russian consulate for help, that they are still alive. Poor old man for a long time standing on the street, often in the rain and the cold wind to enter the consulate.

192. Heartless younger relatives who brought their elders, cynically referred to this phenomenon as "Recall the homeland."

193. By the way, most of the Russian New Yorker still writes the word homeland with a capital letter, and the word God with a little.

194. And they say "the Ukraine", and those who say "in Ukraine", seen as a semi-literate rural relatives. Russian New Yorker very revered dictionary of proper names, published by the Academy of Sciences.

195. Russian immigration - the most successful in the United States. 100,000 Russian New Yorker account for more millionaires than 100,000 representatives of any other ethnic group. And this is without the "new Russian", which practically do not settle in New York. America - the country is serious and could thrash for the ill-gotten money. 196. New Yorkers do not pay attention to clothes. If you are dressed in clean and does not smell from you, then all absolutely do not care what kind of company you have a jacket, pants or shoes.

197. The New Yorker will never buy any thing more expensive just because it is sewn on the company label, if the corner you can buy the same thing without a label, but cheaper. There are two exceptions to this rule - the blacks and Russian.

198. Blacks are not as hostile to Russian as to the other white fellow citizens.

199. Russian New Yorker in bulk hostile to blacks. As well as to the Chinese, Indians, other Asians, Europeans, Muslims and so on and so forth. Those who consider themselves Jews, hostility are ethnic Russian and ethnic Russian - one and all anti-Semites.

200. Former residents of large cities look down on the "shtetl". Former residents of the capitals of the Union republics look down on people from other cities and towns. Former Leningrad look down on the capital and do not allow yourself to look at down the Muscovites. And those, in turn, look down on all those who lived outside Moscow. The first question to ask each other when meeting strangers Russian, is "Where are you from?" And then look at each other down. The second question asked by unknown Russian New Yorker at the meeting, is "How old are you in America?" Who longest is the winner, and look down on someone who is less.

And the last. All passengers departing from London Heathrow Airport, very seriously the words "London - the capital of the world." Only the New Yorker at the sight of this line and laugh at each other. Because every New Yorker knows exactly what the capital of the world - this is New York!

Igor Bogdanov, especially for our website