25 words that are not in Russian language

In the Russian language, according to statistics, more than half a million words, but in ordinary life, ordinary people benefit from the power of 2000-4000. So that we can responsibly say that we, despite the advances in technology, are still very dependent on the spoken.

25 words that are not in Russian language

But sometimes, with all the richness of the "great and powerful", it is not enough to express a word le mot juste (the exact definition - fr.). Therefore, sometimes, instead indulge in lengthy definition, it would be nice to limit just one - well, a maximum of two - words.

侘 寂 (Wabi-Sabi) (Japanese) - the ability to see something beautiful in imperfection. For example, in a crack in the King-bell, or in the absence of arms and head from a statue of Nike of Samothrace.

Rwhe (language Tsonga, kind of Bantu, South Africa) - fall down drunk and naked on the floor and sleep.

Tartle (Scottish) - panic when you have to introduce to someone a person, and his name can not remember.

Fond de l'air (French) - literally translated as "air bed". In general, the expression means: outside the summer and the sun is shining, and would like to get dressed easy, but in fact - very cold. Not just cold, but directly to shiver.

Lagom (Swedish) - not too much, not too little, and so at the time.

Myötähäpeä (Finnish) - when someone did something stupid and ashamed of it for some reason, you.

Iktsuarpok (the Inuit language) - imagine that you are at home waiting for someone, and that someone does not go and does not go, and now you're starting to look out of the window, run out the door to see if a guest comes. Something like this.

Yuputka (Ulvi language, the Indians of Honduras and Nicaragua) - the feeling when you walk in the woods, and you feel that your skin to someone touches. For example, the ghosts. Cafune (Brazilian Portuguese) - gentle fingers through his hair to hold the one you love.

Desenrascanco (Portuguese) - the ability to get out of trouble, not having to do any deliberate decision, nor even any opportunities. The most approximate analogue - "born under a lucky star", but it's still not the same.

バ ッ ク シ ャ ン (bakku-shan) (Japanese) - when the lady from the back seems attractive, but at the sight of her face, you get scared. In general, something like: "Oh, such a spoiled ass!"

Ilunga (South African Congo) - a person who can forgive and forget the first time, an indulgent treat in the second, but the third time, if you set him up, will kick your ass.

Mamihlapinatapai (yagansky, the language of the nomadic tribes of Tierra del Fuego) - quite complete, that people share and realize that both want the same, but no one dares to go first.

Oka (language Ndong, Nigeria) - difficulty in urination, caused by the fact that stuffed frogs, before the rainy season.

Kaelling (Danish) - have seen women who are standing in the courtyard (restaurant, park, supermarket) and yell as undermined, their own children? Well, the Danes call them so.

Kummerspeck (German) - literally translated as "grief bacon". Generally it refers to the action when you begin to excessively eat everything, to drown their depression.

Glaswen (Welsh) - insincere smile: when a person smiles, and it is no fun.

Koyaanisqatsi (the language of the Hopi Indians, USA) - "nature, lost balance and loss of harmony" or "lifestyle is so crazy that it is contrary to the very nature". The best description of modern life in the city. Tingo (paskualsky, Oceania) - to borrow from each other money or other things, as long as that in general there is nothing left but the bare walls.

Sgiomlaireachd (Scottish Gaelic) - irritation that cause people distracting you from eating when you're fucking hungry.

Nakakahinayang (Tagalog, Philippines) - feeling of regret, one experiences what could not capitalize on the situation, or to provide access, because it was afraid to take a chance, and someone all has turned out as it should.

L'esprit d'escalier (French) - a feeling one experiences after a conversation when I could have said a lot, and remembered or cool formulated just now. In general, when only after a conversation you understand exactly how it was necessary to respond. Literally translated also as "the spirit of the stairs."

חוצפה (chucpe) (Hebrew) - a shocking, cynical and impudent behavior, which formally is undeniable. Well, let's say, as if the child is soaked both his parents, and is now asking the judge for leniency because it was orphaned.

Backpfeifengesicht (German) - a person for which you want to punch his fist. The closest analogue of the Russian "asks brick". But in one word.

눈치 (Nunchi) (Korean) - The art of being not Backpfeifengesicht, a man discreet and polite, who respectfully listen to the other party, will not blow your nose in the curtains, and understand the mood of those around. Intellectual - not quite the right definition is because knowing the word has nothing to do.