Rules of life of Al Pacino

Rules of life of Al Pacino

is one of the biggest shocks in my life I have experienced in the South Bronx, in one of those rooms, where once there was a variety show, and then staged a theater. Performances were wandering troupe. We play "The Seagull" Chekhov. The play began ... and then ended. I flew like a flash. It was magic. I remember that I thought: "What then, must be to write this as well?" I immediately procured a collection of Chekhov's short stories.

I once went to eat "Howard Johnson" and saw, as an actor, a brilliant in the play, pouring coffee at the counter. Then I realized that everything in life is relative: first, he won me over with his play, and now I was standing behind the counter in the "Howard Johnson," and I was served.

There was a time, when I carried the the vendors newspaper called "Show Business". I will never forget how much I was paid twelve dollars. Ten and two pieces of paper on the dollar. Ten I immediately tradeoff that I had a twelve-dollar bills. Paying at the bar, otslyunivaesh dollar from the pack, and by it seems that a lot of money from you.

I'll tell you a story. I wanted to go to a baseball game. Baseball I love to walk. I remember, even a three-year slapped the stadium with my grandfather. However, now all a bit differently: come, sit down, and then on the scoreboard appears my name. There is nothing wrong in this, I do not find: so people are arranged. But this time there was a catch. The match was played in the afternoon and in the evening I had to be somewhere on business. I decided that I would come to the stadium in advance to watch the warm-up and see one or two innings. But I did not want to draw attention to the fact that I do not dosidel until the end of the match. You see, the athletes also artists. Imagine what would think if I all get up and leave the hall in front on Broadway in the first few minutes of a performance? I reasoned like this: come, take my place on the podium, and then try to slip away unnoticed. But it somehow forgot that the woman with whom I go to the match - the same celebrity as me. We drive to the stadium. Get out of the car, I asked the guard: "We have not found in the trunk of some old caps, huh?" He looked up, took some cap and sunglasses, and then says: "Hey, Al, you just look, that is lying ! Old beard! "Well, I do it, and pinned. Where only it was my head! Came to the stadium, the game begins, and suddenly all the people in the stands begin to turn around in my direction. The cameras are turned in my direction. All that is in the field turn in my direction. "What the hell? - I think. - I've got a beard. " Of course, it was my companion. All anything, but suddenly I feel beard slides. Idiotic position. So what's now? Detachable beard - and I still could? And of course, it all falls into the eleven o'clock news release: "I wonder why Al Pacino went to the stadium, wearing a fake beard?" This beard should be placed in puncture Museum. Seeing himself in the news, I laughed, but the conclusions are made. It will not happen again. Wherever I drifted, I always appear as himself.

Rules of life of Al Pacino

to When I was a kid, my grandmother sometimes gave me a silver dollar. She was always very affectionate with me. When she handed me a coin, the rest of the family each time yelling in unison: "No! No! No-oo-ee-t! Do not give him a silver dollar, "It was said in earnest - because we were terribly poor. As soon as the coin was provided in my hands, all were taken to shout: "Come back! Give it back! "- and I felt uncomfortable because I took a gift.

My parents separated, when I was very young. I was the only child in the family, and lived in an apartment building in the South Bronx with her mother and grandparents. We barely make ends meet. So for me it was a real treat when I learned that from the packaging of oat flakes can be cut out a coupon and get it spurs Tom Mix. A cowboy Tom Mix was the star of westerns. He was known for wild, wild! The mere fact that the Spurs sent by post by post, making them something extraordinary. In general, we booked spur. When my grandmother died, I was probably six years. I remember we got home from the funeral - and it turned out that the parcel arrived with spurs Tom Mix. I beamed. And then he remembered that the great-grandmother had just died. I so wanted to enjoy Spurs, but ... That day I learned that such an internal conflict.

While his mother worked, she found the time to take me to the movies for each new film. And the next day, staying at home alone, I was playing for myself this film from beginning to end, fulfilling all the roles. "The Lost Weekend" I looked when I was very young, and he made a strong impression on me. I do not understand what is happening on the screen, but he was fascinated by the heat of passion. No wonder Ray Millend received for playing in the film "Oscar." In "Lost Weekend" there is a scene where Millend looking for a bottle of whiskey. Drunk he hid a bottle somewhere in the apartment, but now sober and wants to find her. I know it's here somewhere, but where exactly do not remember. For a long time he is looking for and still is. I used to play this scene. Sometimes, when my father came to visit me, he took me to his relatives in Harlem and said, "Show them the stage with a bottle." I played the scene, and everyone laughed. And I thought: "What are they? Scene something serious. " As a child I went into a street circus, threw the ball and knocked a couple of bottles, but I was not given a prize. To this day, I do not fit in the head, they could do so. What an injustice! I went home and told all my grandfather. And he did that person ... it still stands in front of me. was written on his face: "So you think I should go down the stairs to the sixth floor, walk five blocks and try to prove some kind of type in the shed, you knocked over the bottle and has earned a prize ?!" I read it all on his face. At the same time, he tried to explain to me what happens sometimes in life. In this he was right. Even as it happens.

Rules of life of Al Pacino

My mother died before, which I succeeded. I remember, I was ten years old. Our apartment on the top floor. Wildly cold. Bottom of the alley, I hail friends, take a walk through the streets name. A mother will not let me. I was terribly angry and yelled at her nonstop. She endured my reproaches. And thus saved my life. You see, all those guys, who then called me to walk, was dead. She wanted me to not hang around on the streets late at night and do homework. And because of that I am now sitting here talking to you. It's very simple, right? But we're so forgetful ...

When I was a kid, in the bus for the transplant to another route issued stamps: yellow, pink and blue. We guys know a place where throwing the used stamps, and stuffed their pockets. Although these papers were worthless, they seemed to us worth. You could even imagine what walking around with pockets full of money.

The first time I went on stage as an actor in the elementary school. We put on plays where the stage was a huge pot - the proverbial "melting pot", and I, as the representative of Italy was and stir it with a spoon. I remember: the boys at school asked for my autograph, but I would sign, "Sonny Scott." Invented a sonorous name, you know? When I first got a decent fee in the same Boston Repertory Theater, I was probably twenty-five years. I went to the bar, ate steak and drank martinis. And even after that I still have the money!

You know what the difference is between playing on stage and play a movie? Play - is like walking a tightrope. On stage, a rope strung high up. Bryakneshsya so bryakneshsya really. In the movie, a rope lying on the floor.

One day, while standing at a traffic light I looked at the girl across the street and smiled at her. And she replied: "Oh, hello, Michael." Well, you know, Michael of "The Godfather." I had a feeling that she was in an instant deprived me of the right to be ordinary passers-by. She saw me, but she did not see me, you know me?

"Oscar" I received only eight times. Prior to this, seven times I have included in the list of nominees, but only just. I do not know if I can adequately describe their attitude towards this at least in part ... This now I'm looking at the nominees and think: "What if they were neurosurgeons? Who are you entrust to operate your brain, if need be? That's it-and should be given the "Oscar". But in the past all depended on the order in which I had mood.

There was a year, when I am immensely fond of alcohol and pills. With all of this I have long been tied, by the way. But this time I was sitting at the ceremony, and think: "I do I will go to the scene, if I'm rewarded? Not sure".

My father was married five times. I've never been married. What conclusion can I do this? We - slaves to their habits.

If the actor is too much money, it usually is, where they drop. I personally vbuhali their money in their own picture of "The Local Stigmatic", which then was never released in the rental.

I was walking once through Central Park, and comes up to me a stranger, and asked: "Hey, what happened to you? Why is it we do not see you, "I began to mumble something," Well, I ... Yes, that's ... I ... "And he said:" Come on, Al, I want to see you there, at the top, "And! I realized: I was very lucky that I have my gift. And I have to use it. In one film, I have to chase the hero Robin Williams on logs that are floating in the water. This stage should not be sanded to an ideal condition. For her, the main thing - the spontaneity. The spontaneity of the trick.

I went to a concert by Frank Sinatra. Twenty years ago. Opening for him was Buddy Rich. And here comes the Buddy Rich, and I once pondered: for Buddy Rich was then seventy, and he played the drums. I know he's a good drummer. But then I thought, "Well, will have to sit here, listen to Buddy Rich knocks, fidgeting in place until released Sinatra." But here Buddy Rich started playing - and walked, and walked, and walked. It was ten times stronger than what I expected from him. In the mid-riff the whole audience jumped and screamed with delight. Then he went out and said Sinatra simple thing: "Do you see how this guy plays the drums? You know, sometimes it is useful not to go to the chosen path. " Buddy Rich did not descend from the chosen path. He not only went on year after year to play the drums, but in the evening, speaking on the stage, went his own way. He seemed to be saying, "That's how I was, let's see if I can get more ..." And suddenly, the way he moved it to the desired point. That's why we do what we do. We want to find the right place. But find it - not all. You do not need to stop. You know the proverb: "He who persists in his folly, a wise man will one day."