Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

• The meeting with the rugby team of Russia

Here in New Zealand, in Rotorua, turned to designate a time and place for the meeting itself-itself-journalist like me, with the Russian team in rugby. After three emails spokesman Sergei Markov finally received a reply, they say, the coaches found a window in the evening, come at the same time the team sfotografiruesh.

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

On Tuesday night, writing in a notebook the questions in the middle of the day, I went to tuhloyaichny Rotorua. Sergey asked to capture a tripod, make a general, not very formal, group team picture that "for the children to remember." It is a good thing.

Stopped delegation proven network Holiday Inn, just near the center. Decent place.

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

Although forty thousand Rotorua everything close. In the light of the setting sun reporter for local television, through an interpreter (in fact, the press attache), communicated with most, perhaps, a popular player in the Russian team, characterized by a desperate game, and a slight increase - Alexander Yanyushkin (28 years, height 165 cm, weight 75 kg) .

You can see how to save the verticals in the frame - to head on the same level - interviewer stood apart feet wide. The operator squinted at the casual photographer, showing disapproval, although I am in the picture and did not climb at all.

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

As the team discussed their rugby affairs at a meeting in the conference room, we Sergei tidied the room, prepared for group shots. From time to time we looked into the players, "stragglers from the train," and asked: "Where is everyone?". "At the meeting," - I answered and heard in response: "Where's the meeting?".

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

After twenty minutes the room was ready and set up the guys in three rows, overlapping like a deck of cards, and made a dozen shots. For foreign media.

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

For the Russian media.

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

It is not clear to anyone.

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

In spite of the evidence of the inevitable putting some photos on the Internet, many people wanted to take pictures with their cameras and iPhone. The last ten dialed.

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

Trainers and managerial staff, however, did not wait and slender ranks thinned. I offered to those wishing to stay and answer a dozen questions from the fans, however, any enthusiasm was observed. Maybe it was shyness, or maybe fatigue.

Sergei quickly navigate and called on the interview list. It felt as if the primary school students left on prodlonku. Disgruntled Voitov Alexander, Andrei Garbuz Vladislav Korshunov Vladimir Ostroushko and already mentioned at the beginning of this post, Alexander Yanyushkin.

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

Closer to the middle of the conversation, the tension eased, they started poshuchivali and relaxed.

Question for heating: "In what language to communicate in the field: English, Russian or obscene

Unanimously responded that obscene language expressed, gave examples.

Does this mean that the English-speaking player Adam Byrnes (Adam Byrnes) learned Russian obscenities?

But why talk to him? And so everything is clear: nodded, waved his hand and play.

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

How many years will pass before you begin to play rugby, if not every second, but at least every third court?

"Thirty years," - said Garbuzov and everyone laughed. Korshunov continued: "Of course, now, no one had heard of this sport, there is no base, but gradually appears." We discussed a little bit like sections and clubs are becoming more serious, stand up on your feet. We finished more upbeat assessment - from ten to fifteen years. A really strong team need to literally grow. Now in Russian rugby are in advanced sports sverhdostizheny age. The great thing is that the Russian team managed to be at the World Cup and get a chance to play with giants like Australia. He spoke in fixed assets Korshunov. Log in with a tired kind of bends on a chair.

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

How did you get in rugby, because it is not taught at the Faculty of Physical Education?

"Already we are taught" - corrected Yanyushkin. The remaining share stories about how expensive it was to attend a hockey and other sections. Rugby proved just the most affordable sport. That is why, as it seems the boys rugby - can become a national sport. Many of them grew up and trained in small towns, where amateur clubs keen on going along. More games, tournaments, qualifiers - now that's the World Cup.

Do you think that "videosudya" that is not in, for example, football, rugby makes a fair game?

"Replay" - said Korshunov. - "Of course, it does not allow to perform well, as it often can be seen on the football field." Players confirmed my assumption that for all the apparent discordant rugby, this game is very strict. There can also be "tryukovat" and this is also taught in training. But this is a completely different level. Videopovtory really make a game where strong men hugging in the mud cleaner. "Moreover," - he continued the captain. - "Footballers, actors need to catch on video replays and punish. Once fined a second time, he was already thinking about whether to do so. And the coach thinks about the effectiveness of these methods. "

As you met in Blenheim? Do you like it?

Smiled. Traditionally began Korshunov: "We met in New Zealand, as politicians met in Russia." It was nice to see how the guys are players genuinely happy to show support for the New Zealanders. "The streets are even renamed, signs in Russian made", - told Ostroushko. And even after the first game, losing to the US team, no less sincerely welcomed. This guys have never seen in Russia. Do you feel support from the Russian fans in the championship?

Almost simultaneously, all nodded. "Of course," - with a distinct accent than "e" I began to enter. - "Very nice, very positive. Strong support that charges when you are at the game. It's nice to feel that looking at you, you are proud of. It helps a lot. And it was very nice to us here in New Zealand, found that many people who are not being supported by Russian Russia "At home matches visited mainly wives and friends:. Several dozen people gathered. "Yes, sometimes a hundred soldiers will drive" - ​​I do not know, joking or not, Ostroushko.

Are there any tourism program, you with the regime have time to watch something?

It turned out that one or two days off per week. "The selected vacation weekend we rest", - confirmed Korshunov. "The library was here" - shared Garbuzov. - "Yesterday was a carnival, many today go fishing." According to the tourist spots of time driving around not particularly remains, and bother, as I understand, laziness. Players are going to visit in mid-October the city of sun and love Krasnoyarsk, look, what's the weather, go for tours - rasshutilis. The conversation went more briskly.

Are some myths about New Zealand were, who vanished on arrival?

This time Voitov replied: "We are in the power of the profession have to travel a lot. And when you fly on a dozen times a year, Australia, South Africa, Europe - all fused into one. And it becomes no difference New Zealand or the New Zealand ". "As in Russia, the only palm tree" - confirmed Ostroushko and login continued: "Nothing superinteresnogo, we do not expect." Give out with 100 grams of pre-match "front-line"?

No. "Check whether the doping?" Yes. "Before the match, or after?" And before and after. "On any given day can come and check", - said Korshunov. "All the preparations, all we eat is used by doctors, we do not know what's in the food," - he explained to enter. "Dr. yours?" And his, and local. Doping rules are always changing: it is possible, that it is impossible - it involved doctors traveling with the team.

How do you eat breakfast?

Ostroushko once gave: "Eggs. . With the skin "enter fairly quickly found and generated:" Coffee and Cigarettes. And in fact, it does not depend on us, what we eat. There is a strict diet. However, you always want something such and McDonalds can be, if the kiss at all. The main thing to know the measure. "

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

The New Zealand players often appear in promotions, you were such a proposal?

Simply and sincerely began Korshunov: "Oh, what offers ... We are workers and peasants in Russia, and here came the first time in thirty years. This is a good start. Here Man unwind and will face for sale "- with these words the captain put his hand on his shoulder Yanyushkin. Others smiled.

Do you have superstitions and team mascot?

This time Ostroushko replied: "There is a talisman and rituals, but we can not talk about them." "About a talisman can tell" - intervened Korshunov. - "We Sigal, President of the Professional Rugby League, presented a small teddy bear." "Live!" - interrupted login! "And we have and we carry with them everywhere", - he concluded the captain.

After my statement, that was the last question, after the final whistle, the players quickly rode away on business. So there was a meeting with the players of the Russian rugby team, who came to New Zealand to participate in the Rugby World Cup, an unknown sport in Russia.

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

After talking a while I ran into the room, marked by a sign "NO PUBLIC ACCESS", where the delegation members were staring at iPads, laptops and TVs - a rest after a working day.

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

The children were asked to merge the photos themselves and until the crustaceans Klyuchnikova (?) Discussed whether CR2 format displays, I made a couple of pictures in the end. In the picture below, Konstantin Rachkov, which fans have written in the last match on the banner: "crustaceans point you give!" On the brink of a foul.

Meeting with the Russian national team in rugby

The rest of the players at the time looked like playing a game on TV.

Finally a few words about the duality of the situation. I generally thought that our rugby players - open and honest guys, fans of their business and fully immersed in the game. Of course, all of this and want to expect the fans. However, I was a bit surprised by some angularity conversation. It would not hurt, I think, set aside some time to practice communication with the press. No need to sit on the edge of the chair and pull the arm with intricate answers, but we must at least try to take an interest, and not to talk nervously half-empty plastic bottle.

Of course, the guys are tired. But we came to his own time to the meeting, too, worked from early morning until evening; We spent three o'clock in the road, and after the interview another three hours driving back to Auckland. It seemed that the purpose of the meeting was to blur the players. Do not we had this interview, but first and foremost a team. I can not say whose it is a defect: they have not understood or do not press service explained the manager of public relations. Cutting theme. I once got to understand what rugby and what it eats, it is extremely liked the game. As I mentioned - the World Cup became an occasion to learn the rules. Since we drove the fans and flown by any of a thousand kilometers, to look at our team and support her. As a doctor should be polite with the patient, the athlete must take care of the fans. Even if my questions were boring and uninteresting, athlete of the work - the public. And in this area, it seems to me, the Russian players have to slightly tighten up skills.

The game let them say experts. I only see that there is the Russian rugby players to give 100%, it is without question. I sincerely wish them good luck in the championship!