Rules of life of Chuck Norris

On the Internet, Chuck Norris became the cult character, about his jokes goes to mass, but we suggest that you read these statements Chuck about yourself and about life.

Rules of life of Chuck Norris

Generally, I'm a winner.

When I was growing up, I did not have a father, I had only the image of the father in the head, it was the image of the ideal father, and his father, then I was not.

My first motion picture was called the "Good guys wear black." What else is there to add?

I have often heard from critics, that play is disgusting. What am I, in their opinion, should be done?

Once I was even going to go to acting school. That day I came home and counted the money. Money is clearly not enough. Then I decided that I will not go to any acting school. And I do not go.

I travel a lot around the world. But I never had a bodyguard. And I have never had any problems. Perhaps this way of working, which I created in the movie. After all, I've never played the guy who is looking for trouble. I played a guy who is able to find out if he is, of course, will have with them.

Films about Arts like the people for self-sufficiency. People have always loved the moments when I broke in flight leg windshield of a moving car and cut down dude. People do these things and only remember.

When I first started working with Bruce Lee, he believed that only need to hit below the belt - from the groin area and down. He simply did not believe that if you beat up could end up with something good. I met Bruce in 1968 - as soon as I became a champion in karate world. Bruce was on that day in the hall, as a special guest. Little by little, we became friends, started to train together. Then he flew to Hong Kong. He called me in 1972. "Dude, - said Bruce. - I just made two films in Hong Kong, now I fucking shot. You know, I want to make this movie, which will tell all. And I want to be in this movie, we were together. And so we fought. " I asked: "And who will have to win, dude?" He said: "Of course I am. Because I - a star. " Then I laughed and said: "You are what you want to beat me, Karate World Champion?" He said, "Yes." A sense of humor is still sometimes let him down.

About Bruce said a lot. He was fast, he learned a little from each, and his mind was open.

Most people give up a second before how to do something, why they were so anxious and it seemed impossible to them. Doing this, of course, impossible. After all, you can never tell in advance what the obstacle in your way will be the last.

Men - like Steel. When they lose hardening, and then break down.

Many people whimper: "I'm not as successful because I was not given all the shots." Damn, guys, just -model throws and all. What a whimper?

Violence - last thing I seek refuge. I like, which I produce children a positive impression.

If you want to achieve something in this life, you can not just sit and wait for it to happen. The need to do something! My experience says that if you just sit there, nothing happens.

You can start from anywhere and with anything. Take, for example, me. I grew up in a poor family, I did not have a father, we sat on the dole. But work, work, work, sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice - and here I am in front of you: a successful man who shook hands with Bruce Lee.

When I wrote the book, I would like to in this book were all my mistakes are visible. In this book I wrote about all the mistakes which were made in his life. In general, everything that I've done wrong, you're in my book and read.

I'm very proud of his literary attempts.

I'm fucking religious.

It is difficult not to believe in God. I remember dying Lee Atwater. He was an adviser to George HW Bush on his election campaign. He was little more than thirty. He had a brain tumor. His head swelled up to the size of the prize pumpkin. He called me when death was close at hand. He blew a few people myself. Only a few selected people. I remember entering the room. Whether he is lying on the bed. He beckoned me to her. He whispered something, but I did not hear. By the time he had completely lost his voice. I squatted down and heard the piece of phrase, said in a whisper: "Chuck, believe in the Lord." These were his last words. I do not even remember I was crying or not. Most likely, I simply walked away from the bed. I think the Lord has some sympathy for me.

I found a funny thing: if you help others, does anyone ever help you.

The money does not guarantee happiness. Money guarantee headache.

The most worthless people, which I knew, in combination - the richest people in America.

A couple of times I talked with Schwarzenegger. Surprisingly, we think almost identically. Our conversation was probably the most boring conversation in the world. "That's right, Chuck." "That's right, Arnie."

My life went unnoticed. Fifteen years I've learned. Fifteen years I fought. I am now teaching karate and think, damn, I hope I have left as many more.

Each of us will be the morning, which we will not see.

In the world of martial arts are all very easy: you are the best today and tomorrow for you and remember.