About a woman Dunya and her four husbands

About a woman Dunya and her four husbands

In the summer, we weeded turnips in Komsomol youth camp. I was 14. I was read books Strugatsky brothers (they were given only in the reading room), planned to devote his life to the service of big science, and in a strange way I can fit in my head: to get to Paris I did not even hope (the Iron Curtain of the Soviet era! ), but in the future to visit the asteroid belt hoped seriously ...

Sexual development for me, as a representative of the northern race, it was pretty sustained, and endless gender mikroskhvatki that so fascinated most of my classmates and schoolmates in their spare time weeding the turnip, were not interested in me at all.

I alone walked through the village, where, in fact, located our camp, and thought about the spacecraft, which is about zaborozdyat vastness of the universe and their place (of course, important - I wanted to be an astrobiologist) in this exciting process.

We can not say that just was not in my future place of the world for love. On the contrary, even then I'm perfectly imagined ideal: he was a man of deep and sophisticated mind and hand in hand with me learned the secrets of the nature of the danger, but fascinating and beautiful roads of deep space.

On that day, over the village in the morning narevelis clouds, and the streets became almost impassable. I slowly slid his boots, made its way along the fence of one of the estates. On a bench near the wall darkened a large, slightly crouched on one side of the house, resting, sitting a little old lady. I pointed teenage eyes swept the white handkerchief, blue sweatpants with bubbles on skinny knees, deep galoshes and a jacket of this type, though it recently tore a dog. At the feet of the old lady shuffling feet and shaking tail skinny ginger tomcat with an ear - a clear veteran cat fights. Again it started to rain, but the old woman he did not seem to notice - bent absently stroked the cat. Terrible, sweet selfish, selfless compassion for an unknown old lady wave flooded my whole being - because it is all over, she was lonely and die soon, her life certainly was heavy and uneventful, and she was never, ever see the asteroid belt, not open any secrets of nature, and will not be arm in arm with her lover to surf the universe ...

Meanwhile, the old woman, holding back, stood up, grabbed some sort of a log with difficulty dragged it through the mud. At home and in school I was taught to help seniors.

- Grandma, let me help you? - I politely inquired over the low fence.

The old lady looked surprised at me, wondering, and then nodded:

- Well. Podsobit, daughter, grandmother, if there is time. Fence in my backyard was filled up, so I want to back for the time being, to a goat in the garden of Matveihi not climbed.

After repairing the fence I was taken to the house for tea. I do not really resist - the weather has finally deteriorated. By tea were drying. The old lady soak them in boiling water, poppy settled slowly to the bottom of the glass.

- My name is Katya - I imagined.

- Katerina. Good name. And I darling.

- Excuse me ... Evdokia ... and how further?

- Yes, call me grandma Dusya - like everyone else.

Talking with a woman Dusya was surprisingly easy. We discussed the unruly goats Matveihi my school success, my family. I learned long ago that two grown-up children women Dusi with their grandchildren lived in Leningrad ...

- And why are you alone, then you walk? Not with her? Boyfriend something you have? Or a fight?

I confessed that boyfriend I do not and never has been.

- It is necessary, and such prominent wench! - surprised woman darling. - Probably, arrogance in you a lot? I thought, agreed and took the opportunity to gently asked what he thinks the woman darling of the essence of love. After all, once she has children, she must have been married? (Baba darling wore a wedding ring on his left hand - the widow.)

- Of course there was. Four times! - old woman grinned. - And so well married daughter, I tell you - she closed her eyes, remembering her lines and gathered cheerful whimsical pattern. - And I loved them all, and they got me ... I am a person happy, thank the Lord, if it is, of course, there is ...

- But how can this be ?! - I hatched.

Flattered by my interest, the old lady dipped in tea is another drying and told him about his life. Completely replicate its direct speech, I certainly can not, therefore, retell in your own words. History of women Dusi I remember more than thirty years.

The first time a young married Darling did not stay long. The husband's name was Theodore, and if not for the card, she would have certainly forgotten his face. In 1940 they were married. It was the collective farm mechanic, with broad shoulders, loved circling a young wife in his arms and could, as a girl, to weave wreaths. And he said - this darling grandmother can not remember. "I just remember the golden haze as over the meadow on a summer day, and he morning milk straight from the Krynki drinks. And - good fortune, happiness, happiness ... "Fyodor called to the front in the 41st. And in the 42nd came funerals. "He was not fit for war - says the woman darling. - Even Kurenkov roll neck - and then regretted ... "

Almost until the end of the war Darling widow and from morning to night with all the work in the fields. The farm women were left alone, and the combatant army had to be fed. Somewhere in the winter '45 darling with her friends without any particular purpose raytsentrovskuyu went to the hospital for "disabled auction" (hospital authorities handed home slightly podlechennyh Red irreversibly crippled by war). He returned home with her second husband - George, Zhora. Zhora was not in both legs, and he was 27 years old, "Take me to her, darling, sick of the log on the bed roll, gnawing anguish - Jora said the young widow. - You're already married was all about men know you handier than the girl. I generally crank, and the accordion, you know how I can play - hear them. I am gone my accordion, while the hospitals lay unconscious, but nothing - to make money, buy another. " With George Darling lived for nearly twenty years. He really was fun, and in the evenings, after finishing work (he worked with wood, and iron - his hands were clever, good, only his eyes quickly began to take - the consequences of contusion), sat at home on the bench, kneeling accordion . Girls and women (many, many singles were after the war!) Flew on Zhorina spiritual songs, like moths to a flame.

"I said a good word - says the woman darling. - thanks often that took to him, did not give the abyss ... And how I loved him! Jealous scared. As the girls shoulders leaning yes sides ... And he winks at all, but smiling ... It would have povytsarapala shameless eyes ... "

But George drank shamelessly. Drunk, brawled, resounded all in the house, beat his wife (still can not figure out how George could beat Dunya - he also did not have legs, she could always move!). Then he cried, begged forgiveness. She forgave "He still was a cripple, to home, to the woman's skirt ridden - hard for him ..."

Jora died of wounds and drinking when he was not even forty-five. Darling terribly grieved. "And now, it sometimes seems - is calling me, but the voice of gladness, kurazhnee: Dusenka that you're cool all, sit by me, darling, sing. After him, I do with no one to sing ... "

Yefim sent to the farm work and accounting clerk identified a widow with children to wait. "Gloomy he was, on a day not say a word, only with their tsiferkami and revived a little ..." Unlike George Yefim did not drink. Silently repaired in the home and in the yard all the things that needed to be repaired. Then he helped his son Dusi in mathematics. And only then I was in Dusya's bed. Compared with a cheerful, clockwork George he lost - was not gentle, tender words (and no other) the woman did not speak. However, Darling (slightly tired of twenty years' struggles of the passions ") with Efim rested - he was reliable, predictable in their habits, always calm, even-tempered with the children and his wife. Understand the value of education when it is time, he insisted that both adoptive son graduated from college. regularly himself borrowed books from the library, I loved to listen to the radio, sometimes at the request of Dusi read aloud to her. The boys also listened. Dusya's favorite book was somehow "Oliver Twist" - she forgot the name, but just re-told me the plot, and I easily learned sentimental Dickensian novel. According to some unknown law forever silent Yefim died of cancer of the vocal cords. For a long time no one said anything about his illness. Later still he was diagnosed, we had the surgery, but it was too late - went metastases. "Self gruel cooked - says Darling. - I did not want anything to burden. Until the last day. And as has become quite die, wrote on his blackboard: "Good-bye, darling, I'm sorry for everything, if it was not so, or let you casually accept my eternal love for you ..." I cry bitterly: what you used to -What about love silent ?! And he answers: "I said nothing, because no words will not be enough to say how much I loved you all these years." After the death of Efim Darling decided she would live alone with a dog and a cat Vaska Beetle. Summer dix sons brought from Leningrad young grandchildren - what else is needed? And when, after five years, an old friend, who moved to the city, "with a view" told her that in a nearby farm remained after the death of his wife not looked out of her relatives, Dzyadok, still quite strong, darling just waved her hand: I do not need ! Take it to him into the city!

However, the relatives take Dedkov in the city is not in a hurry. And one day, as it were, by the way, brought him to visit Doucet, the central manor. As if a doctor were taken, X-rays do. "You talk a couple of hours here, have a drink of tea, we are for help to the district center Congress, but to his friends, and then take away grandfather and will drive back. But you and the city fruitcake with raisin tea ... "

Nor in two hours or in the evening for Gramps no one came.

- Well, it's time to know and honor - he said, when all became clear. - Thank you, Evdokia V., for shelter, for tea. I'll go.

Stood up, straightened his neat clothes, comfortably I picked up a walking stick ...

- Where did you go, what ?! - gasped the woman darling. - Before your Manor 44 kilometers - take out so positive!

- What Well, I will go a little - Dzyadok shrugged his narrow shoulders. - Complete da rest. And even pass. By tomorrow for dinner, I think I'll be home ...

- Well, I do not! - strongly opposed the woman. - That I was an old man at night looking out of the house kicked! It will not be this. Lie down here on the couch. Now I tell you, Stepan Timofeyevich, bed ...

The next morning, when the woman woke darling (and always get up early in the village), Stepan Timofeevich already up and gently rustled something in the shed in the yard. In the summer kitchen on the table was a glass in blackened by time-holder with strong tea. "As a long time nobody in the house did not drink tea from cups with cup holder ..." - surprised woman darling. Stepan Timofeyevich proved highly indifferent to world politics (this Doucet was new). In the evening, after dinner, a long time explaining to her the cause of the war between Iran and Iraq, the origins of the machinations of "the Israeli military," the position of blacks in South Africa. Even made to find glasses and read some of the old an article of the newspaper "Trud", which Darling used for kindling. "I wonder how something - thought darling. - And I do not know ... "

Relatives came over Stepan Timofeyevich at the end of the week, for a long time and apologized for the false concern, nodding at the broken car. The old man bowed gravely Baba Doucet, thanked him for everything and the wooden planks trimmed boots shuffled to the gate. Baba Dusi eyes filled with tears. Not only puny Dzyadok with a crutch - all parted her big world with its problems left her forever ... Yes, and tea in the cup holder is drinking all three previous husband, and no one else (the sons and grandsons were drinking tea from mugs)

"But where are you he was taken away! - she cried. - Who will be there waiting for something? Let Stepan Timofeevich even stay for a while! Stay, Stepan! "

Stepan, as might be expected, remained. Relatives hid satisfied smirk.

Soon, Nelson Mandela and Indira Gandhi became for women Dusi almost native people - so for them it was going through. Stepan Timofeevich went bad physically, but easily filled the mental space - Baba Doucet was interesting (this feature could not be applied to any of her previous marriages) with him. After about a year, she once broke down and said, "Stephen, how do you then, for the first once to go to the house going? With your feet something? I suppose would have died on the road. " The old man smiled slyly: "Yes, I Neshta you Dusenka V., did not immediately solved? At you a good heart! I was not going to go anywhere - well, I pretended to sensitivity. " Baba Darling and Stepan Timofeyevich lived together for five years. Then the old man quietly faded on babydusinyh hands, whispering a few days before his death: "I like you, Dusenka V., a celebration of life finally gave." - "And you - me and you - me, my Stepushka T." - dripping on her husband's chest senile tears, touched by the woman answered Darling.

Then I said goodbye with a woman Dusya, and while I was with the rain, licking a drop of the cheeks mixed with tears, my idea of ​​happiness as something quietly changed, and I myself as quietly matured.