Great drinking world

Some records relating to drunkenness.

London booze 1814

The Industrial Revolution gave the world not only steam engines and textile factories. Exponentially increased and the production of beer. Fortunately, in England there were good people who took up the challenge, and dried beer kegs at the same rate at which they are produced. Brewery owners became "beer barons," and spent their newly minted status as usual - trying to have fun more than others.

Great drinking world

The case, which we want to tell, took place in 1814 London brewery Meux's Horse Shoe Brewery has built a beer vat at 22 feet (~ 6 m) high and 60 feet (~ 18 meters) in diameter, in the interior space of which the dinner could easily accommodate 200 people, and that was done during the celebration of the end of the construction of the vat. (Why 200? Of course, because a competitor has built a vat, which can accommodate 100 people.)

After dinner, the vat was filled with beer for the rest of its capacity - 4000 barrels. Very impressive when you look at the scope of the project, and extremely unfortunate, given that they had not noticed the defective hoop. Chan burst, but because it started to break down and other vats. Arisen as a result of the turmoil was heard within a radius of 5 miles (~ 8 km).

Wall from 1, 3 Mill. Gallons (~ 4 mln. Liters) of dark beer gushed into the streets, destroying the two buildings. Nine people were killed by "drowning, injuries, poisoning and drunk beer in pairs."

However, beyond the story becomes even more incredible. Thousands of people gathered in the disaster area, to drink beer straight from the ground, thus, preventing rescue operations and slowing them. When the victims finally taken to the hospital, other patients felt the smell of beer and decided that the hospital administration delivers beer to all patients, except for them. She bursts into a riot, injuring more people. It is sad, but at the time of the incident is not considered enough tragic to it has earned the annual memorial service and / or dramatized reconstruction of a historical event.

Blinder Admiral Edward Russell (Edward Russell) in the 17th century

Great drinking world

Think you can drink like a sailor? Let us reflect on what it really means.

Record the largest cocktail in history belongs to the British High Admiral Edward Russell. In 1694, he organized a party where as a bowl for mixing punch used a fountain in the garden.

What drink? A mixture containing 250 gallons (~ 946 liters) brandy, 125 gallons (~ 473 liters) of wine Malaga, 1400 pounds (~ 635 kg) of sugar, 2500 lemons, 20 gallons (~ 75 liters), lime juice, and 5 pounds ( ~ 2 kg) nutmeg.

Bartenders were swimming in a fountain in a small wooden canoe, filling glasses guests. They even have to alternate every 15 minutes to avoid vapor drunk, and does not fall overboard.

The party continued non-stop for a week operation, ceasing only briefly during the rainy season, to erect a canopy over the punch and does not allow water to dilute it. The fun did not stop until the entire fountain was not drunk dry.

State of Mind New York: Dutch rubbed into the confidence of the local population

Great drinking world

In 1609, the Dutch sent English explorer Henry Hudson (Henry Hudson) to the west to take a third attempt to find the legendary Northern Sea Route. Danger of revolt on the ship caused him to swerve to the south and to stick to the ground, where they were met by the Indians Delaware tribe. To encourage good relations, Hudson shared brandy with the tribal chief, who soon passed out. When he awoke the next day, he asked Hudson to pour another for the other members of the tribe. Since then, the Indians called this island Manahachtanienk - which literally means "Drunk Island". Many would agree that Manhattan has always adhered to the spirit of its name.

The most disgusting aftertaste in the history of

Great drinking world

In 1805, British Admiral Horatio Nelson was killed in the Battle of Trafalgar off the Spanish coast. Ordinary seamen were buried in the sea, but because Nelson was an admiral, it was necessary to bring him back to England and make a formal funeral. To preserve the body during the trip home, the assistant commander placed the body of Nelson's ship in a vat of rum, and ordered to stop issuing the Roma team. Not a bad idea, but when the ship reached port, and the officials went over Nelson's body, they found that in the tank there was not a drop of rum.

Despite the great taste (in all senses), the team secretly sipped rum along the way. After that, the ship's rum became known as Nelson's blood.

Indian elephants raid alcoholic stocks

Great drinking world

It is not surprising that do not sell beer at the circus. Apparently, elephants like to get drunk. Indian army outpost, located in the jungle near the town of Bagdogra began to be attacked as long as the local herd of elephants raided the base in search of food, and stumbled on winter stocks of rum. Since then, thick-skinned steel regularly go and see the base for a drink, smashing all the guards, soldiers installed, including electric fences and fire barriers.

As reported in The Daily Telegraph: "One of the officers, who was recently appointed to serve in the district, said that the elephants are very clever, and split a bottle of rum, cupping the bottom of the trunk, and then poured the contents of his throat. They quickly get drunk and start to swing. To have fun, they return to the jungle. "

And this is not an isolated case. It is known that representatives of the animal world can recognize the fermented fruit. Anthropologists even believe that it is thanks to them that our ancestors discovered alcohol - they observed the strange behavior of animals during fruit drinking.