Fabien Barthez: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

Fabien Barthez (see below photo.) - a former French footballer, who played as a goalkeeper. Known by the nickname Le divin chauve ( "Divine Bald") due to their hairstyle. He was an eccentric, bold and bald. Height Fabien Barthez is 180 centimeters, which is unusual for a goalkeeper, but that he bribed and was still one of the best goalkeepers in the world.

At club level, he played in the French championship in the "Toulouse", "Marcel", "Monaco" and "Nantes", as well as in the "Manchester United" in the English Premier League. For the national team of France has performed in the period from 1994 to 2006. Is the 1998 World Champion of the year, European champion in 2000 and winner of the Confederations Cup 2003, the FIFA World Cup 2006 won the silver medal after losing in the final against Italy on penalties, then ended his career in the national team, and a year later the whole football career. In 2008 Fabien began his career in motorsports.

Fabien Barthez: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

At club level, Barthez won the UEFA Champions League, Cup of French championships, as well as the champion of England, and the owner of the English Football League Cup.


Fabien Barthez was born June 28, 1971 in lavelanet, France. The player is a school pupil "Stud Lavlaneten". In the period from 1986 to 1990. he played in the youth system, "Toulouse". It also made his debut in the adult football in September 1991 against the "Nancy". In total, "Violet" has spent 26 official matches and 34 goals.

A career in "Marseille"

In 1992, Fabien Barthez has signed a contract with the club, "Marseille". In his debut season he became the champion of France and the UEFA Champions League Trophy. At the end of the Champions League with "Milan" defended the gate of his team, keeping them empty ( "Provencals" won with the score 1: 0). In 1993 he became the owner of a record as the youngest goalkeeper to win the Champions League. In 2000 he rewrote the record Iker Casillas, who played as a part of Madrid "Real". In the season 1993/94, "Marcel" was accused of match-fixing, for which the club was fined, stripped of the French championship, and was demoted to the second division. Due to this situation, "southerners" lost half the main players, who have moved to other clubs. Fabien Barthez in the "Southerners" remained to the last. In 1995, he moved to the "Monaco".

A career in the "Monaco": champion "crumbs" in French Open

In the 1995-96 season the goalkeeper moved to the "Monegasque", which spent the next five seasons. Here he was the main goalkeeper, and sometimes even captain. In 1997 and 2000, he became the champion of the French League 1, and won the Super Bowl in 1997, France. Total for "Monaco" has spent 143 matches. During performances of "red-white" players began to be called into the France national team, with which he became the champion of the 1998 World and the keeper with the most clean sheets at the FIFA World Cup.

Fabien Barthez: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

Career for "Manchester United"

As a result of the success of the World Cup 1998 and Euro 2000 Fabien Barthez became the object of attention from the English club "Manchester United", which included then played Ruud van Nistelrooy, David Beckham, Joe O'Shea and other outstanding players. Mentor, "Red Devils" Alex Ferguson was looking for a replacement stellar goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel, who ended his career. The most suitable was Fabien Barthez. three-year contract was signed for 7, 8 million pounds. In 2001, in the "Manchester United" came his national team-mate Laurent Blanc, who is remembered around the world as he kissed his bald head Barthez in the World Cup. This Intro Video has long swirled in promotional advertising of the UEFA Champions League.

Fabien Barthez: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

In the "red" Fabien Barthez has demonstrated a great game. In his debut season he became the champion of the English Premier League and was included in the "Team of the Year 2001" according to the Professional Footballers' Association. Fans and fans of the Frenchman liked his eccentric behavior, boldness and self-confidence. Still, after all remember how Fabien Barthez urinated on the field during a match for "Marseille" in the UEFA Cup! He did it standing in the penalty area, not even sat down! What else can I say about this guy?

Returning to his native "Marseille"

Last season in the "Red Devils" turned out to be unsuccessful for Barthez despite the fact that he again became the champion of the Premier League 2002/03. Form Frenchman was very poor for the level of "Manchester" - the player missed a lot of ridiculous goals and received a barrage of criticism. Soon, the team came Tim Howard, who won from Barthez place at the base. In the end, Fabien had to find a new club.

In January 2004 he was back in the "Marseilles", signed a contract for two and a half years. Career in his native club continued with an unpleasant history in a friendly match between "Marcel" and Moroccan club, "Widad Casablanca" on the 80 th minute the Frenchman spat in the face of the judge after a controversial point. During that Barthez was banned for six months.

Fabien Barthez: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

After the World Cup in 2006, which gave way to the French on penalties against Italy, Fabien announced the end of his career. In the same year he left and Zinedine Zidane, who in the World Cup final head-butted Materazzi.

Fabien Barthez: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

In December 2006, Fabienne accepted the offer of a contract from the "Nantes", to postpone his departure from the big football. He explained his action the goalkeeper that wants to make money on the treatment of his ailing mother. April 29, 2007 completed the goalkeeper playing career.

Career for France

May 26, 1994 Barthez made his debut in the "tri-color" in the match against Australia, which has kept a clean sheet - the victory of 1: 0. At the 1996 European Championships, Fabien was the second goalkeeper in the composition after Bernard Lama. Soon Bernard was accused of marijuana use, so that was removed from the game in the national team. As a result, the first to become a goalkeeper Fabien Barthez. Represented the "tricolor" on all 1998 World Cup matches, in which the French are champions.

Fabien Barthez: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

Two years later, Barthez was again the main goalkeeper of the team at Euro 2000. Unmatched game "cock" has led to yet another triumph, France became the first team in 20 years to win the world and European championships in a row.

Fabien Barthez: biography, personal life, achievements, photos

World Cup 2006

At the 2006 World Cup Fabien Barthez for a long time I do not declare as the main goalkeeper. The reason for that was the rival Gregory Coupe, which showed excellent results in recent seasons. All went to the fact that Gregory will be the primary, but the coach was another solution. Looking ahead, we can say that the world championship in 2006 Barthez showed a low level, but even in this form, has managed to become the vice-champion of the tournament.

The style of the game and especially football

Valued by experts as one of the greatest goalkeepers of his generation Fabien Barthez was considered the best in the world in its prime. Until now, he is considered one of the best goalkeepers in the history of the French national team.

According to the International Federation of Football History and Statistics was fourth after French goalkeeper Bernard Lama, Sherig Pierre and Julien Darui. Barthez was not very high the goalkeeper, his height of 180 centimeters. At the same time the Frenchman was extremely fast, had a great response, high jump, and prosper in the positional sense. His ability to make brave and correct decision in the most unpredictable and dangerous situations, the game commands respect from all over the world. Fabien Barthez was one of the best goalkeepers who play great at the exit he centimeter chose the time jump in the legs, as well as through it was almost impossible to outweigh the ball, because the French reaction was immediate. The only weak spot was Fabien penalty kicks because he could not always reach "nine". If the ball came skilful performer, such as David Beckham or Roberto Carlos, it was a high probability that Barthez will miss.

Personal life: his wife who is?

Fabien Barthez has been and remains a famous football player in the world. In 2000, after winning the European Championship to the Frenchman was drawn the most attention from the media and paparazzi. Journalists actively discussed personal life football. Soon it became known that he meets the famous Canadian photo model Linda Evangelista. Later it became known that she was pregnant, but her sixth month she had a miscarriage. After this tragedy, Fabien Barthez and Linda broke up, however, a year later we came together again. Unfortunately, and this time they had been together for a short time - in 2002, the couple officially announced the termination of the relationship.

In 2003, Barthez was born the son of French singer Daniel Ophelia Winter. Since 2004, the wife of a footballer is Aurélie Dupont, they have two children. Barthez protects your privacy from prying, so the information in the media almost none.