Checklist: 5 good signs of sexual health

We often mean by lack of sexual health STI or some physical dysfunction. But sex life - it's not just the body. Important here is your understanding of sexuality, attitude, emotional state, and many other things that allow you to feel good.

For me the signs of good sexual health are manifested in a person's approach to sexuality, - says sex therapist Lisa Hohberger. - It feels positive and confident, having a safe and enjoyable sexual experiences consensual. They have the right language for communication about sexual pleasure, they want to deliver and receive, and this is a respectful way.

Heroine has compiled a list of qualities that lead to good sexual health. If you do not have some of them, it does not mean that you are defective, you just have work.

1. Do you understand how your body works

Checklist: 5 good signs of sexual health

Let your knowledge of anatomy is not perfect, you have a general idea of ​​the parts of his body, and including the genitals. Do you know how to construct your vagina and how it looks, you can distinguish from the clitoris and the labia minora aware of how to properly call the genitals.

To know how your body is very important for several reasons. Just knowing what to touch, color and smell of your genitals, you can determine whether all with them in order, and notice the problem in time. Knowing which parts of the body are especially sensitive, some pleasant touches, and what - not, you will feel more confident in bed and probably get pleasure from sex. Accustomed to your body, you will be able to accept and love him. As you can see, a basic knowledge of their own anatomy can qualitatively improve your life.

2. You are not ashamed of their sexuality

Immediately emphasize: this is not about an effort to show their sexuality to others.

Women should not be ashamed of their sexual activity or appearance. You have the right to look the way you want, no matter what the stereotypes linked with your way around. You will decide how often you want to have sex, and what you love to do, does not say anything about your morals, or other moral qualities.

In a world where women continue to be judged by their appearance, do not be afraid to be yourself - a move which is only capable of a mature man with a healthy self-esteem and sexuality.

Checklist: 5 good signs of sexual health

3. In your life there is always room for sexual pleasure

This does not mean that you always and everywhere want to have sex. But recognize that you need to get intimate pleasure, and with respect to the requirements - an important part of sexual health.

Your opportunity to enjoy sex should not depend on whether you have a partner right now. Masturbation - is also a manifestation of self-care, as cosmetic procedures, refusal of overtime or a healthy sleep.

4. Only you decide what to do with your body

Body and mind work in tandem, so the possibility of own decisions and choose give a sense of integrity and comfort.

Being sexually healthy - is to understand who you are, what you want, and make a choice that fits your values. You do not have to agree to some sexual practices against their will or, in principle, to treat sexual life as a commitment to the partner. No matter how long you are together, each of your intimacy requires mutual consent.

Checklist: 5 good signs of sexual health

5. You are not afraid to express their sexual desires

You feel good in my body, you know how to have fun and feel comfortable delivering it to someone.

Honesty and openness about sexual matters depends not only on you but also on the partner on how trust in your relationship. If you feel that you can not hesitate to express their preferences in bed, set boundaries, and even shared sexual fantasies - it's a big step toward your personal sexual health.

What does it mean to be sexually healthy for you?