9 of the financial rules, which do not need to follow

9 of the financial rules, which do not need to follow

Everyone has their own concept of handling money, not mortgaged school and financial literacy courses, and unique expertise developed over a lifetime. Your parents could keep their money in the bank under the mattress, and his uncle may prefer to play on the stock exchange - all this creates a unique strategy of behavior within the family finances.

But in recent decades the whole treatment concept with his own money has changed dramatically, so that you need not follow outdated rules that have worked before. Here are some financial tips that need to stop paying attention to:

1. To invest, you need to have start-up capital

The word "investment" sounds like something monstrous, especially if you do not come across this in my life, but this is nothing to worry about. New investment applications allow you to operate with minimum investment, to spend on setting no more than twenty minutes and automatically determine the date of payment.

2. It is better to buy an apartment, you remove the

9 of the financial rules, which do not need to follow

Perhaps you grew up with the idea that one day obzavedeshsya own apartment, but by the time of entering university are keenly aware that it is practically unattainable dream to those conditions, which provides us with the state.

Apartment or even a house of your dreams can turn into a nightmare if you have to shoulder the burden of mortgage that you pull hard. Rent apartment stigmatize, calling it a "pouring money down the drain." Nevertheless, in the current housing market, which was already deteriorating due to the adoption of new laws on joint construction, few people have the opportunity - and the need to purchase their own homes.

3. Credit cards - evil

People are often advised to avoid credit cards, except that they almost made the devil, or the Americans, who want to destroy our economy. The only rule is that it does make sense for credit cards - use within reason. If you are faced with a great and urgent need to spend a large sum of money, such as surgery, you should definitely take advantage of the credit. The more that banks are more likely to provide a convenient option of interest-free loans for short periods - from two to four months, as well as make discounts to those who repay the debt before the deadline.

4. When married - finance will be considered easier to

9 of the financial rules, which do not need to follow

Money problems - one of the main reasons that lead even the happy family to divorce, so the sooner you talk to your partner about money - the better. If you before the wedding can not agree on how to be shared financial responsibilities - there is no guarantee that this will change later.

Experts believe that the advance should know how much of a difference to your income, if they have debts, or, conversely, good medical insurance, and only in this way will establish a long and successful marriage.

5. Close your credit card if not using

Even after you have paid off your loan - do not close the account in the bank, but regularly checks the conditions of its own service. The fact that you are a long time customer of one service, increases the points in the scoring system used to assess you as a potential borrower. Even if you do not have much need for money - pay card and extinguish the debt later. If you regularly use a credit card, paying the debt before the established framework, it will add you more points in the system, and will increase the credit limit.

6. Money loves silence

9 of the financial rules, which do not need to follow

This argument often lead guests show "vDud" when you do not want to attract the tax authorities to their earnings. In reality, the lack of discussion of wages, permanent income and costs seriously undermine the financial well-being and give rise to discrimination.

For example, 61 percent of women would prefer to talk about his own death, what about the money, according to a recent study by Age Wave. And 45 percent of women say that they have no financial model to follow. Not surprisingly, it is believed that women did not know how to handle money - they have no one to look up to. Thanks to these discussions we are able to change the gender gap in wages, and even affect the pension reform.

7. Do not waste money on crap

Every financial expert always says that you can not spend money lightly. But if you focus only on the money so that you can not even drink a cup of coffee outside the home - this leads to the emergence of financial anxiety and only worsens the quality of life. Absolutely normal from time to time is spent on pleasant things, not just to save for something global.

8. The first pays the largest percentage of debt

9 of the financial rules, which do not need to follow

Even if it seems like a logical way to still need to use the method of the snow globe, in order to avoid hidden interest and penalties: start to pay that debt, which has the most favorable conditions and a minimum percentage. On the other - the minimum payments on luggage. When all the small debts will be closed, you will feel relief and cope with a major credit will be easier.

9. The first long, then the accumulation of

You can have so much debt that you just can not put off the money - this situation is quite common. And although the repayment of the loan with the highest percentage must be your top priority, you must still pay attention to the economy, such as the creation of the airbag.

And what rules do you consider obsolete?