"Paranit" shampoo. Reviews and Application

By lice, unfortunately, not insured by any one person. Most often the disease in children occurs during the warm season (on his return from the camp, where there was a possible contact with an infected child). If the disease was not immediately apparent, the whole family is exposed to risk of infection. Deal with this problem will help to shampoo "Paranit" reviews which talk about its effectiveness. Noticing the signs of the disease, it is imperative to consult a doctor.

Features shampoo "Paranit". Reviews physicians

Shampoo "Paranit" has a thick texture, almost transparent with a slight yellowish tinge. Due to its composition of fragrances has a very pleasant smell. Shampoo "Paranit" of lice and nits, in a review which they write about the positive results, can be of three types: shampoo, lotion and shampoo with the most gentle formula for customers with sensitive skin. Children who have reached the age of three, it is possible to apply the shampoo "Paranit". In the review, the parents talk about the fastest possible time to solve the problem using this tool.

Based on the knowledge of experts, it should be noted that the composition of the different means of content klearola - mineral oil used in harmless concentrations. After application of a major amount of lice and their larvae are killed preparation. For convenience, the packaging with the drug supplemented plastic comb, using which it is easy to comb out the remaining parasites and their larvae. These manipulations is recommended over the surface of a white color with good coverage. Therapists trichologists and dermatologists are often prescribed to patients with the tool head lice. The feedback about the shampoo "Paranit" they note the high efficiency of facilities and 100% freedom from disease.

Shampoo "Paranit": instruction, consumer reviews

The feedback about the shampoo "Paranit" indicate that the drug helps in the shortest possible time. When applying means any special instructions or rules do not exist. Apply it should be like a normal shampoo, pre-wet the hair with warm water. Then, with the help of massage movements funds are distributed through the hair, paying special attention to the area around the temples and neck. It is recommended to hold the shampoo for about 10 minutes on the head, and then rinse well with water and the hair start drying hair dryer. The dried hair with a comb to comb necessary for strands as carefully as possible. If necessary, the procedure was repeated 7 days later. It is the recommendation of doctors to use and wash your hair with shampoo, even those family members who are not infected with the disease, with a view to preventing or prevention.

Consumers tell us that are more prone to the disease are children who have just started to go to kindergarten. Also, customers have reported that the manifestation of the first signs of the disease, they used the tool "Paranit Sensitive" (for sensitive skin of the head) and the problem disposed of after a single use. Paranit Sensitive, according to experts, it is ideal for children as well as women who are pregnant.

"Paranit" Lotion lice

The use of lotion "Paranit" is somewhat different from the use of this shampoo. Apply it to dry hair over the entire length. Carefully using massage movements means distributed on the hair roots, pays special attention to the temporal, occipital, and parotid regions. In the review, experts advise to hide for a while hair bag or foil to cover the maximum oxygen access to vermin. After 10 minutes, the hair need a little help before, until a foam and rinse well with water. Once hair is dry, use a comb and thoroughly comb the hair strand by strand.

Contra, which should take into account before using

In the medical review indicated that the shampoo "Paranit" lice has a number of contraindications, which should be read before using:

  • during lactation;
  • during pregnancy;
  • use for children under three years of age;
  • different microtrauma on the scalp (scratches, inflammatory cells);
  • intolerance of ingredients included in the product;
  • allergic reaction.

Where to buy means and at what cost?

Shampoo "Paranit" is a drug, so you can buy it in the pharmacy network of the city. The drug is always available. It is packaged into vials with 200 ml. In addition the package includes a special shampoo comb, comb through which the process is accelerated. Cost of lice shampoo "Paranit", in the opinion, is quite high, but customers say it is justified by the excellent results after using this drug. It can be concluded that it is better to pay for effective preparation and cure the disease quickly and without harm to health. The price per bottle is about 800 rubles.