Audrey says: 5 Tips for a harmonious life

Audrey Hepburn - the embodiment of the word "grace" and "confidence". It impresses not only a sense of style, but also the habits of a healthy lifestyle, according to which the actress lived, and which was able to instill in his family. Many of these ideas have been tested for decades and is still used by other Hollywood stars. If you follow these tips, you'll live as harmoniously as the star of "Breakfast at Tiffany's."

Audrey says: 5 Tips for a harmonious life

1. Drink more water to

The younger son of the star Dottie says that his mother always insisted that family members drank a lot of water. She herself maintained this habit permanently.

Once a month, Audrey arranged day detox, during which ate only yogurt and water. After returning from Africa, where Hepburn was engaged in volunteer work, restore the usual food was hard mode. Due to the detox diet, she was again able to find a balance in how much to eat and when.

Audrey says: 5 Tips for a harmonious life

2. Landmarks for the season

Hepburn has always been guided by the season, picking vegetables in the store. When he and his family moved to Switzerland, she began to buy only seasonal products and avoid those that have been grown artificially in a different time. The older she became - the easier it became recipes. Her favorite dish for many years had pasta in tomato sauce, and although it sounds elementary, make them really tasty difficult.

In principle, it is not afraid of change of seasons - Audrey felt that all the time, and also refers not only to products but also to their own lives. She is not afraid to grow old. Of course, the actress complained of wrinkles and gray hair, but she really liked to be age-appropriate. When Audrey was younger, she often said that she liked to wear long hair, because it fit her image. Later, Audrey felt that she will trim short hair.

3. Do not follow diets and Prejudice

Audrey did not consider herself a vegetarian and do not follow a strict diet. According to her son, she was just preparing what I thought was necessary. 80% of its diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, the rest - small portions of meat. She loved the potatoes, and he was a big part of its menu.

Audrey says: 5 Tips for a harmonious life

4. Choose a job, satisfying

In an interview with Dottie he says that, if it were not so sympathetic person, it would not be able to do so much good for UNICEF. After graduating from acting job Audrey served as a goodwill ambassador, he traveled with volunteer organizations around the world. Unfortunately, the constant flights and work wear exhausted her, but the spirit of the actress did not die.

Audrey says: 5 Tips for a harmonious life

5. Be yourself

All around my mother looked like she was.

- Luca Dotti

Hepburn followed the motto "Be yourself" in his own unique style, and it was felt all over her lifestyle. In some ways, the actress was naive as a young girl. Every time she was discovering something new, it really surprised. Audrey was not afraid to get sick myself, but was worried about making her family remained healthy.