5 signs that you have outgrown your job

Only when you receive a new position, were delighted. So much to learn, about new and interesting people and tests! Every day there is something exciting, and you wonder where the road will lead this. But after a while comes the realization that the brightness of these emotions fade. It's not that you do not like it, oh no, you love your work, but you feel that is stuck in place. Everything seems too predictable and boring. Of course, you do not want to make rash decisions until you are completely sure of the situation. So how can you know if you outgrown your job?

1. You can not remember when the last time the job was a challenge to

5 signs that you have outgrown your job

It's nice to know that you can learn anything you want, and to feel confident in any emergency situation. But your self-confidence should not turn into boredom, and it can easily happen if you have a long time work for one post. Spend a bit of time trying to think when the new business was still Challenge for you. When was the last time you felt panic, you do not know which side to get to the problem?

If you can not remember any specific circumstances or situation, which came in the first place, there was many months ago - this is a good indicator of what your job is no longer a challenge. Yes, no one wants to constantly balance on the brink of dismissal. But it is useful to work where you are constantly evolving, and not rest on our laurels.

2. Do not get constructive criticism

Comments chief usually filled with compliments, you do not receive constructive criticism or negative feedback about completed tasks. Of course it's nice, but feedback provides the information that you can use to improve themselves and their skills.

3. You no longer learn to

There is no such a problem that you would not know how to solve, or to turn to for help. You know everything about the company and every process taking place in it. You do not have to approach the boss to figure out how to build something. It's nice to feel like a master in their field.

But there is a downside: you do not feel that this experience you ever come in handy. Learn nice, but it is important to know that the knowledge gained can be used wisely.

4. All have recourse to you, not to the head

5 signs that you have outgrown your job

Do colleagues have a question to which she can not find the answer, so it is suitable for you. Another stuck with an important customer, so calling you for help. In many cases, you feel that the Acting Chief when doing questions and tasks for which it is usually responsible. And it says a lot especially about you and your affairs qualities. You're doing such a good job, and people understand that your advice will be useful, no matter what your status in the company.

However, this may mean that you are doing more than is required at your current position, what everyone else knows.

5. Intuition says the same thing

Sometimes you see the signs, and sometimes feel that this work does not suit you. This is fine - trust your feelings. If you every day you come to the office with the feeling that this work - your personal prison, then you should definitely see if you can find more pleasure in this position. Maybe you need to transfer to another department, or start a conversation about improving. Perhaps we should even look for another job. Whatever it was, to trust their instincts when it comes to career.