9 ways to develop intelligence at any age

Stories that over time, brain activity decreases and the brain gradually die, sound very scary. Just imagine that after 60 years you will be very difficult to give everyday joy, not to mention the more responsible and creative tasks. But scientists and psychologists have shown that it is not. Our brain is plastic, and train it can be infinite, it is only necessary to develop their intelligence. We decided to tell you about the 9 basic types of thinking and how to train them, to prevent the aging of the brain.

1. Verbal thinking

9 ways to develop intelligence at any age

Verbal education tempered in reading, speaking and the ability to carry on a conversation. Train your verbal thinking you can use to learn a new foreign language, reading interesting books for you, word games, or listening to conversations records, interviews and public appearances. Since the foreign languages ​​always have words or phrases that do not have equivalents in the Russian language, you will be easier to understand how your brain works when expanding its capabilities.

2. Logical thinking

Logic - that's all the math, computer skills, recognition of causality, time pieces, instructions, as well as the ability to solve any problem, using only his mind. Such skills are trained through classifying and distributing the exercises, logic games and puzzles unfolding. Buy yourself a book of sudoku and solve in one day.

3. Spatial Thinking

Spatial reasoning tells how you perceive the visual reality around you, and how well you can create and manipulate mental images. Develop spatial intelligence can use the drawing pencil or paints, honing skills of observation and imagination exercise. Another good way to develop spatial reasoning - is to learn how to navigate the maze and other spatial puzzles. One of the most aesthetic way to develop spatial formations - is a Japanese calligraphy.

4. Physical Thinking

Agility, coordination and motor skills - is the realm of physical thinking. Develop physical thinking is necessary with the help of physical activity, exercise and sports. Develop physical thinking is much easier than any other, because there are a number of active sessions that can fit you: dancing, sports like soccer and volleyball, swimming, martial arts and yoga.

5. The musical thinking of

Musical thinking means that you are well are guided in the sounds, rhythms and melodies, you can dance, make music or just has a good hearing. Practice in musical thinking is very nice - you have to listen to more music, try to learn musical notation, sing, try to write something on their own and learn to play instruments.

6. Social Thinking

9 ways to develop intelligence at any age

Communication and trying to understand other people - it is not art, and social thinking. That it helps you to engage in communication and cooperation with others. Develop their social skills may be in teambuilding games, group projects, role plays and theatrical productions. On this subject Daniel Goleman is possible to read a good book under the title "Social Intelligence".

7. Emotional thinking

That, as you understand their inner world, emotions, thoughts and feelings, dependent on the development of your emotional thinking. We already talked about what is emotional intelligence and why it is important to work on its development, and now tell you how to develop it. Reading deep philosophical books, diary, games and exercises on the imagination and associations, consulting with a specialist and silent meditation.

8. The spiritual thinking

Each of us at least once, but the thought of who he is and why he lives. Many people are concerned about the mystical, supernatural side of life, faith or deeper and more meaningful life motivation than simply achieving tangible goals. Develop spiritual thinking can be through meditation, prayer, reading spiritual books, studying the ancient cultures and traditions, as well as meditation and manage their emotions.

9. Creative thinking

Artistic or creative thinking purports to create or invent something new. The process of the birth of ideas going on in our minds, so the need to develop creative thinking. Throw yourself everyday challenges, solve an old problem in a new way, try yourself in creative writing texts, design, decor, handmade crafts, and cooking, and other interesting areas of you that require imagination and unconventional approach to the problem.