How to apply foundation on your face right? helpful hints

In a world of very few women with absolutely flawless skin. Her condition affects all without exception - from sunlight to genetics. Circles under the eyes, age spots, acne, freckles, enlarged pores - all these shortcomings in some extent inherent in every woman. Get rid of them helps the concealer. However, if used improperly, a masking agent can also be a serious disadvantage. Stains on the face of uneven application and skin color mismatch contributed to the fact that the cream looks unnatural. But it has to be completely invisible to others.

This article will talk about how to apply foundation on your face properly to hide all the flaws visual appearance. Also focus on how it should be selected depending on the skin type.

Options tonal resources for persons

Range of creams, mask skin imperfections, is very varied. Some of them perform a strictly decorative function, the other at the same time it moisturize and nourish, improve skin condition.

Before you find out how to apply foundation on your face, you need to deal with that, how he has a texture and composition. So, we select varieties:

  • liquid - is able to align the disadvantages and skin tone, easily applied and washed off, represented in different price categories and is the most popular matting agent;
  • thick - due to the fact that in its present composition of fats, it is better than other masks skin imperfections, but to apply and spread over the skin is hard enough;
  • Moisturizing Cream with tonal colors - has a liquid texture, it is easily applied to the skin, improving its condition;
  • concentrated concealer - differs dense texture, so when using mixed with moisturizer;
  • cream mousse - consistency reminiscent foam is easily applied but has weak tinting qualities;
  • Cream Stick - applied point-by hiding certain flaws, but if improperly applied only emphasizes them.

Choosing a foundation for your skin type

How to apply foundation on your face right? helpful hints

Professionals recommend buying only the foundation to suit your skin type:

  1. Normal - it is, as a rule, almost no flaws that I would like to hide. Therefore, a means with a light texture to be selected for this type of skin, e.g., mousse, cream or foundation dilute any day.
  2. The fat - that their skin often pimples. Before applying the tonal framework should be to disguise using cream stick. With regard to the foundation, then the ideal means to effect powder.
  3. Dry - for this type of skin moisturizer suitable tone shade, which will be good to eat it. Its texture is best suited liquid funds.
  4. Composite - first liquid applied to the skin tone, and then further worked powdered T-zone. During the day, it is recommended to correct makeup, eliminating the facial shine.

Preparation persons

Do you want your skin to look natural, but it had no visible defects? Then spend at least a couple of minutes to learn how to properly prepare it and how to apply foundation on your face to get a good makeup for the day. Firstly, do not forget about cleansing in the morning. If there are the remains of yesterday's makeup, sweat and sebaceous glands, the foundation will fall unevenly, creating a mask effect. In the morning, it is imperative to clean the skin with the help of the usual gel cleanser or foam, and then tone it using the tonic.

Secondly, the tone should be applied to wet skin. Then it will not slide down and will provide high-quality and long-lasting makeup. Before applying the tonal framework moisturize your skin day cream, which will restore the necessary balance in the cells and create a base for makeup.

Third, do not forget to use the tool, matte spots, if they are available on your skin. For this ideal cream stick, which is applied to spot and can get rid of visible defects.

Now let's talk about the tools that are necessary for the application of colors.

The need to apply foundation on your face?

When applying the tonal framework on the face can be used a variety of tools. Some of them to give preference to - a personal choice of each individual. We list the main tools:

  1. Sponge - is disposable or reusable sponge made of latex or foam rubber, which allows a perfect shade cream in the face. The only drawback is the large flow of funds, due to absorbent sponge.
  2. Brush - made of synthetic materials and allows to correct some shortcomings.
  3. Fingers - a lot of girls in answering the question of what is better to apply foundation on your face, give preference to this option. It means applied by hammering it into the skin, not rubbing it. Before applying it is necessary to heat up between the toes.

application technique cream

Properly applied tonal basis can work wonders. The main thing - to observe the technique, which is to thoroughly distribute the cream on the face. This is to avoid divorce and color transitions.

How to apply foundation on your face right? helpful hints

The technique of the process, how to apply foundation on your face, photo displays perfectly. As for the step by step instructions, it is as follows:

  1. The required amount of foundation applied to the back of his hand. It should be enough for one use.
  2. A brush or fingers sink into the cream, then the points are applied to the nose, cheeks, forehead and chin.
  3. Starting from the nose, jerky movements of the cream is distributed on the cheek in the direction from the center to the edge.
  4. In the same way the cream is distributed to the chin or forehead.
  5. remaining on the palms means is applied to the part of the face above the upper lip, in the area below the hair growth and is distributed under the chin and on the neck.
  6. After 5 minutes, the cream is absorbed, it should be wet cloth to get rid of surplus.

application technique foundation fingers

At first glance it may seem strange, but even professional makeup artists prefer to use this method. From heat Soft fingertips cream gently melts, it is easier to apply, creating a natural coating on the face. When applied to the movement means should be weightless, the skin at the same time should not be stretched.

How to apply foundation on your face right? helpful hints

The difficulties with the distribution of the matting agent sometimes occur at the owners of dry skin. They will be useful to know how to apply foundation on your face with your fingers, so as not to aggravate her condition. Firstly, it is recommended to use a moisturizer with a tonal hue, having a liquid texture. Secondly, it should be applied pat, like smoothing dry skin flakes. Third layer tonal framework should be as thin as possible to make looked natural.

Use of a cosmetic brush

Many women abandon this method of applying a tonal framework. The reason is that the brush, especially from a natural bristle, absorb too much cream. But this does not apply to synthetic materials, which is quite convenient to use.

How to apply foundation on your face right? helpful hints

Let us consider how to apply foundation on the face brush. To get started is to choose a flat brush with synthetic bristles. Then apply the necessary amount of cream between your thumb and forefinger. Lower the brush into the foundation and apply the four points on the cheeks, forehead and chin. Gentle movements to evenly distribute the cream on the face, moving from the center to the edge. On the wings of the nose, the corners of the lips and eyebrows tone is applied by brush pat. Surplus cream should be wet cloth. Brush after application wash thoroughly.

How to apply foundation on the face with a sponge?

If you need to get the make-up proof, then it should choose this method. Slightly damp latex sponge allows shade concealer evenly, ensuring uniform coverage. If you do not wet it, the money will not be able to achieve such a uniform distribution.

How to apply foundation on your face right? helpful hints

First, you need to stop on the way to apply face cream foundation, concealer using a sponge. Matting agent may be applied to the skin or dotted lines, or a compressed sponge. Once the sponge expands in hand cream is uniformly distributed therein. Further means of carefully distributed over the entire face.

What is the sponge-egg and how to use it?

This is the miracle of Korean cosmetic industry has gained incredible popularity worldwide. Sponge from a special dense foam can be used in dry or wet form, providing a uniform distribution of the tonal means on the face. The special shape of the eggs, the cream to penetrate all the folds in the skin tone lies evenly and does makeup natural.

How to apply foundation on your face right? helpful hints

But despite this popularity, not all women know how to apply foundation on the face with a sponge-eggs. To begin with foam should be well wet. At the same time it will increase in size, become more soft and pliable, and will absorb less money. Then sponge-egg carefully squeeze in their hands, and then applied to his foundation. Trying to drive the flow of funds is shaded in the face. Particular attention is given to the neck.

The most common error

When you create a make-up is necessary to try to avoid the following:

How to apply foundation on your face right? helpful hints
  1. Do not apply concealer too thick and dense layer. In this make-up is required to sail during the day. In addition, dense cream does not allow the skin to breathe and clogs pores, causing acne and inflammation.
  2. For those who do not know how to apply foundation on your face, and only selects the tool to do so, should be advised to use only high quality brushes and sponges. Otherwise not be able to achieve a uniform layer of cream.
  3. Do not apply too much cream as it will accentuate even imperceptible wrinkles and begin to gather in the wings of the nose.

Recommendations made by

Professional makeup artists recommend when applying foundation to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Cleansing the skin is mandatory before applying makeup. Otherwise, the coating will not be uniform.
  2. Tone cream is applied to points, but not too small, so they do not have time to dry out for as long as you do not proceed with the distribution of its skin.
  3. To begin the application of the main make-up can be no earlier than 10 minutes after the distribution of tonal framework.

At the end of the day, or rather before bedtime, foundation it is necessary to wash off, so he did not score the pores, which in turn can lead to acne.