Diet Ani Lorak: reviews, basic rules, menus and results

Many people are interested in diet Ani Lorak. Fans of the singer, imitating his idol, eager to find out the secret of her perfect figure and achieve the same incredible results.

Diet Ani Lorak: reviews, basic rules, menus and results

Diets from idols

Look so jealous of everyone around - the main motto of all pop stars. Diet Ani Lorak is an excellent method to achieve this goal.

Some of the heroes of society daily limit himself to sweets, while others just go to the gym regularly. But a diet for weight loss Ani Lorak is a balanced diet. Singer maintains harmony through proper diet and dance classes. After giving birth, she was completely abandoned and replaced fried foods cereals potatoes and bread.

The basic principles of diet Ani Lorak should include the following:

  • to eat vegetables and fruits in large quantities in order to strengthen the immune system;
  • do not abuse alcohol;
  • to eat a fractional, eat only in a strictly allotted time;
  • to drink plenty of fluids to bring the waste and toxins from the body;
  • all the dishes baked or steamed, but in no case do not fry;
  • Do not eat after 6 pm.

In keeping with these principles, the positive result is guaranteed to get anyone.

Diet Ani Lorak, which reviews below, helped the singer to lose weight is not only due to such a diet, but also because of her profession. During each concert, the star loses about 1-2 kg, while it does not use food for 3 hours before the performance. That is how her voice is always clear, and the figure - slim.

Diet Ani Lorak: reviews, basic rules, menus and results

The diet of Ani Lorak

Before proceeding to the consideration of the diet, you should understand that it is - not protein diet. Ani Lorak offers people the menu, which includes dishes, perfectly combined with various protein cereals and other products. But if a person wants to achieve such results, which managed to get a singer, first you need to follow a clear menu, shown below. As soon as the first shift in weight will be, it will be possible to add additional products to the menu if desired.

Diet Ani Lorak: reviews, basic rules, menus and results

Girls and women are trying to figure out how to thin Ani Lorak. In their 30-something singer looks pretty young and slim. Rapid weight reduction after delivery caused delight of fans, as well as a strong colleagues envy. At the same time Carolina was not addressed to the nutritionists and completely refused to count calories, especially surprised her fans.


Throw the weight of the Carolina system can be as little as 7 or 6 days. Ani Lorak diet designed for a week, but you can not ignore if you want the last day. This option is ideal for people who have problems with the stomach and intestines. As of 7 and 6 days, you can say goodbye to the extra 3-4 kg.

Diet Ani Lorak: reviews, basic rules, menus and results

A diet will not be effective for people:

  • diabetes or gastrointestinal diseases;
  • are accustomed to eating large portions and flatly refusing to follow up your diet.

Diet Menu Ani Lorak

Every day you need to eat foods 5 times, three of which are the main meals and two - snacks. Skipping meals is not recommended. At the same time daily lunch should consist of vegetables, and snack - fruit. On the second snack is necessary to take a number of different fruits, creating a delicious mix. Monday must eat breakfast fruit salad (300 g), at dinner - decoction of fruit mint (glass), and dinner - lean meat (100 g) and vegetable salad (200 g), washed down with herbal tea (250 ml) .

On Tuesday, the breakfast is required have oatmeal (200 g), and drink a cup of tea with honey, lunch should drink a glass of water, and the need to dine vegetables, steamed (100 g) and herbal tea (cup).

Menu on the environment should be constructed as follows: breakfast - milk porridge (300 grams), lunch - soup without meat / fish (200 g), dinner - a couple of cups of yogurt. At first, this day may seem the hardest, but in fact it is quite easy to endure.

On Thursday, Ani Lorak recommends breakfast of boiled fish and tea, dinner indulge in low-fat vegetable soup and dinner eat fish steamed with vegetable salad. Vegetables at the same time must be fresh. Portions should be done no more than 200 g

On the fifth day to eat fruit salad for breakfast, taste the fruit or vegetable salad with the usual non-carbonated mineral water at lunch and supper of boiled fish or chicken combined with a salad of fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. All portions must be of 200-250 g

On Saturdays and Sundays are allowed to repeat any of your favorite days of the previous five. All Carolina diet as much as possible balanced, so hunger does not normally arise during it.

Diet Ani Lorak: reviews, basic rules, menus and results

The singer after birth

The young mom does not have time for fitness clubs, so all the exercises she performed with her little daughter. Singer has developed author's technique, which is aimed at a balanced diet. Because of this her child receives all the necessary trace elements and vitamins, and she Carolina to keep your body in shape.


Increase the efficiency of the diet will help the parallel exercise. To perform basic exercises without the need to purchase an expensive subscription to the gym or have some special equipment, since this is enough for a small room in an apartment. The most important thing - to have the desire and clearly see his own goal.

Diet Ani Lorak: reviews, basic rules, menus and results

Every morning, it is recommended to start with a simple charge:

  1. neck. The first step is to stretch the neck. To do this, you need to rotate it 8 times on each side, and then do a few tilts back and forth.
  2. All the body. Continue complex required shoulder workout. First, make a circular shoulder at the same time turns back, then forward.
  3. Feet. The ideal exercise for the legs - squat. Only 8-10 repetitions will be enough.
  4. Hands. Check out the complex should pushups. If there is a weakness in the hands, you should start with 2-3 repetitions, gradually increasing the figure to 15

Diet Ani Lorak: reviews

With any diet there is dehydration, because of what a person needs in a liquid used in considerable quantities. People who have tried one diet does not recommend beginners to immediately stock up on water to get from diet Ani Lorak (6 days or weeks) the maximum effect. It should be remembered, and to take care not only about the figure, but also about health. Be sure to listen to your body and stick to your diet as much as he can stand, because the singer's diet is suitable for 6 and for 7-day diet.

Diet Ani Lorak: reviews, basic rules, menus and results

Reviews of Ani Lorak diet there are only positive. People admire the results of not only his favorite singer, but also have their achievements. Girl for a long time adhere to the principles of weight loss Ani Lorak and sports. However, they argue that it is not necessary to torture yourself exhausting workouts in gyms, in fact it is quite enough to be an ordinary evening jog in the park or morning exercise in the fresh air. Due to diet menu Ani Lorak her admirers managed to throw more than 10 kg. In addition, the results of the singer gave the motivation for people to play sports, eat and enjoy your slim and fit body.

Secrets from other pop stars

Learning how thin Ani Lorak, many girls want to reveal the secrets and other popular people. In fact, nothing hidden in their slender figures, no. For example, all known model Natalia Vodianova attends regular yoga classes. She has 5 children and at the same time magnificent tightened figure.

Polina Gagarina, Alla Pugacheva and some other pop stars have preferred "Kremlin" diet. Its basis is a limited intake of carbohydrates and accelerate metabolism.

But leading Ksenia Borodina also gain extra weight after pregnancy, create your own diet. It is possible to say goodbye to 3-4 kg in just three days. The basis of this diet are cucumbers and other vegetables are low in starch.