Dye for eyebrows "Igor": description, composition, features and reviews

Eyelashes and eyebrows - is not only excellent protection against ingress of foreign matter in the eye, but also the decoration of women. Unfortunately, not all of the nature of the black-browed, so you have to use cosmetics to highlight its beauty, highlight the eyes.

Eyebrow Pencil - means good, affordable and durable, but devote the time, and it is sometimes impossible to use it you need every day. Visit beauty salons for professional coloring for many expensive, what to do?

The German company Schwarzkopf - is a lifesaver for many women. The range of cosmetic products it has a beautiful paint for eyebrows and eyelashes "Igor". That's about it and we want to tell the rest of this article.

The advantages of funds

Recently, more and more women prefer home coloring eyebrows and eyelashes with the help of professional paints. This makes it possible to save finances on a visit to the salon and the time that is given to everyday makeup. Eyebrow dye "Schwarzkopf Igora" allows you to spend less time on self-care. For coloring hair will need to allocate only half an hour every few weeks, and the edge for a long time to be clear, elegant, the color that is needed. Needless painting requires no special skills, with instructions available in the future content of the article.

Dye for eyebrows

Package Contents

Dye for eyebrows "Igor Bonahrom" loved the fair sex not only for quality but also for their care. The company has provided all the details to home staining was most comfortable, and packaging in all that is required. So, what is there:

  • detailed instructions, in which the mixing and dyeing process is described in such a way that even a girl can handle, never alone does not paint the eyebrows;
  • dye tube volume Fifteen milliliters;
  • container for mixing paint, plastic, reminiscent of a glass, it does not have yardsticks;
  • coli, which is necessary to mix the components, it is convenient and apply paint on eyebrows;
  • lotion activator of color;
  • patches that protect the skin from contact with paint.

On the package itself provides information about the manufacturer and the composition of the English language.

Dye for eyebrows

Secure staining

Dye for eyebrows "Igor" in composition differs not only from hair dye, but also on similar products. All components are safe for sensitive skin - they do not cause irritation and allergies. But even with such a composition is necessary to make a compatibility test - a mandatory procedure, even for natural cosmetics.

Color fastness

Dye for eyebrows "Igor" is very stable, it is held for at least three weeks, then it begins to be washed away. But this is not its only advantage. It should be a means of one and a half thousand rubles, but it will be enough for at least six months. On the tube are dividing - they are fifteen, that is one division - one milliliter, which is squeezed for a coloring eyebrows and eyelashes. By the way, some of the girls in a review, write that enough and half division. The dye is added a few drops of lotion, it will last for exactly the same time as the paint.

Dye for eyebrows


Pick a color that will blend in with the shade of hair, very simple. But it is worth remembering that the substances contained in the paint for the eyebrows "Igor", differ in their properties from those contained in hair dyes of the same brand, and the result may be different. It should enjoy certain selection rules to look attractive. So paint is available for eyebrows, "Igor" brown, black and blue-black. Let's look at how to choose:

  1. It is known that eyebrows should be a tone darker shade of hair. If you have brown hair, red or brown hair, you should use the brown dye of the described means.
  2. The dark-haired beauties have to choose from the remaining two colors, making it a snap. It recommended for coloring hair and eyebrows to use one brand, so pick up the paint curls "Igora Royal", and shade it should be close to the facility for the eyebrows. Use a product for hair, it is impossible for coloring eyebrows, it can cause allergies.

Dye for eyebrows

Dilute the paint correctly

Girls who use paint for the eyebrows "Igor", noted in a review that mix the components is very easy:

  • squeezed into the attached cup means to the level (no longer necessary, as the result of the color is not affected).
  • Next, add three or four drops of lotion.
  • Mix substances stick to a uniform consistency.
  • If, after staining the paint in the cup remains, you can not use it again the next time dilute the smaller or the same invite a friend, which will suit the color.

Dye for eyebrows

Dye for eyebrows "Igor": The

Produce staining procedure yourself at home is a snap:

  • It is necessary to thoroughly clean the face of makeup on the eyelids and around the eyebrows apply rich cream that came abroad paint is easily removed from the skin. In the future, follow the instructions to get a good paint over every hair.
  • The eyebrows painted with broad recommended (internal) tip, since he must be a bit darker.
  • Drive slowly brush or stick on strip eyebrows, moving toward the outer edge. To outline was more even, you can prior to the application of his circle eyeliner.
  • to put the patches included with the kit (stripes) Before painting the eyelashes need to apply too fat cream around the eyes, and on the eyelid under the bottom lashes.
  • Close your eyes, which made painting and bow your head slightly down.

If you accidentally hit the part of the mucous membrane, then as soon as possible, rinse eyes with water, that there was no irritation. If you do not immediately remove the paint from the eyeball, you can get burned.

Soaking means you need no more than fifteen minutes, it is enough to paint over the hair. Then rinse the coloring composition from the lashes, using soap or cleanser.

Dye for eyebrows

On the merits of the means of

First, note that the girls and women who have used the title means, it is a safe and qualitative composition to paint eyebrows "Igor". It does not cause allergies. Means endowed with pleasant, not sharp flavor, so the appearance of irritation to mucous minimized.

Consistency ready to coloring agents are very gentle, but firm, the paint does not flow when in use, and "mistakes" can only be due to carelessness. Keep it on the line need only fifteen minutes, and it saves time when painting. The result, according to reviews, is held up to a month, so the procedure is often not necessary to produce that is in contrast to other similar tools, which maintain the color of not more than two weeks.

As for the cons, then only one is marked. If you have not used before coloring fat cream and ink gets on your skin, it shall not be so easy to get rid of, it is very firmly held not only by a thread, but also on the skin. If it so happened that the means got beyond the outline, immediately remove it, otherwise you have to walk with spots.

Dye for eyebrows

Reviews of paint for eyebrows "Igor"

More than ninety per cent positive comments about the paint. Girls always use this tool, they write that this is the best dye in comparison with others. He high-quality, secure, and the result is stored for a long time.

The review states that the paint well and is easy to apply, it is distributed evenly, enveloping each hair. All lashes, even the smallest, well-stained, color is uniform and intense.

Notes the fact that the constant use of completely safe, hair eyebrows do not deteriorate, eyelashes do not become shorter or less, their structure is retained at a hundred percent. This means proved safety, its qualitative composition.

Everyone likes the flavor of the product, because many have similar pungent odor, which is annoying, but this nice, and the procedure more comfortable.

So, "Schwarzkopf" - the company for several decades on the market, supports its status as a quality manufacturer!