Yoga: where to start in the home. Features and practical tips

Not all newcomers know the intricacies of Yoga: How to start a lesson, what are the challenges and what this means. Some people have no opportunity to go to a yoga studio, and try at home a couple of times, they are frustrated and postpone the matter indefinitely. Why is this happening? After all, the beneficial effects of this practice on all human systems have to prove it is not necessary, and the desire was like ... So why is "not gone"? This is because many people want, but you start to do yoga from scratch, and even at home without supervision instructor - a little present.

is defined for the purpose of

Ways to comprehensive development of so many, and we must first determine why the choice fell on yoga, how to start to develop:

  • If the purpose of the physical - flexible, strong body, healthy joints, or weight loss - take on arms asana (postures) of Hatha Yoga.
  • If you want to tweak the emotional and mental background - stress, depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder - for this purpose, Pranayama (breathing exercises) and meditation.
Yoga: where to start in the home. Features and practical tips
  • For those who need to build willpower and endurance - suit new styles: Bikram Yoga, the Power Yoga and the like.
  • If a person wants to take the path of spiritual development - is to help him and Raja Yoga, again, meditation. This category also includes people seeking esoteric experience (will not touch the subject).
  • If the goal - to lay out a beautiful picture in the social. network - then you can use any of the types. Only here for the health, no one vouches.

to do only the first steps recommended to start with the simple - from the physical aspect, which is gradually and imperceptibly turn into more: starting consciously work with the human body over time will notice his state of mind, emotion and concentration. The knowledge gained in the process of working with the asanas, will apply in relation to life, to the people and the world. Thus, from the simple to the complex all is transformed - this is the most natural and harmonious way of knowing oneself and the world. Beginning yoga for the body will lead to yoga for the mind.

Select the style (school tradition)

This is a very important point that needs to be further analyzed. Begin to practice yoga from scratch better Iyengar system or Sivananda yoga.

Yoga: where to start in the home. Features and practical tips

In these traditional exercises a lot of attention is paid to offset the correct position of the body, in order to avoid injuries that often occur in not attentive to the body of people. These styles are good for older people and people with disabilities.

For young people or hyperactive ideal Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Vinyasa Flow. This dynamic related styles in which no long retention body positions (in some yoga poses Iyengar has to stay from 5 to 10 minutes). But in these styles are extremely sensitive about properly rebuilt continuous flow of breath, which is somewhat difficult to control, if you own a bad body and can not control once two parallel current process: the movement of the body and conscious breathing. Therefore, if you do not know how to begin to study at home from scratch, take a lighter style, and leave these in the future.

For men are good Yoga 23, Power-yoga, and still the same Ashtanga Yoga. These systems are very powerful effect on the body muscles and willpower, forming a strong body and a high strength of will.

Clothing, carpet and additional equipment

For playing at home comfortable pants are ideal, shorts or leggings and T-shirt. An important condition - is the lack of tight belts and clothing with the effect of tightening. The body in the course of employment must breathe freely and feel. In this case, if there is no one at home, you can even engage in swimming trunks - clothes will not interfere and hamper the movement, and through the skin of the body will be more fully breathe. Shoes and socks, too, do not want - feel the touch of feet and the floor. How to start a yoga practice her? With the soles of the feet feel his rug as a solid foundation, keep them for a lifetime.

Yoga: where to start in the home. Features and practical tips

The most important tools - a karemat, yoga mat. If you set a long-term friendship with yoga, and have the opportunity to buy it, it is best to do it, only better to choose a polyurethane with an insert made of yarn than the travel of the foam. The second is too inconvenient to use: slip, easily damaged.

Additional handy tools necessary for those who are not very flexible or has tight joints. It needs a long strap or belt of trousers, folded blanket and roller Bolster (this is a building block of wood or plastic).

By and large, aids are not necessary if engaged at their level, not trying to do complicated postures. This is the most competent way - from the simple to the false.

Location and time

Designated classes do not need a lot of yoga as experienced practitioners say: "If only spread a mat." If it is possible - closer to the window, fresh air and light. It is also necessary to talk to her family and explain that you do not need to interfere with or distract the issues, actions and other things. Ideally, if you can be alone in a separate room.

Yoga: where to start in the home. Features and practical tips

According to the temporary employment in the first stage can last for forty minutes, in the future, if possible, better to increase one and a half hours (including a relaxation pose). For someone that amount of time will seem too great, but can be understood as advancing on the road to health, it's really worth it.

When to do? Ideally, of course, in the morning before work, to get a charge of vivacity for the whole day, but if it is difficult to wake up at six or seven in the morning, then we need to use the evening or after work.

The importance of a healthy diet

The last meal before training should be three hours, and after class you can eat after only forty minutes. It may be noted that in the morning is really easy to do - you do not need to worry about how much time has passed since the last snack.

If yoga is chosen to correct health and increase energy levels, it makes sense to pay attention to the quality of food: if a person eats harmful products, at the time of the inverted asanas, when the brain is actively feeds on the blood, toxins move into the cells of the brain, as a result of poisoning the body more more, not his body healthy. But inversions - the most important part of asanas!

Yoga: where to start in the home. Features and practical tips

If you have taken on the eve of alcohol - it is better to refrain from taking. Yoga restores the body systems at the cellular level, and alcohol destroys it. What the body if it does not understand in this state: to recover or deteriorate? Right. Increases energy stress.

Employment Program

So, Hatha yoga, starting from scratch. Sure before going to defecate and blow my nose. Any base sequence includes:

  • Workout: this can be Surya Namaskar, sukshma vyayama or other warm-up movements.
  • standing poses: Trikonasana - triangle pose Parshvakonasana - elongated posture angle pose Warrior and Crescent Vrikshasana - tree pose, and many others. If you have decided on the style of yoga, it is not difficult to make yourself a list of exercises. The main thing - to follow the correct body position.
  • Poses sitting and lying on his stomach: Navasana - pose boats Sarpasana - pose of the snake, a very useful Dhanurasana - Bow Pose, and of course Paschimottanasana - one of the most useful item in yoga.
  • Poses torsional done standing, sitting and lying down - depending on body features.
  • inverted position is extremely important - you need to try to do at least two or three of this category, with the necessary adjusting to the body features. There is no point doing a handstand, if the body is not ready - you can replace the dolphin pose with virtually the same therapeutic effect.
  • The most important pose in yoga - savasana (relaxation pose for, the corpse pose). According to some authoritative opinions of the teachers, all the activity that precedes it - it's just preparation for deep relaxation, during which the body regains its natural functions, and brimming with new energy. Do not ignore this position.

The Law of Karma: cause and effect

Where to start yoga? With awareness process. The smallest, the scale of the physical body, the version of the law of Karma says: "How are you with me and I with you." Be respectful to your body and do not ask him that it can not yet. Each path starts with the first step, but not immediately jump to the far distance.

What you should pay attention to

During the lessons carefully follow the correct location of body segments relative to each other, especially the correct position of the knee, spine and shoulder joints.

Yoga: where to start in the home. Features and practical tips

Be sure to keep track of appearing and disappearing in the sense of working muscles, joints, observe proper breathing and heartbeat, to prevent the occurrence of otroy pain. Violence against the body is not yoga, starting from scratch - from the simplest basic postures, never comparing yourself with others. Note to women: in the days of menstruation relax, let the body cleanse, refresh a fill energy reserves.


Breathing - is the foundation of yoga. How to start a yoga body work? Of course, with the breath, it is the thread holds the beads, pose together in one necklace. Of paramount importance to learn to breathe slowly and evenly at first help yourself to count the seconds: three or four seconds and inhale the same amount - exhale. Some positions are more difficult to breath - as the key to the development of posture.

When yoga becomes Yoga?

Some people, achieving a degree of flexibility and muscle strength, believe that they have learned yoga. And why yoga begins? Not merely gymnastic exercises on the mat, and self-discovery, the ability to listen and heal the body (although yoga are ill extremely rare), filling the essence of light energy and self-improvement at all levels.

The secret in the same place: in asanas. They are not only made for the result - did and went on, and no matter how achieved by (then such actions are provoked to life in society, giving rise to many problems). Asanas-posture - a small key to the doors that lead to a deep knowledge of the world itself, so the most important thing - this is the way, the process of the road, not a goal.

Yoga: where to start in the home. Features and practical tips

Watch, aware of ongoing internal processes to monitor the emotions that arise on the way - this is the real Yoga.

Does the teacher need?

How to start doing yoga at home from scratch and without a teacher? After all, this video does not correct the error, and the emerging question is not answered immediately. This is correct, but not always possible to match the desires, so do not think too much about it - it is important that the beginning. Yoga at home without a teacher at the initial stage in any case be useful, because the basic provisions of the master, and then, if there is a decision to go into the studio - there will be no complex about their sluggishness. Every accomplishment of its time and place. Now that you know how to start doing yoga at home from scratch. And in the words of the wise Guruji: "Practice! And all will come! ".