Trading showcase: the face of your shop | Business and Finance

To make a purchase, a person needs to see the range. To select the most suitable option, the customer just need to evaluate what you as a seller can offer him. To attract a new customer, you will be his surprise and interest your product.

Trading showcase: the face of your shop | Business and Finance

This will help all of you commercial windows, which you can buy without any problems on the site

Trading showcase - your face, the way you will see the client immediately would go to the store. It is therefore important to organize this space rationally manage the available resources and intelligently pick the furniture trade in terms of functionality.

Options trading showcase

  • Study. The main objective of the trade showcase is a study with a range of client functionality. Through the glass shelves and shelves you can show everything that has your store or cafe. Agree, much easier to choose something visually inspecting the product before buying the goods at the seller's description.
  • enticing. Like it or not, but delicious cakes, which "look" at you from behind the glass, and if shouting "eat me!" Are more likely to be purchased than those that are far away in the refrigerator and which no one sees. The counter - this is your way to entice the customer to sell the goods to him, even if he does not want to initially not planned and even dieting!
  • Hranitelnaya. It can be far not only demonstrate a product, but at the same time and store it. Agree oo convenient and efficient: to provide the product of a glass display case due storage conditions.


Choosing the counter in the store, you must consider a few things:

  • Dimensions. To showcase harmoniously blended into the store, you need to choose the right size: it must fit into the room, do not hinder the passage of clients, etc.
  • ..

  • Style. Understand and design of the room as a whole: the furniture is not distracting from the overall style of the store or restaurant.
  • Functionality. Counters must be not only beautiful but also comfortable to use, with good individual shelves and doors closed shelves for storing and so on.
  • correspond to the product realization. Thus, for example, for food products (such as dairy products) requires a refrigerator in for office can be dispensed by conventional racks without cooling. Be sure to consider this point before to buy a storefront and to lay its range.

Where to put the showcase?

Once you have selected the furniture trade, it is necessary to correctly position. Firstly, it should be easily accessible to customers. Come and see without unnecessary barriers and time-consuming - that's how it should be. At the same time, if you have the seller, then it should be easy for him to open the shop window with his hand, to get the goods from the storage shelves, and so on - all this should be fast and easy.

Another point - permeability. Arrange the counters need so that they do not interfere with the passage of the customers. customer flow lines must be free, allowing a person to move comfortably on a trading hall and examine the range.