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The town is the capital of Kuzbass Kemerovo. Its location - south of Western Siberia, on the two banks of the river Tom and Iskitimka River. Kemerovo is the largest city of all cities located in the Kemerovo region, as well as he is in the lead in terms of population. Following the results of 2016 in the city of Kemerovo is home to over 553,000 people. Among the cities throughout the country, Kemerovo occupies 30th place in terms of living in its territory and the 50 area.

The history of the city of Kemerovo

Kemerovo (23 photos) | Cities and countries

His name was a mining town, most likely from the Turkic word "kemer", which means the belt ashore mountain belt, hill, mountain slope and breakage. The same name is the Turkish city "of Kemer, which is everywhere and is surrounded by mountains which is located on the mountainside. The words "Kemur" or "Comer" translated from Turkic as coal.

For the first time in the history of the city of Kemerovo it was mentioned in 1721. Then the city was called Kemi Komarovo or (e) of the ditch. I mentioned about it in his diary Messerdshmidt DG, referring to the fact that the interrogation one lieutenant told them that this city may be coal. Starting from the 20th century, in the Kemerovo coal industry functioning. To date, the city of Kemerovo is an important cultural, industrial, scientific, transportation, economic and administrative center in Russia. Just Kemerovo and Kemerovo region is famous for its coal-mining capabilities. Kemerovo coal sold not only in Russia, but also exported abroad, particularly in China. Kemerovo called miner's capital. On the territory of Kemerovo and Kemerovo region there are enterprises of light, food and chemical industries.

The climate in the Siberian Kemerovo, but tolerable. Winter here the temperature rarely drops to -35 degrees Celsius, but the Kemerovo summer very comfortable. Summer temperature varies from 20 to 40 degrees. But 40 degrees is not often, but due to the abrupt change in the climate all over the world, such high temperatures have no one in these parts are not surprising.

Day of the city of Kemerovo is celebrated on June 12 to remind you that on the same day and celebrated Russia Day.

Kemerovo area code: (384) 2

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