Preservation of youth | health and beauty

Sooner or later, all women start to gradually reflect the extension of youth. The older we get, the more these thoughts crawl into her head because to be healthy and beautiful all want regardless of age.

Preservation of youth | health and beauty

But time is running inexorably forward, and now the first wrinkles appear. Though at heart and we feel young and vigorous, but age takes its body. Of course, not all women are the same age rapidly. Someone manages to retain youth for longer than others. How they do it? Maybe they know some secret of preserving youth? Let's understand this and start with the rules.

Terms of preserving youth.

  1. It is no secret that the human body consists mainly of water. Therefore, water is the overriding source of youth. The day adult should drink 30-40 ml per kilogram of body weight with the average it makes about 2-3 liters. Do not forget as well, and on water treatment, a daily shower is desired without detergents and, of course, swimming - an excellent source of youth.
  2. Walking in the fresh air is the second most important rule. Every day you need to walk at least a half hour. It is necessary to do it every day, not once a week, but the whole day.
  3. The next important rule is the presence of positive emotions. Train yourself to always think of only good, take life easily and positive. Scientists have long proven that the pessimists are aging much faster than the optimists.
  4. Maximum naturalness and genuineness. Clean skin is a direct way to preserve youth. Try to rarely use makeup, as if already in use, then rinse it well as soon as possible. And of course, in any case should not go to bed with makeup on his face.
  5. Physical Activity. In addition to daily walks should add exercise. To do this, do not necessarily go to the gym, simple exercises can be done at home. 10-15 minutes per day of active exercise you will add youth and health.

As you can see to save the youth for a long time not so difficult. Enough to stick to the rules above. Now let's talk more about several tools for preserving youth.

Power for preserving youth.

Preservation of youth | health and beauty

The benefits of proper nutrition has a lot of things being said. So just briefly recall the main points. Be sure to adhere to proper diet and eat only healthy and diverse products. The fact that there is no need to read the article about the harmful products. Be sure to eat seafood and indulge themselves with exotic fruits. But the use of salt and the need to limit sugar.

  • Breakfast. The day should begin with him t. To. This meal is the most important. For breakfast, the best option is vegetable salads, a variety of cereal or yogurt.
  • Lunch. In the menu there must be something of fish, vegetables, rice, white meat.
  • Dinner. The main rule for dinner - do not overeat.

If you do not get a full meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner is better than just something to eat, because the famine accurately harmful snacks. The best choice for a snack are: Yogurt, fruit, nuts.

means for preserving youth

Let us give a few more tips for preserving youth.

  • In order to prolong youth avoid too long stay in hot conditions. The most suitable for human temperature 18-25 degrees.
  • Solarium your enemy. Think about that for you is more important than tanned skin for a couple of weeks or a healthy and beautiful skin throughout life.
  • Watch out for dry skin. If it dries up, moisten it with the help of thermal water and wet wipes. This will keep the youth of your face, hands and neck.
  • No bad habits. Cigarettes and alcohol kill your youth and beauty.
  • Do not forget the folk remedies: Ivan-tea, clay, ice. Aging also slows blueberries, parsley, carrot and celery. It really helps preserve youth dousing with cold water.
  • An interesting hobby and chat with friends, allow escape from the problems and help to relax and unwind.
  • Do not abuse diets. A few extra kilos you do not grow old, but the systematic starvation negatively affect your health.
  • Strong and healthy sleep a positive impact on your appearance. But his lack of it is one of the main causes of unhealthy appearance.

Adjust your lifestyle for all of the above principles, and you save the youth for many years.

Recipes for preserving youth

Mask to save the skin of the body youth. Made from almond oil, which should be well whisk to saturate it with oxygen. Next, we take a bath, and then use a mask of oil. This oil has a great recipe for a rejuvenating effect.

Mask for skin rejuvenation of face. One tablespoon of olive oil with a whisk egg yolk. Next, add a spoonful of honey and a few drops of lemon. The mask is ready. At 20 minutes we put her on the face, then wash off with warm water.