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Many of us have heard of the phenomenon of lethargy, but not many people know what it is. Frankly, even scientists still can not understand how comes lethargy and how to fight it. Lethargy is also called the "apparent death".

Sopor. Interesting facts | Miscellaneous

The signs of lethargy

Lethargy - a general weakening of the body, the complete or partial absence of any reaction to light, sound, touch and pain. It is known that there is a light and severe lethargy. The mild person is completely motionless, his muscles relaxed, and breathing is so smooth that it seems that it is not at all. In severe cases, the person becomes completely like a dead man. His body was cold, pale skin, the pulse is very weak and find it very difficult, I can even say that it is impossible, as well as breathing, any reaction terminated, no reflexes, the biological processes are stopped. Yet cases of severe lethargy are extremely rare.

The disease's apparent death has been more than a century, but the medicine has failed before our time to figure out the exact cause of the confluence of people into lethargy.

Normal sleep and lethargy - it is absolutely different things and have done nothing. Studies have shown that during lethargy patient periodically sleeping usual bedtime, a phenomenon termed as "a dream within a dream." Electroencephalograph - the device for registration Biotok brain. During deep sleep, this is the device detects the active work of the brain that correspond to the state of alert, the brain shows a reaction to external irritants, but the person does not wake up.

Cases lethargy

There were times when the attack was repeated more than once. After awakening people could "go to sleep" again. In general, patients feel the approach of lethargy. Characteristic features of lethargy approach were: a rise in body temperature and pressure, headache, oppressed state, sweating, increased heart rate. Bring on an attack of lethargy can only nervous shock or emotional stress.

Before the invention of the electroencephalograph, people running into lethargy often buried and not knowing that a man sooner or later wake up.

A well-known case, which was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records about how absolutely healthy resident Russian Swan Hope quarreled with her husband, she fell asleep for 20 years.

Another fact lethargy known in Italy. There Palermo Church rests Rosalia Lambardo. This is a little girl who "fell asleep" for more than 70 years ago. Many parishioners claim that they had seen Rosalie eyelids quivered, and some residents heard the girl breathing. church workers refused to carry out cleaning in the room where the child's body, since they saw that the girl opened her eyes briefly. Scientists conducted a study of the brain work Rosalia Lambardo in 1990, which found that the brains of girls is active, however no more than 33 seconds and not continuously, but only sometimes. Another interesting case of lethargy took place in Buenos Aires. There's 6 year-old girl fell into a "deep sleep" for 25 years. She woke up a grown woman, and first of all wanted to know where her doll.

Disease leads to lethargic sleep affects people prone to depression, hysteria and patients often are only oppressed condition. These are mainly patients neuropsychiatric hospitals, but there are also ordinary citizens.

Still comply with British law, which obliges all mortuaries have a bell, in order to suddenly reanimated corpse may tell about your awakening.