How to make money on online games? | Games

Internet provides its users with a lot of different services and features. In it you can not only search for information, but also to use it for entertainment, and even for making money. Moreover, the number of users who use it for remote earning growing continuously. After all, ways to make money on the internet a lot. There are so many that it is possible to make real money, even playing online games.

How to make money on online games? | Games

Many users of the Internet from time to time playing online games, so why in this more and not make any money? Many will say so, and lazy dream come true - to combine the pleasant with the useful time spending earnings. But it is not so. To make money in online games will have to spend more than a little time and effort. The only thing what this kind of earnings differs from the normal operation is that it can be more and give pleasure.

So how do you make real money playing online games?

There are two basic types of games for a living.

  1. Ordinary online games.

    Games of this type can be a client, ie, they must first download and install on your computer and browser -.. Where all the gameplay takes place directly in the browser. Such games are no different from the good old computer games, except that they occur in online, and besides you in the game there are thousands more of the same players as you are.

    And now proceed directly to the actual games of this type.

    - Browser stategii My Lands

    - Space online game star ghosts

    While this is still, but the list will be updated.

  2. Games with the withdrawal of a real money.

    To earn in these games, you need them to register and start playing. During the game, you earn a certain amount of game currency, which can then be exchanged for real money and out of the game to your e-wallet.

    List of games with the withdrawal of money:

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-X Game

    In the game you need to hire a stalker, equip them and send them in search of artifacts. The more experienced and better armed stalkers, the more they will be able to produce artifacts. Artifacts found necessary to sell and get paid for them real money that you can withdraw from the game. After registration S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-X you get 3 stalkers and 1000 gold as a gift.


    FermaSosedi.Ru - is an economic simulator with real money withdrawal.

    Farm Neighbors - is an exciting online game with the possibility of earning real money. In the game you will become a real farmer, to get his farm, field sow, grow different animals, to build factories and produce a variety of products that can be sold to other players and get a real money, which can then be safely out of the game.

    By registering in the game, you will immediately get a present: 1 field, 1 chicken coop and 1,000 units of fertilizer!