Discounts in the boarding houses of the Crimea | Cities and countries

The Crimean peninsula - is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places on earth. Black sea, mountains, wonderful nature - all this will impress any tourist.

Discounts in the boarding houses of the Crimea | Cities and countries

Rest in Crimea can be considered as a great opportunity not only to escape from the city, but also to get in touch with the unique monuments of nature and numerous architectural and historical landmarks.

An unforgettable vacation in Feodosia

Feodosia is one of the most ancient cities of Crimea. It is the only city that has retained its original name, which he gave the Greeks. Rest in Feodosiya is very popular among tourists because it includes a developed tourist infrastructure, a pleasant climate and wonderful monuments. In Feodosia still fragments of ancient cities have remained, which are open to the public.

Cheap and cheerful

The increasing popularity of the spa town of Feodosia can be explained by the availability and great wellness climate. It is worth noting that in this wonderful city there is a wide variety of private pensions, which can be comfortably and thus cheap to rest. Very often, they provide impressive discounts.

For example, a private boarding house "At Home" is located just 100 meters from the Black Sea coast. Tourists tend to run to Feodosiya from the hustle and bustle, so they want to have rest, swim and sunbathe at your leisure and enjoy the peace and quiet. In Feodosia, a lot of places for families. For example, in a private boarding house "At Home" has all the conditions for vacationers to make them feel comfortable. An equipped children's playground, a cozy atmosphere and excellent food for guests pension.

It has everything your heart desires

In Feodosia you can not only relax, but also to undergo treatment. This city is rightly considered the healing edge, thanks to its miraculous climate. Great combination of the azure sea, the Crimean foothills and southern steppes - all this allows you to relax a person, not only the body but the soul.

Also, tourists have the unique opportunity to visit interesting museums, art galleries, exhibitions, exhibitions and excursions. You can ride on a boat with access to the open sea - a truly unforgettable experience. Evenings can be spent in restaurants, bars or discos.

You do not know where to rest? Come to Feodosia in the city of poets, dreamers and artists. The rich historical past, medieval castles and many other attractions will leave in your memory a pleasant experience to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.