VIDEO frank girl with skin problems has become YouTube hit

VIDEO frank girl with skin problems has become YouTube hit

Em Ford withdrew candid video, whose purpose - to demonstrate how social networks influence people's minds.

Beautician Em Ford removed the video, which has demonstrated its brutal reaction subscribers photoblog, which is a reflection of the entire society as a whole. Em Video posted on YouTube service on July 1, viewed more than 1, 5 million times.

Ford has decided to conduct a social experiment. The girl suffering from acne (inflammatory skin disease), decided to be fair and to society and is itself, and starts publish images before and after applying makeup in which clearly visible flaws all her skin.

For the three months of such publications GM received about 100 thousand cruel comments in which people indulged in such statements as: "I can not look at it," "What's with her face", "Her face looks disgusting," "She once someday wash? ".

Um showed how a strong influence on the perception of himself is of the opinion of others, and in some situations, the criticism of outsiders could be fatal for a person with a fragile psyche. "One of the major problems that many face today, is that we pursue perfection, adjusting their appearance under the standards of beauty. In this pursuit many people forget a very important thing - you are beautiful on their own, "- said Em.

She is confident that her project will help many young people who suffer from the fact that their appearance is far from ideal.

"I spent many years in the pursuit of perfection. And you know what I discovered? Empty shell, when I see my reflection in the mirror. Do not hunt for perfection, you will never reach. Focus on being the best version of yourself. how it is in your power, "- wrote Ford under one of his recent blog photoblog.