How to improve your speech

How to improve your speech

We began to forget about the rules and regulations not only behavior but also the speech. The ability to speak is a good quality, because it involves the concept of communication, which is valued at the present time

A few simple rules that will help to improve it:

1. Analyze your lexicon, exclude from it all is not right: profanity, vulgar language, jargon.

2. Pay attention to the pace, tone of speech. Monotonous speech is always boring and uninteresting.

How to improve your speech

3. Do not forget about orthoepic standards (correct pronunciation, including stress) and follow them.

4. Avoid tautology (cognate words is repeated).

5. Do not drink too much in the speech of foreign words, use only those whose meaning you are well aware.

6. Read the literature of different genres, because of this you will not only replenish your vocabulary, but also get used to read and write.