"Lucky Everyone" - place for transportation of furniture, cars and cats. Where are you going, Runet?

Each active Internet user knows that any service carried over the Internet, work easier and more efficient its real counterpart. Increasingly, we order food and clothes online, constantly communicate with their friends via social networking, using the Internet for work and creativity.

"Lucky all" - an online service that helps users to save their money and their time, at the same time by a great artist for the carriage of any cargo via the Internet.

The site works very simply:

1. You place a request and indicate that, where and in what time frame should be transported. We have done everything possible to save your time - accommodation request takes less than one minute. Remember, the more information you provide, the more objective will be offers from carriers. We can say "goodbye" to newspaper ads, phone calls and uncertain advice from friends about some nephew, whose like is a gazelle.

2. Artists themselves will offer you their price. Learn the nuances, bargain, choose the best conditions and at the expense of trading systems to save their delivery up to 70%! The database of more than 10,000 tested carriers, each of which is ready to offer you their price and every day, we will engage new artists.

3. Every carrier of the service has its own rating, reliability, transaction history, which contains real customer reviews. By choosing the carrier on the "Lucky all", you get a guarantee of performance of their carriage at a predetermined conditions.

Using the service can transport any cargo from 1 kg to 20 tonnes on the territory of Russia, CIS and Europe - from major construction materials to a cute cat.

"Lucky all" works in all possible categories - furniture and appliances, moving, transportation of building materials, transport of cars and motorcycles, animals, delivery and passenger transportation. We are already three years in Russia and CIS transportation market and know where and what transports Runet:

9 facts about transportation in Russia:

  1. During the year the transporter driver on the route Moscow-Vladivostok travels a distance equal to four of the equator.
  2. In Russia, more than 5, 3 million trucks. More than half of them privately owned.
  3. Every year in runet there is more than 1, 7 million queries on the subject of transport.
  1. During the auctions the initial and the final price from one company may change to 35%.
  2. Cats Maine coon often travel a distance greater than 500 kilometers.
  3. The presence of positive responses by 30% increases the chance of a carrier to receive the order.
  1. The most common transport vehicles white.
  2. 85% of users initially have no idea how much it actually costs their order.
  3. The percentage of traffic occurring in cities (the first five):