15 most expensive divorces

15 most expensive divorces

We decided to recall the separation, in which the husbands of their own accord or by court decision showed a record generosity. In our list - the 15 most expensive divorces.

Frank and Jamie McCourt

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: 2011

The amount of compensation: $ 130 million

American businessman, author and owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Frank McCourt will be remembered for posterity also as a survivor of a scandalous divorce. Life legalize their relationship in 1979, the couple, along with their four sons resembled idyll. However, the divorce became aware of numerous infidelities Frank. In the end, he agreed to pay his wife suggested it advocates the amount of $ 130 million, which had to be auctioned off your favorite team.

Neil Diamond (pictured) and Marcia Murphy

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: 1994

The amount of compensation: $ 150 million

The popular American singer and songwriter Neil Diamond is known in Russia, mainly thanks to the song "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon", which he wrote in 1967 and which covered the team Urge Overkill in Quentin Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction." When Diamond and Murphy, after 25 years of marriage, divorce, the ex-wife moved exactly one half of a pair of state, is estimated then at $ 300 million The amount, however, does not upset Diamond, who said. "It was worth every penny." It should be noted that the couple were married long before Neal became a world-famous musician and started to earn $ 14 million per year.

Samatur Li Kin-kan and Florence Tsang Chiu-Wing

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: 2008

The amount of compensation: $ 154 million

When Samatur Li Kin-kan - the son of Hong Kong billionaire, who made his fortune in real estate, so Samuel Lee - divorced his wife Florence Tsang, their divorce is called the most notorious Asian family scandal. Resignation wife were 1, 2 billion Hong Kong dollars, or $ 154 million (including private property in Hong Kong and London, bank accounts and other assets). It was a record amount for a divorce in Hong Kong. Family Union Samatura and Florence lasted eight years, from 2000 to 2008. Children they had, this fact and called the main argument of contention.

Boris Berezovsky and Galina Besharova

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: 2011

The amount of compensation from $ 160 million to $ 350 million

Besharovoy to Galina, who became the second wife of Berezovsky, he married in 1991, two children were born in wedlock. Despite the fact that Berezovsky Besharovoy not lived since 1993, the divorce was issued only in 2011. According to the results of the trial in 2011, Galina managed to sue the ex-spouse to £ 220 million (about $ 350 million). In conversations with friends until the death of Berezovsky, Besharova stated that it "is not got nothing."

Michael and Juanita Jordan

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: 2007

The amount of compensation: $ 168 million

Marriage of Michael Jordan, who even 10 years after the end of a career is possible to earn $ 80 million a year, has lasted 17 years. The first time Jordan Juanita filed for divorce in 2002. She referred to the differences in the family, but soon it was reported that the couple has reconciled. However, reconciliation was short-lived. In 2006 the parties divorced by mutual consent. Juanita received $ 168 million.

Michael and Maya Polsky

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: 2006

The amount of compensation: $ 184 million

The natives of the USSR Michael and Maya Polsky met and married in early 1970 in Kiev. When in 1976 the couple emigrated to the United States, its possessions consisted of four suitcases and $ 500 in cash for two. Soon, however, their business went up the hill. In the mid-1980s, Michael created the company SkyGen Energy, which has become one of the largest independent power producers in the United States. Maya first kept house, and then opened an art gallery. Divorce struck 30 years after their move to America. In October 2006, a court decision Maya has received $ 176 million. But then the judge decided not to consider the property previously into account (namely, paintings and jewelery) and increased the amount of its compensation to $ 184 million.

Roman and Irina Abramovich

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: Spring 2007

The amount of compensation: $ 300 million

Over 16 years of marriage with Irina Abramovich Malandin became director of the cooperative "Comfort" (production of rubber toys) in the oil trader, owner of "Sibneft", "Evraz", art collector, the governor of Chukotka and owner of English soccer club Chelsea. He now holds the 13th place in the list of billionaires of Russian Forbes (state $ 10, 2 billion). Irina during this time the flight attendants gave up her job and gave birth to five children. Divorce took place after rumors began to spread about the relationship with Abramovich Daria Zhukova. Now Abramovich with Daria has a son and a daughter, but the status of a "diluted" to "Single" he still has not changed.

Robert Johnson (pictured) and Sheila Crump

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: 2002

The amount of compensation: $ 400 million

Media mogul Robert Johnson became the first African-American billionaire, whom Forbes has included in the list of the richest people in 2000. Co-founder of Black Entertainment cable television has come a long way for his success, and his wife, Sheila Crump has always been the mainstay and support for him. Their family union lasted 33 years old, but then cracked. Having received after the divorce compensation of $ 400 million, Sheila became not only a millionaire, but also the first African American woman - a co-owner of three professional sports clubs: Club Washington Capitals hockey and basketball Washington Wizard and Washington Mystics. By a remarkable coincidence, at the moment she is married to the judge who led the divorce process.

Mel and Robyn Gibson

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: 2009-2011

The amount of compensation: $ 425 million

Gibson wife divorced after 31 years of family life, Robin returned to her maiden name Moore and defended the right to bring up their seven children shared. On the amount of compensation of $ 425 million was not the end. Apart from these, Melo will have until the end of life to pay the mother of his children half of the fees for their future work in film. By Moore moved, and part of the property, in particular, two of the mansion in Malibu, California, worth $ 22, 5 million.

Craig (pictured) and Wendy McCoy

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: 1998

The amount of compensation: $ 460 million

Craig McCoy cell called a pioneer. I bet on the mobile business it did in the early 1980s, when analysts chorus repeated, that will not be mobile communications media. But McCoy did not listen to them and set up a company McCaw Cellular. Ten years later, in 1994, the company was acquired by AT & T for $ 11, 5 billion. Sam Craig McCoy earned on the sale of its share of $ 1, 5 billion. His wife Wendy as happy financial success of her husband, because she soon received almost half of his fortune in as compensation for divorce. With Wendy McCoy met still a student in the University Stredfordskom, they lived together for 21 years. The reason for the divorce? Craig referred to the discrepancy between the characters.

Steve and Elaine Wynn

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: 2010

The amount of compensation: $ 750 million

The romantic story of American gambling tycoon Steve Wynn and his wife Elaine began beautifully. Young people met in college: Steve was the smartest guy on the course, and Elaine - a beauty queen. In 1963 they tied the knot. But twenty years later, in 1986, they divorced. Five years later, Steve and Elaine married again and again for a short time - in 2010, they separated again. Despite all the difficulties, Elaine Wynn has always played a crucial role in the company's Wynn Resort and was its board of directors. To date, the state of Elaine is estimated at $ 1, 7 billion, it ranks 882 th place in the Forbes list of the richest.

Adnan and Soraya Khashoggi

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: 1974

The amount of compensation: $ 874 million

Adnan Khashoggi made his fortune by selling weapons to the royal family of Saudi Arabia. He founded his own company Triad, based in favorable from the point of view of Swiss taxes. Companies owned banks, hotels and estates in different parts of the world. His ex-wife Soraya, nee Sandra Englishwoman, married Adnan Khashoggi married in 1961, but in 1974 the marriage broke up. In the 70's their divorce was considered the most expensive in history. Although separation in Muslim families uncommon Adnan could not accept the fact that he lives with a woman who gave birth to the child is not from him. DNA test showed that the real biological father of her daughter Petrina is a British MP Jonathan Aitken. Four years after the divorce Khashoggi married Italian Laura Byankolini who converted to Islam and Muslim name Lamia.

Bernie and Slavica Ecclestone

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: 2008

Compensation: $ 1, 2 billion

Slavik is fully consistent with ideas about how to look wives of billionaires - a luxurious, slim, high (height 188 cm). She was a favorite model of designer Giorgio Armani. With the growth of 159 cm, President of "Formula 1" Bernie Ecclestone (the state $ 3, 8 billion) appeared next to her only accessory for publication. The difference in the growth, however, did not prevent them to live together for 24 years. Immediately after the divorce Slavik made itself a gift - bought a private jet for $ 60 million, which had long dreamed of.

Rupert and Anna Murdoch

15 most expensive divorces

Divorce Date: 1998-1999

Compensation: $ 1, 7 billion

The current state of 82-year-old media mogul Rupert Murdoch is estimated at $ 11, 2 billion. It belongs to News Corporation, which includes film studio 20th Century Fox, by HarperCollins Publishers, newspaper The Wall Street Journal, The Times, The Sun and New York Post. In 1960, Rupert married journalist Anna Torv, who came to interview him. Marriage, in which three children were born, lasted 32 years old, but has cracked when Murdoch met another journalist - 38-year-old Wendi Deng. Divorce with Anna Murdoch lasted about a year, and compensation of $ 1, 7 billion.

Alec and Jocelyn Wildenstein

Divorce Date: 1997-1999,

Compensation: $ 2, 5 billion plus $ 100 million annually for 13 years

Until 1997, the name of the French Wildenstein was known in narrow circles of art collectors (throughout the 20th century Wildenstein & Co was considered the most successful and influential art dealer company in the world). But then came the divorce between Alec Wildenstein and his wife, Jocelyn, who tried to help the thirty plastic surgery make himself woman-cat. And talking about Wildenstein is not only connoisseurs of French art, but also omnivorous audience of American talk shows, where Jocelyn became a frequent visitor. In 2008, at the age of 68 years Wildenstein died. His own ex-wife continues to lead a luxurious lifestyle, her phone bills are $ 60,000 per year and the cost of food - $ 547,000.