"The British," men's haircut: photo, technology implementation

Is at its peak now, and according to the majority of women is particularly romance, haircut "Briton" male (photo from all sides are shown below).

Five good reasons to make a hairstyle

Want to cause admiring glances from others and to be especially attractive to the fairer sex? Then you are exactly right, "Briton". Grooming in this style became be performed even in the middle of the last century. She quickly gave preference to the majority of men for several reasons.

  1. Set any representative of the stronger sex stylish and well-groomed.
  2. It is simple in design, but looks the most impressive.
  3. Do not require much time to stow, and if be accustomed, you arrange it can be just a few minutes.
  4. Declares an individual style carrier may additionally be colored, streaked, kolorirovatsya.
  5. It is most of the celebrities all over the world, showing the brightness of the image.


In America, Europe, Russia is now common in many different variations of the "Briton". Grooming is similar in appearance to "a Canadian", but do not be confused. These hairstyles are a number of important distinctive details pointing to the nature of its owner and his scrupulous attitude to their appearance.

Previously, it wore a dandy - secular young people, dress exclusively in the fashion and taste. It is thanks to them and became so popular "Brit". Grooming has undergone a lot of interpretations, but its essence remains the same - to emphasize the extravagant appearance and make the most spectacular. This haircut is preferred by many stellar person, it always shines with Justin Timberlake and the world-famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.

Methods of forming

Only on the hair medium length haircut is "Briton" male. Photo shows that special attention is given to the temples and back of the head, bangs and top hair styles are long, and they form its overall appearance. Courage, dynamism, simplicity, elegance, charm, style and a little bit of rebellion - these are the main distinguishing features of the haircut. Her chosen confident young people who are important to the opinions of others, and their An approving evaluation. To shape the future hairstyles were the most successful, before going to the barber's better to grow hair to a length of ten to fifteen centimeters.

To fit

This hairstyle can be called universal, because of its characteristics it is perfect representatives of the stronger sex with different types of looks. Moreover, she adorns them and makes much more spectacular, so from now fashionable options for most men is much more like it, "the Briton." Haircut for men, the implementation of which technology is very simple, includes a number of nuances that will help determine the choice.

  1. and a side parting bangs perfectly counterbalance features an elongated face.
  2. It requires a daily laying before leaving if you do not like to do this, it is better to dwell on another aspect.
  3. One of the distinguishing features of this hairstyle - this is a very short whiskey, so it is definitely not suitable for people with protruding ears.
  4. This men's haircut is positioned as a rebellious, but close to the business version of the image, so it is difficult to name the youth, rather it is suitable held and self-confident young people.
  5. Stylists categorically prohibit wearing her disheveled, this style is more consistent with "Canadian", it - a great version for young people.
  6. Ideal looks to thick hair, otherwise it will require more time for installation.
  7. Men with sparse hair, especially in the crown of the head, categorically not suitable for men haircut "Briton".

The Technology

Create it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance, and if the master a set of skills, it is quite possible to do yourself.

  • "The British," is always performed only on medium-length hair, using a typewriter to shave only the occipital part of the whiskey master always mows scissors.
  • Bangs leave as long and often combs exactly backwards, to increase the volume. If you plan to wear it on its side, it should be taken into account when trimming, shortening the required direction.
  • too thick or curly hair master tames using tapering - thinning hair, this method makes the installation procedure simple and visually spectacular hairstyle.
  • Important: top and bangs strands are of different lengths, the rear part is shortened as much as possible, whiskey formed accordingly to the type of person.

Tips stylists

A wide variety of ways styling lends itself haircut "Briton" male. How to cut it, it became clear, and with care so organically shaped handle every hair. Stylists suggest there are three main options:

  • make the bulk hair, comb the bangs and sending it up;
  • to style your hair to one side, making a side parting, we can give them a bit of undulation;
  • the classic version - bangs combed to the back.

This hairstyle requires frequent washing of hair and daily morning attention. Be sure to stock up on high-quality professional styling products - paint, wax, mousse and gel. Hair done the most spectacular and the volume can be using a hair dryer and a round hairbrush, and give help to smooth bangs rectifier. At first, the determination of the best hair style and location will need more time, but when your fingers get used to and adjust to repetitive movements, the entire installation will take no more than ten minutes.


Over the past few years the popularity of the hairstyle is gaining great momentum. Fashion experts advise: if you want to look stylish and significantly different from others? Add a bit of your hair color. Sufficient for dyeing the hair length at the top of the head is different, "Briton". Grooming allows to realize a lot of the most spectacular experiments with color. Stylists are advised to:

  • to lighten the ends of bangs, creating a soft harmonious transition to the dark roots, this technique Ombre visually emphasizes the eyes and makes the face more expressive;
  • make the weave on separate strands, thereby creating a natural effect of burned hair, this method additionally make hair more volume;
  • to perform coloring - strands of the paint in a darker tone, thus giving the total hair kind versatility and the most haircut - complete.

This well appointed and efficiently laid haircut perfect harmony with good clothes, a young and beautiful complexion of the owner. It looks very stylish and embodies the image of a little rebellious, but a romantic nature.