Tired of waiting for her prince American woman married herself

Tired of waiting for her prince American woman married herself

Last month, 36-year-old Nadine Shvaygert from North Dakota, United States played a magnificent wedding. She wore a beautiful blue dress, ordered a huge birthday cake and even invited 45 guests. The only thing at this ceremony was not enough, this is the groom. But, as it turned out, and it was intended: Nadine ostentatiously married herself, to prove that full of happiness a man she did not need.

A woman has three children, and was once a real husband, but after a hard divorce, she waited a few years before in her life a man will appear who will return to her joy of life. Meanwhile, she began psychological problems with self-esteem, and she began to attend group therapy. In the end, once her friend jokingly told her to stop waiting for the perfect man, and instead to marry herself. Oddly enough, Nadine is so excited about the idea that, despite all the dissuasion, after a few months, arranged her real wedding ceremony. Her friends and family had no choice but to support her.

During vows exchange she said: "I, Nadine, promise to enjoy their lives and enjoy the love of a lifetime to himself as the favorite." After that she put yourself on a finger a wedding ring, but in the moment when the groom has to kiss bride asked the guests to send her kisses. At the end of Nadine ceremony arranged her honeymoon vacation and flew to New Orleans. It seems that after this ritual, her self-esteem issues resolved without the help of a therapist. "I'm very proud of what I did, and now I feel great - says Nadine. - I realized that I was cool and unique people that just do not meet generally accepted standards and ideals. "

However, it was not the first who dared to make such an unusual thing to do. In the US, like marriage ceremonies have existed for several years. They are purely symbolic and do not require the presence of a priest. The main aim of the mono-marriages - to help people realize that they themselves are the creators of their happiness and they do not necessarily want someone else to feel full.

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