Balancer "Rapala" - the best bait for winter fishing

Balancer "Rapala" - a relatively new kind of artificial bait, used for ice fishing. This bait imitates fry sluggish, moving near the bottom, a successful game of balance provokes predator to bite. It differs from place wobbler fishing line attachment. Considered optimal lure for vertical ice fishing.


Finnish campaign Rapala specializes in the production of gear for fishing. Balancers this company are considered the best among the fishing products. Rapala - a recognized leader among manufacturers of wobblers, plants of the company are located in 30 countries. The company guarantees high quality of its products. Each specific balancer "Rapala" tested individually. Known Finnish brand has established itself as a responsible manufacturer of lures premium.


Due to the large weight and flattened shape of the rocker "Rapala" allows you to easily monitor the movements at rapid current and at depth. It can be used in open water conditions and fishing from the ice. Robust design allows withstand severe damage from predators teeth. Particular cover the upper part reflects more light, which makes it more visible under low light.

A variety of colors rocker "Rapala" guarantee excellent results in any fishing conditions in different ponds. When fishing it is placed horizontally. The possibility of long-term planning in the water is suitable for slow movements looping lures that mimic realistic game fish feed. Two hooks at the front and in the tail and a tee in the middle of a tightly hold the fish, leaving no opportunity to break. Quality hooks well-known manufacturer VMC Black Nickel can long maintain sharpness and durability.


Applicable catchability balancers "Rapala" in the summer. When using the method trolling bait undulating runs along the bottom of attracting predators. We balance it is possible to fish all the irregularities of the bottom. This is typical winter bait used for fishing on hard to reach places under snags.


Bait for different objects ice fishing different value. In balancers Rapala there are six basic sizes - from 2 to 11 centimeters.

  • W2 - small balancers operate at a depth of 2 meters at low flow. Used for catching medium-sized perch and trout cultivated.
  • W3 - perfect for catching perch medium size on the working depth of 6 meters.
  • W5 - universal rocker "Rapala" on bass, length of five centimeters. Suitable for medium-sized pike.
  • W7 - model has larger dimensions (length 7 cm) and reduced size lateral hooks. It can be used at depths of up to 8 meters for zander and pike. Experienced fishermen take the opportunity to replace the hooks on this model for the production of larger specimens.
  • W9 and W11 - to allow the use of the turbulent rivers, with their help, you can explore the deep pit, where there can be a big fish.

If you choose the right tackle right size, fishing can become more efficient and catch bigger.

The playing technique

balancers wiring involves a variety of techniques - sweeping strokes of the rod, or short, jerky movements. The fish can bite in the free bait planning, but can bite when it stops. Using the rocker "Rapala" on bass, observe cyclical game. The main feature of this lure is to shift the center of gravity. For a more efficient technology should lower the free rocker and waited until it reaches the bottom, make a few strokes and pauses. Balancer lifting to a height of about half a meter, you should repeat the process. Thus there is a search of the horizon, which feeds predator. Depending on the activity of the fish, flapping should be carried out with a flourish or sharply. If the fish is passive, the pause can withstand up to 10 seconds.



Fishing in the winter on the balancer is most effective. Among the positive qualities of Rapala lures are the following.

  • A wide range of colors - colorful, natural colors, combined variants, with a bright silver-plated belly and back.
  • The ideal balancing, allowing the predator to entice a bite.
  • The ability to select a specific bait size.
  • Universal model - if not biting bass, the likely attract the attention of other fish.
  • A variety of bobs of various shapes and sizes.

A wide range of baits reveals the most attractive options for predators using them in practice.

Among winter baits balancer "Rapala" considered one of the best fishermen. The authority responsible producer provided tight control of product quality. Each model in its own good. The undoubted leader among the rockers are different brands of Rapala lures.