The remains of the mysterious house, where they buried the Vikings found in Norway

Have you ever watched a movie about Vikings? If yes, then you probably know about their unusual funeral ritual, where the noble rulers and soldiers were sent to the afterlife inside a special ship with treasure and weapons. However, at certain points in Scandinavia archaeologists rarely find a mysterious structure, which in the days of the Vikings, too, people were buried. These structures are known to scientists as "the house of the dead", but they do not exactly know about their destiny. Recently, Norway's regular house human remains had been found and archaeologists there were several assumptions about why it was needed.

The remains of the mysterious house, where they buried the Vikings found in Norway

Reconstruction of "House of the Dead"

The remains of medieval structures have been found on the territory of the Norwegian village called Vinera, where at the moment there are works on construction of the highway. Archaeologists already knew that in this area a long time ago was a settlement of the Vikings, so the detection of the ancient building is not surprising. In particular, the researchers were able to dig up the remains of the burial mound, which is located inside the recess with stones to strengthen the walls.

As the Vikings were buried?

According to the calculations of archaeologists, funerary structure length is five meters and the width is equal to three meters. Heavy stones were placed at the corners of buildings and kept the walls of the vertical boards. The fact that researchers have found a rare "house of the dead", there is no doubt - it was built in the middle of the burial mound, and apparently used as a tomb. In the world it has been found in all 15 such structures, mainly in Denmark and Sweden.

The remains of the mysterious house, where they buried the Vikings found in Norway

The tomb was built in the middle of the burial mound

The researchers have two possible assumptions about the purpose of these buildings. For example, they can serve practical purposes - they can temporarily bury the dead cold winter Vikings to spring upon the occurrence of a more traditional burial ritual. This, at least, I'm sure the head of the current excavation Raymond Sauvage.

The remains of the mysterious house, where they buried the Vikings found in Norway

is also "house of the dead" could have a ritual purpose. The Vikings could easily bury the soldiers inside the tombs and make sacrifices so that their souls were calm and they helped them to get a good harvest. Perhaps they are simply afraid of the dead and their bodies were locked in such plants, so they do not come out of their graves and did not disturb them. This is interesting: Like archaeologists of the future will learn today?

The mysterious constructions of the world

However, the excavation of the mysterious structures for archaeologists - it is a usual thing. For example, in Scotland and Ireland, researchers sometimes find Crannog - artificial island on which the ancient Scots were building the house. They can be reached only through a stretched from the coast of wood or stone bridges, so archaeologists believe that they were used for protection against thieves.

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Of course, there are also mysterious buildings in Egypt. One is located near the pyramid of Pharaoh Djoser - the so-called "road to the underworld" is a collection of tunnels, which were to be the souls of dead people. The Egyptians believed that before entering the afterlife a person will fight with the monsters, so left for dead people weapons and objects for protection from the dark forces.