Scientists have recorded the most powerful ever recorded supernova explosion

In the vastness of the infinite universe of which only no. Galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, star systems, planets - billions a variety of celestial bodies in the cosmos live their lives. Only one species of the stars in the observable universe, there are more than 10. Among them, there are red and white dwarfs, pulsars, brown dwarfs, neutron stars, and others. At the same time, in the evolution of some stars there is a phenomenon known as a supernova or a supernova. It is due to a supernova explosion there is life on our planet. And even we do. Scientists have recently discovered a supernova explosion the largest ever recorded. Moreover, the supernova SN2016iet completely contrary to the understanding of scientists of how supernovae should behave.

Scientists have recorded the most powerful ever recorded supernova explosion

Astronomers have recorded the most powerful supernova explosion in a previously unknown galaxy

What is a supernova?

Supernovae - massive stars is incredible, and sometimes their brightness exceeds the brightness of the entire galaxy. As you know, every star has its life cycle. When the life cycle of stars coming to an end, releases massive amounts of energy and there is an explosion. In this case, the flash of a supernova explosion can be so bright and strong, which exceeds by its power explosions of other stars. Scientists attribute this to the processes that occur in supernovae in the last stage of their evolution.

After a supernova explosion in the space gets huge amounts of energy and chemical elements necessary for our life. In addition, the explosions of stars are among the most exciting and powerful phenomena observed in the Universe.

Scientists have recorded the most powerful ever recorded supernova explosion

It looks like an ordinary supernova explosion

In November 2016 Gaia satellite of the European Space Agency has found something intriguing. Astronomers used observational data for the last three years in an attempt to understand what they had seen. Supernova Sn2016 defied their expectations. Astronomers have published their study in The Astrophysical Journal magazine.

Unusual supernova

According to scientists, they watched the remains of the most massive stars, destroyed by the explosion. Supernova SN2016iet unusual. This supernew has a large amount of energy, duration, unexpected chemical signatures and stored in non-metal-rich environment. It does not look like anything from the fact that astronomers have seen before.

Initially, researchers thought that these mistakes. However, according to experts, they determined after a while that the mysterious supernova is located in a previously recorded galaxy billions of light-years from Earth.

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According to astronomers, this supernova, everything looks different - the way it changes over time, the brightness of its range, the galaxy in which it resides, and even the location of a supernova in the galaxy is also unusual. Edo Berger, a professor of astronomy at Harvard University and co-author of the study says that sometimes astronomers observe supernovae, which are unusual in any one aspect. However SN2016iet is unique in every way.

Scientists have recorded the most powerful ever recorded supernova explosion

In the photo E-ELT Extremely Large Telescope with a diameter of 40 meters

Prior to the explosion SN2016iet mass was 200 times the mass of our sun. Astronomers believe that it was formed in 54 thousand light years from the galactic center, which to itself strange and unusual. In terms of the length of life of a star, this was short - it lasted only a few million years. At the same time in his life star has lost about 85% of its mass. After the explosion, the wreckage of her encounter with the previously ejected material. The result was a strange supernova, for which astronomers observe today.

What is a pair supernovae?

Scientists believe that they had received the first proof of the existence of the pair-instability supernova. For decades, scientists assumed the existence of such stars, but until now no evidence was found. Pair-unstable supernovae - a rare type of incredibly bright stars. After the explosion of stars in the surrounding area gets a huge amount of iron - up to 10 solar masses. In addition, scientists believe that SN2016iet explosion is the death of the most massive stars in the universe.

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Today, astronomers continue to oversee this unusual star to find out more about how it was formed and how it may change in the future. Most supernovas fade and become invisible against the background glow of the host galaxies within a few months. But as SN2016iet very bright and isolated, scientists can study it for years to come.