Aliens exist and have visited our planet

Before you decide that the author of this article crazy conspirologist note, I have not come up with myself. They are scientists. They claim that aliens exist and are likely to have already visited our planet. Perhaps they even miss us. Think about it - what is the likelihood that we are with you - the only intelligent beings in the galaxy, not to mention the universe? American scientists claim to have found the answer to the question posed by the Italian physicist Enrico Fermi "Where is everybody?" This puzzle is known as the Fermi paradox. But as the scientists were able to find the answer to such a complex issue?

Aliens exist and have visited our planet

Most likely, we are not alone in the Universe

The scientists decided to Fermi's paradox

In 1920, Albert Einstein rightly remarked "why the Earth has to be the only planet where there is life?" The American scientists also think so. His research specialists published in the prestigious journal The Astronomical Journal. Scientists believe that the developed solution to the Fermi paradox, which goes like this: aliens exist, but do not want to communicate with us. Or maybe they have already visited the Earth billions of years ago and see no reason to return.

Scientists came to the conclusion that in our galaxy there are some intelligent life forms. Lead author Jonathan Carroll Nellenbek in an interview with Business Insider said: "If you do not take into consideration the movement of the stars, when trying to resolve the Fermi paradox, you are left with one of two things: either no one leaves his planet, or we are in fact the only technological civilization in the galaxy ".

The theory is based on research that the stars and the planets revolve around the center of the Milky Way at different speeds and in different directions. From time to time the stars and planets are close together, so scientists believe that aliens may travel in areas of the galaxy, are closer to them. However, for this kind of travel civilizations will need more time to settle the galaxy than previously thought. This is very interesting, so I propose to discuss it in our Telegram-chat. With this in mind, scientists believe that aliens may not have flown down to us, or if they have already done so, they would visit Earth long before we are evolved.

Aliens exist and have visited our planet

It looks observable universe. Possible extraterrestrial civilizations are not so far away from us

Conclusions of scientists supports the head of the department of astronomy at Harvard University physicist Israeli Avi Loeb. He was not involved in the study, however, is looking for life beyond our planet for many years and has written more than 500 scientific papers. According to Loeb, the situation is complicated by the fact that we have no evidence of the existence of alien life forms. We have not detected any signal from the distant stars in our galaxy and found no traces of aliens visiting our planet.

According to scientists, the question is what to do with the lack of evidence. "I came to the conclusion that we must continue to look for evidence, as we can find them in the most unexpected places," said Loeb. The physicist proposes to ignore the speculators and conspiracy, and continue to look for answers and to conduct research. In the end, the reality is only one.

How many there is civilization?

If you watched the science fiction film "Contact" in 1996 with Jodie Foster and Matthew McConaughey in the lead roles, you can safely assume that if extraterrestrial civilizations exist, they do not last. "Contact" is based on the eponymous book by astronomer and science popularizer Carl Sagan. The novel tells the story of the most real scientifically contact with an alien civilization of mankind. One of the main questions asked by the main characters is the question of how advanced civilizations have experienced scientific and technical progress and not destroy ourselves? By the way, even more amazing theories about life on the expanses of the universe you will find on our channel in Yandex. Zen.

Aliens exist and have visited our planet

A shot of a science fiction film "Contact"

Avi Loeb believes that other civilizations could comprehend this sad fate. However, this does not mean that we can not find evidence of their existence. In the end, many of the studies in this field did not properly take into account both moves Milky Way galaxy.

However, if an alien civilization there for quite a long time and is not sunk into oblivion before the nearest habitable star system close to their planet, that such a civilization could disappear before the aliens will go beyond their solar system.

What do you think, how many intelligent civilizations exist in our galaxy?