Published ranking of the most vulnerable from the hacker hacking devices

According to the developer of security software Securing Sam, at the moment in every European home has 14 devices connected to the Internet, and in the US the number is 17 pieces altogether. Each of them is in danger of being hacked, because having obtained access to it, criminals can steal users' personal data and use it for blackmail or other purposes. Employees of the company have conducted a study which revealed what tiy devices susceptible to cracking the most.

Published ranking of the most vulnerable from the hacker hacking devices

The range of devices connected to the Internet is very broad, and they include smart phones, televisions, security cameras, and even kitchen appliances. As a rule, many owners of houses to buy electronics from a little-known companies, which attract the attention of the low cost of its products. But few people realize that the cheaper equipment, manufacturers do not bother about the devices protect the system from breaking.

Cheap cameras have little protection

According to researchers, the most poorly protected against hackers appliances are IP-cameras - they represent 47% of vulnerable devices installed in home networks. As a rule, cheap cameras have a similar structure and a weak security system, so cracking a single machine, attackers can easily figure out how to gain access to other models of the same price category.

The most serious attacks aimed at IP-cameras. As a rule, most people are not willing to invest a lot of money to buy the best and most modern cameras costing hundreds of dollars, why buy cheaper. This is a very sensitive device - explained Omri Mullis, employee Securing Sam.

While surveillance cameras make up almost half of vulnerable devices, there is another poorly protected electronics.

The devices with the weakest protection:

  1. iP-surveillance cameras;
  2. data storage devices;
  3. Printers;
  4. iP-phones;
  5. TV.

Why do hackers hack into the device?

According to the head Securing Sam Sivan Rauscher, many people think that their TV sets and other home appliances can not be of interest to hackers. However, few people pay attention, that through them you can access the user's personal data that can be used in a wide variety of purposes. At a minimum, attackers can simply sell personal data of ordinary users - to a commodity buyer is always there, especially if a person is working in a company and occupies an important position.

Statistics of hacker break-ins

For more than 2 million has been committed to world statistics, "Kaspersky Lab" in 2017 hacking attempts of various devices, including IP-based cameras in China, Vietnam, and even Russia. In this case, the server from which your download malicious software for hacking, there were 11,000.

In addition to in-home devices, hacker hacking exposed to more serious equipment - such as medical equipment. What might be the consequences of breaking the apparatus for computed tomography demonstrated recently by scientists from the University of the Israeli Ben-Gurion. Read about it can be in our material.

How do you think the hackers may be interested in your technique? Perhaps your devices or accounts in social networks have already been subjected to cracking? Your answers can be given in the comments or in our Telegram-chat.